Best Time Of My Life- Thus Far

I know it's long... But for me it goes by too fast, just like my trip did. But If you'd like to see the best time of my life thus far- condensed to 10 minutes, watch it. :)

I also know the last song I used is played a lot on the radio, but I don't listen to the radio (most of my favorite songs are not and will probably never be played on the radio), so I still love it and it reminds me of my trip so much. So I used it. I am also not a professional in any sense of the word, every video was taken with my iphone. So, sorry if it's painful... ENJOY! haha!

Untitled from Gentri Lee on Vimeo.
Songs: The Wind or the Wine- Elijah Ocean, Something In The Water- Brooke Fraser, Good Life- One Republic


  • Aren't my nieces and nephew awesome car dancers?? You should see them when they're not restrained by seat belts.
  • yes the only shots of me are crazy and quick head shots
  • That first panoramic shot is a glacier
  • The town shown is Talkeetna, Alaska
  • All of the airplane shots are from when we flew over Denali/ Mt. McKinley
  • During the airplane videos there's a part that looks like a road of some kind. It's a glacier.
  • The hotel videos were taken at 3 AM. We were planning on driving through the night and couldn't do it. Hence the crazy children.
  • The buffalo shot was when my BIL's car almost got rammed by the LARGE bull.
This post includes videos from the following places (links will take you to my posts about them)


Blogger of the Week: So, hi.

Today we have our new Blogger of the Week with her guest post! This week it's Rach from her blog- So, hi. I love her blog. She posts about fashion, life, and awesome tutorials! She's also having a giveaway right now, and it's amazing. So you should probably all go enter... or don't really. That decreases my chances of winning. :) Take it away Rach!


Hey guys, 
Rach here from So, hi. Haven't heard of it before? Well let me tell you something about my little blog. It's legit baller. So check it out and you won't regret it. It is primarily a beauty blog with blurbs of life, love, and food thrown in. I also sometimes venture into the "tutorial" part of blogging, I know, I'm adventurous. ;)  But anyway - onto what you guys really want to see. Pictures. 

So, hi. This is me. In aviators, making a silly face. Story. Of. My. Life.

This is what I did to my nails - they are awe-to-the-some. 

This is my kittie, Big Mama. 

This is my man, Bug. (No, that is not is real name, it's my pet name for him. Don't judge.)

So - that is just a taste of my life. I hope that you guys will come and check me out. I mean, if you like this girl here then I know I would love to have you read my blogs too. :) 

Much love, 

Aren't those nails fantastic?! She did a post with Comic Strip nails a while ago and that was equally fantastic. :) So now it's your job to go over to her BLOG and give her some love!!


An "UP" Adventure!

Yesterday I learned something AMAZING! I learned that the house from "UP" resides just a little ways from where I live!! So my sister and I headed off to see it, immediately.

I'm sure you've seen or heard of it on or from National Geographic. The builders of the home did such a great job with the details. It felt like I had a little piece of Disney World with me. :) There are a lot of pictures, and none of my collage makers are working. So I won't say anymore, just enjoy. :)
(sorry the pictures aren't great. My sister's not patient when it comes to picture taking... I just had to snap and go.)

They had added a basement to the home which included two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a theater room (which was playing UP, of course). The upstairs also had the nursery that they started creating in the movie. But I tried to spare you from double picture overload.

Isn't it so amazing?! :D My favorite part? The kitchen appliances! I WILL have appliances like those! Look, I even found their website for you! Now you can all have fabulously vintage appliances too!

Oh, and one more picture. On our way home I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the beautiful mountains.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Failure to Rant

While I usually try to stick to the happier sides of life and not vent on my blog, I can't help it today. I am incredibly blessed and I shouldn't even complain or wish for something different than I have, because truth is- I have it pretty easy. But today all I want is to be back in Alaska living my vacation.

My sister and her family left this morning to head off to their new home in Missouri and I started a new job. Both of those things are wonderful, yet both are bringing tears to my eyes. I didn't get to hug my nephew goodbye and I was rushing out the door so I barely had time to hug my sister and nieces. I am terrible at starting new jobs (ok, I'm actually pretty good. I pick up quickly and retain information well) because I stress way too much and I hate getting in trouble. I am also having a serious battle in my head right now about calling my old job and seeing if they'd need me back... just so I don't have to start a new one. I was incredibly lucky with that job as well. PLUS if I had it my way, I wouldn't work. I'd stay home, go on adventures, and work on projects all day long. See?! I'm ridiculous!

