Package Pals- Party Preperation

Hey hey guys!

So the response for "Package Pals" has been so wonderful! More than I could have ever hoped for! I am so excited for this! It's going to be so much fun! (want to know what I'm talking about? Go HERE) I will still accept a few more bloggers, so if you're interested (especially my overseas friends) please email me at gentrileeblog(@)gmail.com. Please include:

1. Your name
2. Your blog URL
3. The country you're currently living in (no more than that please)

I'm just trying to get everyone paired up so we can get going! :D

If you're participating in Package Pals, or wanting to do your own thing, there are a couple of Etsy shops offering discounts for you! :D

First up-
Kaitlyn's lovely shop Isavirtue!

Kaitlyn is offering you 20% off anything in her shop when you use the code "PACKAGEPALS" at checkout! That is a serious deal! Her stuff is incredible! You can also check out her blog HERE. :) More on Kaitlyn in a minute...

Next up is-
Elizabeth's fun shop The Young Retiree!

Elizabeth is offering FREE Shipping to any of the Package Pals participants when you use the code "PACKAGEPALS" at checkout! Goodness you guys have it good! haha! You can check out her blog HERE.

So be sure to order a cute card or something from one of these shops to send in your package! :D

More on Kaitlyn...

Not only is Kaitlyn offering you that awesome deal, she's also our Packaging Consultant! She has such a talent for mail art and is going to be having some "How to" posts for you. It will help give you ideas on what to send, how to send it, how to make it look nice, etc! I'm so excited for this! Even if you're not participating it will be fun to see her posts and learn some great techniques! So be sure to watch for those! :)

Thank you to all who are participating! This is going to be a blast!! :D Remember it's not too late to become a part of this partay! Just email me if you want in.

P.S. If you're interested in sponsoring Gentri Lee, I am still accepting sponsors! Just check out THIS post and then email me letting me know which ad size you would like. :)


Blogger of the Week: Feathers and Freckles

Hey guys! Today we have our guest post from this weeks "Blog of the Week"! This week it's Megan from her blog Feathers and Freckles. She is so cute and has such awesome style. So read her guest post and then hop on over to her blog. :) Take it away Megan!


Hi everyone! I am new to blogging and can't believe I didn't start doing this sooner. I love writing, photography (I take all my own photos), and being inspired by other bloggers.

Feathers & Freckles is a fashion blog of sorts, which is silly because I'm not very fashionable. I can typically be found in my pajamas and covered in cat hair, or out & about in jeans and a tee. My blog is about finding my style and wearing the items in my closet that I've been too scared to put on. I finally got sick of only dressing up when I have an event to go to, because let's face it, I never have anywhere to be and my clothes aren't getting any younger.

I like to rant about my life and the weird situations I find myself in, like my thrifting adventures in Florida or getting kicked out of a Chinese restaurant. I love to laugh and don't take anything too seriously...except maybe cupcakes.

I recently started the 10 & 2 challenge because I constantly stand in my closet thinking "Why did I buy any of this crap?!" I pulled out 10 items that I always avoid and wore them for 2 weeks. It made me realize what does and doesn't work for me, and also how brutally honest my readers are (which I love!).

Feel free to check out my blog. Laugh with me and at me as I awkwardly journey through my life and closet.


See? Awesome style, and I absolutely love her 10 & 2 idea! I need to do that. I know I have items in my closet that I should part with. :) So now it's your turn to go and check out Feathers and Freckles. :) Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. I am still accepting sponsors for October(/November) If you're interested in sponsoring Gentri Lee please go HERE for more info. :)


Package Pals Party- You're Invited!

So, yesterday's post was just to show you all something I was excited about. I had no idea about the response I would get. Turns out a lot of people would love to have an oversea's friend to send goodies to!

So, if you are one of those people that would love to have your own package pal, just email me at gentrileeblog(@)gmail.com and I will get you all set up! We'll have a link up post once everyone (most of everyone at least) has received their packages. It'll be like one big snail mail party! I'm super excited! And yes, I know it's a cheesy name. But I'm a sucker for a good alliteration. :)

The lovely Ellie from The Usual Mischief created this awesome button just for this! Isn't she the greatest?! I was so grateful to her for this!

