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Ok, so I seriously want to thank you guys. You are the best followers a girl could ask for! Each day I read your sweet comments and awesome posts and am amazed that I can have friends like that all over the world! I am INCREDIBLY lucky. :)

SO to show my appreciation for you guys, I've collected some AWESOME items from Alaska! I'm not talking a T-Shirt. No no. I mean real, handmade, authentically Alaskan gifts that I will be giving away! (which is incredibly difficult, as I want to keep them all!) I've got 6 different prizes lined up so that's 6 days of Giveaways (rhymes!!) and 6 possible chances to win!

But you see, this is no ordinary giveaway. In order to be entered into the drawings you must first- be follower using GFC (of course) and second- answer each days Alaska trivia question (cheating is TOTALLY ALLOWED!). Only those who answer CORRECTLY will be entered into the drawings!

But that only gives you one entry each day. Bummer.

Well, I've fixed that! Each day will have a BONUS QUESTION or TASK that you can answer for an additional entry IF and only IF you've done the first two steps. (one step if you're already a follower)

That's still only two entries... WELL since I am so nice (teehee!) I've made this little button below! (I made it super quickly before I became computer-less... so don't judge) IF you copy the code in that little box and post it somewhere on your blog where it can be seen by your readers- you may have TWO extra entries for EACH giveaway! :D (that's two separate comments so I know)

So now we've got a total of FOUR possible entries! Awesome! :D

Remember that these giveaways will be happening while I'm driving from Alaska, through Canada, back to the lower 48. So if it takes a while for me to respond to any questions or concerns- that's why. The only form of communication I will have will be wi-fi at our hotels each night.

So THANK YOU ALL for being so great and nice to me! I am super excited about this! So make sure to enter each day! Or don't, and I can keep all of the prizes! Mwahaha!

The giveaways start


So be prepared!


Cloud Watching and Weekly Reads

Tomorrow I will be announcing


Be sure to check back then!

If you're bored you can re-read my guest posts from this week!

1. Our Blogger of the Week's guest post right HERE
2. My guest post at Dear Darling
3. My guest post at The Style Projects

Or you can view these pictures...

We've been packing and packing and packing... But then we took a break to play on the tramp and look at the clouds.

I love this picture. It took him a minute to figure out how to shield you eyes and look at the sky at the same time. haha!

I hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend! I will be away from a computer (so scheduled posts only... But no worries, they're awesome of course and IMPORTANT!) besides my phone until I get home in about a week and a half. The giveaways start Tuesday so make sure you're spreading the word!! :D


Thank you all so much for sending me your guest posts!! I have found the perfect lady for blogger of the week, but do not worry if you didn't get chosen. I will save your post for a later date! :)

I really am computerless now (Internet shut off, computer packed up) I still have my phone until Sunday night when we cross into Canada, and then it's only wifi in the hotels. Haha! So if you have any questions, just know it may take me longer to get back to you. :)

But remember that we have all of those giveaways lined up to keep you entertained while I'm gone!! So check back often!!!

Have a fantastic weekend ladies!!

BE SURE to Chaco back SUNDAY for importan info on the giveaway!!


The Style Projects

Today I'm not here...

I'm HERE! :)

Thanks to the lovely Sharde from The Style Projects for asking me to guest post!! I'd love for you all to check it out!

I was also asked by the lovely Rach from her blog So, hi to give my opinion on feather extensions! You should visit her blog too. :)


Fun Stuff!

Today I painted my nails...

And admired the belt I got a few weeks ago in Talkeetna...

I thought about how lucky I was to guest post for Courtney over at Dear Darling and how amazed I was to receive THIS award from Cat. :)

I also thought a lot about the giveaway I'm having while I'm driving through Canada and won't be able to blog! I've been putting the posts together and am SO excited!! I'm doing them as a thank you to my AWESOME readers! Seriously, you guys are incredible. :) Thank you for being so fantastic!