The minute I started driving home today I turned on the music I'd listened to the most while in Alaska. I couldn't help but dream that I was back there now, or dream of packing up and heading that way. I should have waited to get a job and headed off to Missouri with my sister and her family. But I didn't. I made the smart decision instead. Go me.

So now that that is all out, my tears have stopped flowing and hopefully that's all I needed (doubt it). I didn't take one minute for granted in Alaska- except for the little time I spent stressing about the future. If I could do it over again (oh how I WISH I could!) I wouldn't stress one bit. But there's no point in thinking about what could have been done. I am glad that I was able to enjoy it so much and have such an amazing experience. I hope and pray that one day I'll be able to do it all over again. :)

What was the point of this post? To calm me down mostly. I stress over everything (obviously) and had to let it out. If you're thinking that I'm absolutely ridiculous right now, you're right. But do not worry, this is not the worst of my trials and worries in life. But trust me, you don't want to get into that. I thought this little bit would be safe to share and help me get over it. If you actually read all of this, thank you! You're amazing! If you didn't, eh, I don't blame you. Who wants to read the rants of a spoiled girl?

Want to know what else made it so I really have no right to rant?? Today I won a GIVEAWAY. Yep. And I am so excited about it! Yet I'm still trying to complain. Boy was this an unsuccessful post. That's ok. I don't care, because I feel better.

Oh, and if you care- my first day of work went really well. It was training day so it was very overwhelming. That's probably where this post came from. And I'm super nervous for tomorrow. But no, I'm not going to tell you where I work, because that's creepy. :)

Ok, promise this post is over. What a ridiculous post. And I just used the work "ridiculous" for a 3rd time in one post. It's all I've got. My brain's full. Have a great night everyone! haha!

OH! One more thing- promise. If I am a terrible comment-er from now for the next who knows how long? Blame my job. :(


Laziness and Craziness... Seriously.

Sooooo Remember yesterday how I said we'd be cleaning etc all day and probably forever? Well, we did none of that today... Whoops. Instead, we headed up to one of my favorite places ever-

This place is full of many shops, food and beautiful scenery.

They have a wonderful new vintage shop that I couldn't get enough of! All the photos in the above collage are from that shop as well as this lovely minty type writer.

After a full day of shopping we headed to one of our favorite family restaurants for dinner and ice cream. (the best ice cream in the world I might add)

Oh, what's that? This is a boring post? Well, I'm sorry. Maybe this story will fix that for you...

So last night at 3 AM as I'm, well, sleeping- I was awoken by SCREAMING. Literally, SCREAMING! I shot out of bed and looked out the window... nothing was there... A few minutes pass and I hear my neighbor's truck roar to life and pull away. I lay there, mind racing, thinking I could never fall asleep after something like that... Well, I did. I woke thinking about what had happened and thought about what it could have been throughout the day. 

This evening my neighbor (who owns the truck that drove away. For the sake of the story we'll call him- bob) came over to drop off my sister's dog who had run off to chase other dogs and cars (smart). I was anxious to find out what he knew about that blood curdling scream. So he tells me that he had been getting ready to head to work (military) when he heard the screams, he thought it was his sister so he grabs his gun. But, it was coming from outside so he headed out the door to see a girl in her pj's running down the street screaming "Help me! Someone's trying to kill me!". So he's ready to fight- but, there's no one there. The girl had run down the street and into another neighbor's bushes. He waited a few minutes and when no one showed up, he grabbed his gear and put it in his truck since he was late to work and he figured it was just some prank. As he is driving away she darts out in front of his truck and crosses the street into another neighbors yard. He pulls up, rolls down the window and asks "Are you ok?" She doesn't answer and just runs around their wrap around porch. He drives away, but first calls 911.

That was all Bob knew to the story, but we were so interested to find out what had happened. So we (Bob, my sister, and I) headed down the street to where she'd hid to find out. When they weren't home we tried their next door neighbor. There we learned the rest of the story.

This neighbors daughter had woke to the the screaming also. She went and woke her mom and together they watched from her window. They could hear the girl moaning and giggling in the bushes. Just then, Bob drove up and the girl darted in front of his truck(you heard this part). They watched as she ran to their next door neighbor's porch and just as they were about to call the cops- they showed up.

The next morning she called the owner who's house the girl had ran to, to make sure everything was ok. I guess the girl had ran inside the house (it was unlocked for their son who works a night shift) screaming "Help me! Someone's trying to kill me!", turning on lights, and burst into the master bedroom. The cops came in and found out where she lived. They headed to her house and found no one there, no trace of drugs, nothing. Come to find out, she had taken an a sleeping pill that makes people do crazy things... The paramedics took her to the hospital to spend the night, and as far as I know she is ok.