So thank you to all of you who commented yesterday and sparked this super fun idea!

Speaking of fun packages, I just received this one from Kaitlyn at Isavirtue!! Thank you Kaitlyn!! Kaitlyn is incredibly talented and I wish she lived closer so we could be real life friends.

So if you wish to participate in the Package Pal Party remember to email me at gentrileeblog(@)gmail.com, snag the button (code on my left sidebar) and display it proudly! :)


Package Pals

A while ago the lovely Pia and I decided to send each other fun packages filled with goodies from our countries. (hers from Germany, and mine from USA) While mine is taking forever and a half to get to her, hers arrived within a few days! WOW! I was kind of shocked. haha!

It was so exciting to get this package in the mail yesterday. I opened it up and happiness came pouring out!

It was filled with the cutest journal (I've been needing a new one and just couldn't find one good enough, this one is perfect!! I'm so excited!), tons of Haribo candies and some Ritter chocolates. It's so fun to have someone from across the world to send goodies to. I highly recommend it!


Blogger of the Week: My Soul is the Sky

Hey guys!
Today we have our guest post from this weeks Blog of the Week! yay! Everyone meet- Melissa from her blog; My Soul is the Sky. First of all- I love her blog's name. LOVE it. Second- she has AWESOME style and recipes. Third- she is super cute and I'm so excited that she agreed to be Blog of the Week! She posts often and each post is so fun and beautiful.


Hello lovelies. I'm Melissa from My Soul is the Sky.
Thank you Gentri for choosing me to be blog of the week. Her blog is awesome so I can see why you all love it.

I started my blog because I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Blogging this and blogging that. Just another social media outlet right? But wow I never would've thought it'd turn out to be so amazingly fun!
My blog started as a lifestyle blog. A journal of sorts.

Taking and posting pictures about some of the adventures I had with AJ my lovely husband.
{Flight to Logan; my husband and I are both pilots}

Then I discovered all the amazing fashion blogs out there and decided I wanted to try my hand at that with a 30 dresses in 30 days. Let me tell you, it's not as easy as it looks especially if you live in a small city in the Utah bubble. Staring happens.

Let's just say I have more of a knack for being the photographer than the model. {Day 25}
So I've gradually strayed from there and now focus more on the things I love or lovely things I find and want to share.

Things like; Photography
{from the top of Adam's Canyon}


My wonderful husband, AJacks

My little lover,

And a little bit of life and adventure thrown in

I prefer pictures to depict my adventures. A photo journalist of sorts.
So take a little detour and come check out my little blog, My Soul is the Sky.
Maybe it's got something you'll enjoy too. Thanks for reading!


Isn't she so cute?! Now go check out her blog! Seriously! Now!

P.S. BE SURE to check back tomorrow if you live in Utah or the surrounding areas!! :D


Blog of the Week: Two Happy Hearts

Hey guys! Today we've got our guest post from this weeks Blogger of the Week! This week is Christen from her blog- Two Happy Hearts. Shes got such a beautiful blog, awesome style, and always has GORGEOUS pictures! Shes also got an adorable Etsy shop that you should all check out! Take it away Christen!

Hello there Gentri Lee readers! My name is Christen and I have a little blog called Two Happy Hearts. It's my little corner of the blogsphere where I mostly share outfits, things that inspire me, pretty music, and fun day-to-day things in my life. I love photography and thrift shopping, so blogging is such a blast for me. I adore making new blog friends, so stop by if you'd like ;)

Here's a little peak into what my blog is mostly about. Daily style:

I also have a little etsy shop, Two Happy Hearts. I sell owl plushies in love, for your home decor.

I'm so honored to be featured on Gentri's sweet, sweet blog. She's kinda the best ;)
I hope you're all having a lovely day!



The Cabin! Pt. 3- Welcome Tour

The road to our cabin is somewhat treacherous... (I have no idea if that's spelled correctly, but there's no spell check. So I'm going for it...) Before we had gotten very far we noticed (thanks to some kind people on the trail) that one of our back tires had been slashed open by a rock. Awesome. Luckily the spare is a real tire and we had no trouble the rest of the trip. (except for when the 4wheeler had a flat tire just before we made the drive home...)