And since you've been so good- here's a preview of the prizes!!! I know the quality is bad. That's because I SUPER zoomed in so you couldn't really tell what anything was... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

So remember to start brushing up on your Alaska knowledge! In order to enter the giveaways (6 of them!!!) you have to not only be a follower using GFC but answer an Alaskan trivia question correctly!! So start spreading the word!

Aren't I fun?! haha!

Have a great day ladies and gents!


Dear Darling Guest Post


I'm guest posting over at Dear Darling today! If you don't already read her blog- you should get on that, but either way- you should read my guest post! :D


Did I mention that I'm her very fist guest blogger- EVER?! Woot!

Oh, and make sure you read my regular post on my blog. :) haha!


I'm... Pinning!

First- I was awarded a SURPRISE award of being Cat's very first Blogger of the Month!! I was so shocked and humbled that she would choose me! Thank you so much again, Cat! So everyone make sure you stop by her BLOG and give her some love!

Second- If you missed our Blogger of the Week's guest post yesterday check it out HERE or scroll down. Or you can go directly to her blog by clicking HERE or on her button to the left. :) Give her some love too!


Now, today I wanted to let you know that I am officially... Hooked... I can't stop. Every spare second I have (which is too much) I am... pinning...

I love it so much and I love what I pin so much, that I had to do a second Pinterest post. You guys, people of the world are genius. I am constantly amazed at the things I find on Pinterest. Constantly smacking my forehead and exclaiming "why didn't I think of that?!".

So here we go...

I love this outfit. SO much.

I love these boots. SO much. Do they have my size??? no... :(
Source: zappos.com via Gentri on Pinterest

I am happy to say that I pinned these myself. :) Found them on Steve Madden and was so excited to make my very first official pin. I seriously want these. And they do come in my size! Steve Madden is my favorite shoe brand. The fact that they usually carry size 5's only helps that fact. :)


I also need one of these. A Pomskey= Pomeranian+ Husky!
Source: google.com via Gentri on Pinterest

I had to show this just because I was BLOWN AWAY at the response it got when I repinned it!
1 comment, 8 likes, and 49 REPINS!

I am so excited to pull out my fondue pot when I get home and have a cupcake fondue party- thanks to this picture. :)

Um, GENIUS!! Pancake batter in a Ketchup bottle for easy designing!! Hello?! Awesome.

SO having these in my future house. Only more awesome. Complete with fur coats you have to walk through. :)

If you are on Pinterest and we aren't friends yet- please let us fix that!! You can find me HERE. :)


Blogger of the Week: Life of a Passeri

Hey guys!! Today we have our new Blogger of the Week Spotlight from Heather and her blog Life of a Passeri. :D She is SO cute and has an awesome blog! I love her outlook on life, style, and... her hair! WISH I could pull something like that off! So here she is... Take it away Heather!

Hi Gentri Lee readers! Its so nice to meet you all! I was so amazingly flattered when Gentri asked me to be the blogger of the week on her amazing blog! She is so fun and genuine! I think she and I would be great friends in the not-cyber world, which means we would be great friends too no?

So, let me introduce me-self. I'm Heather, a recent college grad with a love of music, hula hooping, and living room dance parties.

The hubs is Justin. He puts up with all of my crazyiness, is a wiz with a frying pan, and quick with a smile which basically makes him the best person in the known universe.

Our little puppies are Nips and Roxy. They both came from abusive situations, so are a bit on the crazy side, which means they fit right into our little clan, and we love them so so much!

Life of a passeri originally started as a way for me to show off the smokin deals I found on pretty things, and pass a long a bit of my eBay wisdom (I'm basically an eBay ninja in case you didn't know), and has since become a place for me to share all of my little projects and bits of happiness!

So come on over and I'll bake you some brownies...or at least be very very happy for your visit! :)

 Heather from Life of a Passeri

Isn't she awesome??  So now it's your job to head on over to Life of a Passeri and give Heather some Love!!