I am NEVER taking that pill...
(I'm afraid to mention which kind it was in case someone out there likes it. If you aren't sure which one I'm talking about you can ask in the comments and I'll let you know.)


Alaska Giveaway Winners Announced! Plus Quiz Answers!

Well guess what guys. Not one of you got any of the questions from my giveaways right. Do you know what that means? I get to keep EVERYTHING! MWAHAHAHA!


You guys did AMAZING! It seriously was so much fun! I loved reading all your responses to the answers. :) In case you didn't enter or want to know for sure, here are the answers to each question.

*note* This is a very long post. Hang in there, k?

Giveaway #1:
Question- What year did Alaska become a state and who did the United States buy it from?
Answer- 1959 and Russia

Giveaway #2:
Question- Approximately how many lakes does Alaska have?
Answer- 3 MILLION!
Bonus Question- What is the Alaska State Sport?
Answer- Dog Mushing! I just love that one. :)

Giveaway #3:
Question- How tall is Denali/ Mt. McKinley?
Answer- Denali stands at a whopping 20,320 ft above sea level making it the highest point in North America!
Bonus Question- What is the closest point between Alaska and Russia?
Answer- Big Diomede (owned by Russia) and Little Diomede (owned by the United States) are only seperated by a tiny little 2 miles. From the actual coasts they are only seperated by something like 50 miles. Crazy.

Giveaway #4:
Question- True or False? Alaska is larger than the next three largest states combined?
Answer- TRUE! So that means if you combined Texas (you guys think you're so big. ha!), California, AND Montana, Alaska would still be bigger.

Giveaway #5:
Question- If you're in the wild and came across a black bear, what should you do? What about a Grizzly?
Answer- Black Bear; Get as big as you can (if you're in a group huddle together) stand on your toes and reach your arms up. Talk to the bear in a low voice. Fight back if it attacks. Grizzlies; play dead. Lay on your belly with your hands on the back of your neck.
Bonus Question- What do you do if you meet a Polar bear?
Answer- Pray. haha! Back away slowly and avoid eye contact. Use deterents but don't run.

Basically any bear can out run any human. DON'T RUN!

Giveaway #6:
No right or wrong answer. :) It was all opinion.

Ok, now for the really exciting stuff! The wiiiinnnnerrrss!

The winner of the first giveaway and recipient of this awesome key chain and button set iiiiissss....

The winner of Giveaway #2 and recipient of this delicious caramel and wildberry jam iiiissss....

Haley from her blog "Life is Sweet"!!!
(I thought that kind of worked out perfectly. life is SWEET, SWEET prizes? Get it???)

The winner of Giveaway #3 and recipient of these beautiful charms iiissss...

Courtney from her blog "Sew Many Things to Say"!!!

The Giveaway winner of Prize #4 and recipient of these divine soaps isssss....


Alexis from her blog "Alexis Laughs"!!!

The winner of giveaway #5 and recipient of these historical Mammoth Ivory Earrings iiiiisss...

Ashley from her blog "Sloanbook"!!!

And our final giveaway winner and recipient of this whimsical dream catcher iiissss....


Kirsten from her blog "Pure Joy"!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in any or all of these giveaways. I had so much fun and I hope you did too! I love giveaways but it breaks my heart that not everyone can win... so just know that you're ALL winners in my book (cheesy, but true!) and THANK YOU for being the best followers a girl could ask for. :)

Winners: Email me ASAP!! If I don't hear from you within the next 72 hrs another winner will be drawn!


Blogger of the Week: Isavirtue

Hey guys! This weeks Blogger of the Week is my dear blogging friend- Kaitlyn! She blogs over at isavirtue. She is an artist and is always posting the most spectacular art she finds including paintings, jewelry, and mail art! I love how we have become such great friends through blogging. I even did a guest post for her back in May! You can read that HERE if you like. :)

Without further adieu, I give you- Kaitlyn!
*note* sorry about the font difference. I can't fix it. :P


the woman.

hello friends of gentri! i want to prepare you for a slight disappointment right off the bat. you see, my name is not nearly as unique as gentri’s. it’s “kaitlyn” and do you know what that means? i’m easily dated that’s what! you can bet your bottom dollar i was born in the eighties or later. but a lady never tells her age…

to distract myself from such woes, i’ve thrown myself head first into the things i am passionate about. art, snail mail, and blogging! art is such a humongous part of my life. i’ve been doing arts and crafts ever since i was little and that love for creativity did not wane as i grew older.

in university i took my first real art history course and fell in love with it. i immediately switched my major from history to art history (who wouldn’t rather study history through pretty pictures?) a few years later i began working in art galleries and my world was broadened immensely. i became obsessed!