On to more exciting things...

If you missed it, here's the backstory on the cabin-
100 years ago my great great (great?) grandfather bought 160 acres in the Rocky Mountains hoping to strike gold, or anything really. There was some, but not enough to continue mining. Over the years shares of the land have been spread out between his posterity. A few years ago my father, uncle, and cousin in-law (and another uncle??) bought everybody else out and built this awesome cabin. It is definitely a family treasure. :)

Welcome to our cabin!!

When you walk in you're greeted by this very rustic stairway.

The main floor is one open area. The kitchen is straight ahead complete with all the amenities of home.

The dining table is just next to the kitchen.

And the living room is right by the door.

Lets go upstairs!

At the top of the stairs is an open area with 4 bunk beds and a single bed.

And to the left is the master bedroom. Sorry, I took the photo after we'd already stripped the beds of their sheets to wash them...

I didn't get a picture of the lower level. It has another bedroom as well as a bed under the stairs. The bathroom is also down there complete with a shower and yes, a regular toilet. :)

Outside there's a lovely deck in the trees and they just added this awesomely rustic hot tub!

This was my favorite place to be in the mornings. I'd come out here and watch the sunrise. It was perfection.

I wish I could live here all the time. This place is perfect. :)
mom & sister

I hope you guys enjoyed the tour! :D

P.S. My bloggy friend Sarah is having the best giveaway EVER! So you should probably check it out! Or really, don't. Because that'll bring my chances of winning down, and I WILL be winning this giveaway! haha!

Hint: it has to do with magical Harry Potter photos!


The Cabin! Pt. 2- The Cave

Hey guys! Ready for an awesome story?? Ok, maybe it's not THAT awesome. But you might like it. :)

So last year while my dad was visiting our cabin he discovered a cave. This is no ordinary cave and it's not in an ordinary spot. It sounded so intriguing to my friends, sister, and I that we had to make the trek over to it this last weekend. I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, none of us were...

It started out simple. A hike across a bowl just a mountain peak away from our cabin.

When we got to the other side it was almost straight up on loose rocks and boulders.

From the top you could see for miles. My dad showed us some artifacts he and his friend had collected last time he'd come.

Just as we were about to make our way down the other side of the mountain, a storm blew in. We sought shelter under a wide tree and waited it out. It was a nice break for me since my allergies were making me sneeze up a storm of their own.

The storm blew through quickly and my allergy medicine kicked in soon after. Thank goodness.

Now for the hard part...

The other side of the mountain was no easy hike. When I attempted this first part of the descend I lost my footing and swung around hitting my back into the rock face. It didn't hurt at the time, but now I've got a large bruise.
this is my sister on her way down. 

The second part of the descend was even scarier, (note: this is child's play for the normal rock climber. I am not a rock climber and don't trust the equipment... haha! OH! And we didn't have any fancy equipment anyways. Just rope...) by the time I made it to the bottom I could have kissed the ground.

The cave was so... mysterious. There looks as though a fire has been made inside and it's where my dad found the artifacts, but...

You can't just walk into the cave. Why? Because there is a 50+ ft. shaft at the opening...

My dad and his friend were able to get this tree to reach across the 10 ft. opening, but there was no way any of us were going to cross without some safety gear... So the mystery is- how did someone get across the shaft to make that fire pit? Who made that fire? How did they find this obscure cave to begin with?

The only light we had was the flash on my camera. So we tried getting a picture of the shaft to see if we could catch a glimpse of the bottom. Another question- What would we find at the bottom of this shaft? Do I want to find out??

Here we are at the mouth of the cave.

After resting for a few more minutes, we made our way back up the mountain.
And yes, I'm aware of the complete awkwardness of this photo. But I had to show you proof that I rock climbed outdoors!

Climbing back up was MUCH easier than repelling down.

We made it back to the truck with only minor injuries- bruised knees and backs, cut up ankles, and blisters on some hands. The trip wouldn't have been complete without them. :) haha!

This is one of the most beautiful places I've been to and I'm so lucky to be able to visit it often. I'm so glad we were able to take that adventure and explore more of this beautiful land. (not to mention the fact that we all made it out alive...)

Check back tomorrow to have a tour of our cabin! :)
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