Special Day

First, I'd like to remind you that if you would like your button on my Link Love page PLEASE leave a comment or send me an email letting me know! I can't read minds!

Second- If you haven't checked out this weeks Blog of the Week yet- DO IT NOW! She's seriously AMAZING and just posted an awesome earring tutorial (she's always posting gorgeous stuff like that!). Just click on her button on my left sidebar or click HERE. So GO! NOW!


Yesterday was a very special day for this girl.

It was her baptism.

We believe in our church that when someone reaches the age of 8, they're old enough to know right from wrong and be accountable for their actions. So that's why people are baptized at 8 years old in the LDS church.
(notice my nephew... haha!)

Of course I had to get in on the picture taking action. :) Love this girl!

To learn more about the LDS church- CLICK HERE. :)

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Happy Sunday!


Break Time!

Sorry, no shortening this post with a collage. Photobucket isn't working with me right now. You love picture vomits though right??


Sometimes people need a break from packing to put lampshades on their heads...

Sometimes they need to take those packing boxes and put them to better use...

She got serious air

And sometimes breaks are needed to make funny faces by smashing your head into the tramp...

And sometimes you must put packing on hold all together for hikes and ice cream...

I seriously was so proud of us for making it up this mountain. It was the "crawl on your hands and knees to the top and slide down on your bottom" kind of hike. :)

Hope you guys are having a FANTASTIC weekend!

And thank you all for the love yesterday! My neck is on it's way to being fully healed!

And if you want your button on my Link Love page- be sure to let me know!!


First! If you would like your button to be posted on my link love page please email me or let me know in the comments!! :D


Yesterday was awesome... For the most part. I'll do a better post about it tomorrow because right now- I can hardly move. My neck decided to pinch a nerve. And even though it hurt, I went on a pretty hard hike. Now it kills and nothing I've done to help it is working!! Suggestions are more than welcome!!!

Have a great day! :)


Catching Up With Instagram Pt. 2

Important Announcement:
I am re-doing my "Link Love" page. Instead of having boring ol' words on there, I'm going to have buttons! So if you would like your button to be posted in that page PLEASE send me an email! :D Yay!


Now back to our regular programming...

Here are some photos from the past few days...

1. Remember Beach Lake? Well we went back to do the hike that leads to the ocean, and I'm SO glad we did! Gorgeous!
2. Writing in the sand. That's a beach MUST.
3. The view from my friends balcony where we had a girls night. Awesome.
4. The awesome view of Denali from Beach Lake! To put into perspective how large that mountain is- it is roughly 300 miles from where I took this photo...
5. My current obsession... Pretzel M&M's... Delicious.


What Time Is It??

First- I know I need to do a post of Hermione and I when we looked alike. But I am in Alaska... and I don't have access to any of my childhood pictures. But I PROMISE that it will be at the TOP of the To-Post list when I get back in a couple of weeks!


I've been meaning to do this post for a while. I really wanted a video to go along with it. But I just don't have the tools I need here with me in Alaska to do that. Plus all the ones I tried making are... terrible. haha! So you get a photo! Yay!

I always have people ask me if it REALLY does stay light all the time- the answer is sort of. This is NO JOKE what it looks like at midnight in Alaska as of now.

There are times during the year and parts of Alaska where it really is daylight 24 hrs. per day. But once it hits June 21st the days start getting "shorter" in most parts of Alaska. So they'll get an hour or two of semi-darkness and gradually it becomes more.

When I first flew in a couple of weeks ago it looked as if it were early morning and almost made me ready for the day until I looked at the clock that read 2 AM... It can be confusing.

And to go along with this- yes there are definitely times and parts of Alaska where it is dark 24/7. But that's in the dead of winter, I've never experienced that. The first two times I came up here it was semi normal because it was late winter/ early spring and late summer/ early fall.

But there you go! :D A genuine picture of the Alaskan sky at midnight!