the blog.

when i moved to victoria, bc, canada to attend graduate school (uh oh, i’m dating myself again aren’t it?), all of my new friends had blogs. they used them purely to inspire each other and that was something i liked the sound of. so i signed myself up and have been blogging every since.

my blog, isavirtue has really grown up over the years. i refer to it as an art blog and i like to share contemporary art and artists, mail art, etsy discoveries and my own handmade stationery!

the e-course.

over the summer i have been pouring my heart, soul and all of my experiences with art thus far into an e-course. it’s entitled “make art a part (of your life)” and it will help you accomplish just that! the course covers both art intimidation and appreciation, as well as how to let it inspire you and become a part of your everyday activities. finally, the course includes over twenty unique projects in various subjects so that you can try your hand at new art forms! click here for more info.

thank-you gentri, you are such a doll and i love that blogging has brought us together!


Guys, I've seen her stuff (well in pictures) and it's UH-MAZING! You all NEED to go check out Kaitlyn's blog as well as her e-course and etsy shop! Ah, to be talented. :)

She also started something a few months ago that is so much fun! She started a traveling journal. A bunch of different bloggers signed up to have the journal sent to them and fill a page or two with their version and view of what art is. I am patiently waiting for my turn. :)

P.S. The Alaska giveaway winners will be announced TOMORROW!! :D So get excited and be sure to check back then!


Road Trip- Extreme! Pt. 4

On the 4th day of our road trip we decided to drive through Alberta Provincial National Park and stayed in the cutest little town- Jasper. (Last year when we drove we went through Edmonton. But if you ever take this trip I HIGHLY recommend going through Jasper instead.) The Park was absolutely beautiful filled with many lakes and the Canadian Rockies.

This is our hotel we stayed in. This was such a quaint mountain town that looked straight out of a storybook.

They even had a giant totem pole in the middle of town!

The next day we headed off through Banff National Park (why they're two seperate parks, I don't know) which was equally as beautiful! We were able to see many glaciers as well as hike to one, we saw lots of animals such as- sheep, deer, and a bear, and there were many beautiful sites- like this waterfall.

For lunch we stopped in Lake Louise (at least that's what the lake is called. I'm not sure if that's what the "town" was called). It was also a quaint mountain town and I wish we would have been able to stay here too! Why?? Well take a look for yourself:

This is the hotel we would have stayed in... It's a gorgeous hotel surrounded by this beautiful lake and majestic mountains. It was breathtaking. Yes, the water really was that color.

That's it for my Alaska posts (besides the announcing of the giveaway winners soon). The last few days of our trip were great, just less eventful. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I have! I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone! So if you're thinking about doing it, stop thinking and DO IT!

If I could, I'd do it all again!

P.S. If you have YET to enter my giveaways- first, shame on you! Second, DO IT NOW! There are only TWO still left open!


Road Trip- Extreme! Pt. 3

On our 3rd day (same day as all our Near Death experiences) we drove through Watson Lake. There's not much in Watson Lake, except this-

The Sign Post Forest.

It was all started by a man long ago (you can tell I've brushed up on the details) who was traveling through Canada and missed his home. So he nailed a sign from his hometown to a tree (I'm guessing) and started a trend. Now people from all over the world place signs from their home towns in the Sign Post Forest.

It's really neat to walk around and see all the different signs! I searched and searched for a sign from Utah and couldn't find one. When I got home I was reviewing my pictures and found that I had captured a picture of  a Utah sign without even knowing it! It's that big white one at the top in the center of this picture. Can you find one from your hometown??

After lunch we headed to the Liard Hot Springs. We didn't get in, since you have to pay. But it's free to walk over and feel it. This place is amazing and gorgeous!

The hot springs are completely surrounded by forest.

There was even a small waterfall leading into the springs.

I just loved this tree.

And berries lined the boardwalk that leads to the hot springs. (berries also means- bears)

More berries.

No sooner had we started to drive away when there on the side of the road enjoying the berries was a mama bear with her three little cubs!! (look at it's big ears and claws! So cute!)

This is a RARE sight! We felt so lucky to be able to see this. My BIL joked about getting out to get a picture with these bears too. HA! Ya right. NEVER go near a mama bear. That's suicide.

Anyways, we sat in our safe cars on the side of the road and watched these 4 bears for probably a good 10 minutes. Amazing. :)

Happy weekend to everyone!

If you have yet to enter my Alaska giveaways there are only a few still left open!! So get to it!

Also, if you missed my guest post over at Janette's blog- you better check that out too! Thanks! :D
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