Jumping On The Bandwagon: Pt. 2

First- if you havn't visited our Blog of the Week yet, do it now! She's so awesome and has fantastic style! You can read her guest post HERE (or just scroll down) and you can visit her blog HERE (or click her button on my left sidebar).

I am once again jumping on the blogging bandwagon and posting about Harry Potter. I saw the movie Saturday (LOVED it. Even the changes. I'm always ok with that sort of thing. I understand it won't be exactly the same.) and none of my other ideas were working out for today, so I pulled some of my favorite Pinterest finds about Harry.

Can't believe I didn't think of that...

Yes that is a cake...

I'm so not that talented...

I absolutely love this...
Source: None via Gentri on Pinterest

“When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, I’ll be reading Harry Potter. And my family will say to me, “After all this time?” And I will say, “Always.” - Alan Rickman.

I looked JUST like Hermione when I was that age. No joke...

I can tell from all of your blog posts that you loved the last Harry Potter too. I was telling my sister that I'm so glad to be a part of the Harry Potter Generation (we need t-shirts). It's the best generation for sure. :)


Blogger of the Week: Make Me Sparkly

First off, I wanted to say thank you for your comments yesterday! My eyes (besides the red spot/ popped blood vessel?) are back to normal. Whew. haha! I know it wasn't makeup or anything because I'm really good at washing my face... Plus makeup doesn't give me a lump. But it's gone. SO all is well. :)

Our Blogger of the Week this week is the fabulous Shelby from Make Me Sparkly! I absolutely love her blog. She's got FANTASTIC style and DIY ideas! I was so excited when she accepted my invitation to be Blogger of the Week!

Well hello there to all of Gentri Lee's readers!! My name is Shelby and I'm the star of the blog Make Me Sparkly. Gentri so sweetly presented me with her Blog of the Week award, and I'm incredibly honored and excited to do my first-ever guest post on her fabulous blog!!

So, a little bit about myself and Make Me Sparkly... I'm a full-time pharmacist that has a full-time love for fashion, shopping and crafting, and you'll find plenty of all of these on Make Me Sparkly. I post outfits, DIY accessory ideas and how-to's, and plenty of shopping and styling tips for my readers. Posting my outfits and drawing inspiration from other fashion bloggers has really enabled me to become more creative and unique with my style, and I have so much fun trying new looks and really playing with fashion for everyone that cares to see.

I decided to style an outfit for this very special post that completely encompasses what Make Me Sparkly is about, and it ended up being an incredibly fun photo shoot. I made the necklace I'm wearing a few weeks ago out of spray painted seashells and coral beads (instructions can be found here), based off an idea from one of my favorite craft blogs, P.S.-I Made This... At first, I had a difficult time incorporating the very large stand-out style into an outfit; it didn't look right with anything I tried. I then found this playful jersey dress on Threadsence that, by the way, is an absolute steal at $37. I love the bright, bold color and fun shoulder cut-outs, and the light jersey material is super comfortable (and surprisingly breathable for the hot weather we're having here in Ohio). I was thrilled to find that my seashell DIY is the perfect statement necklace to take this dress from basic to bombshell... because nothing is hotter than bright coral and rich gold together on a steamy summer night. The look, with the oceanic necklace and hot colors and wild hair, initially made me think of the Sirens from Greek mythology: seductive, dangerous, enchanting... But it started screaming "let's go salsa dancing" once I threw on my favorite gold heels. I summoned everything I've learned at my Zumba fitness classes and did a little dancing during my photo shoot, which was an absolute blast.

I hope you'll drop by Make Me Sparkly and say hello. I aim to inspire my readers to try new ways of styling their clothes and DIYing expensive accessories, and just to really have fun with fashion! Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Gentri for the wonderful award! 

DIY Gold Shell Necklace, instructions here
BCBGMaxazria heels and cuff
Asos double spike ring

Isn't she awesome?? :D I love that she styled an outfit specifically for this AND she even had a dance break during her photo shoot. So great! :) 

And have a great day!
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