Beach Lake

Tonight after dinner we drove to a lake (that's pretty much in walking distance- not with little kids and supplies though) to roast marshmallows! It was so much fun!

1. Lily Pads! I've ALWAYS wanted to see these!
2. My dad and nieces
3. The scenery- I LOVE Alaska!
4. Roasting Marshmallows
5. Lily Pad flower
6. Me and my girls!
7. My sisters Piano (I needed two more pictures. haha!)
8. My "Pebbles" hairdo- I stuck a dryer sheet in it because it's "supposed" to keep the bugs away... hmmm...
9. Piano again

Photo Shoot and Abandoned Buildings

My oldest niece is turning 8 in a few days and in our religion children are baptised at 8. It's a landmark age for us so my sister scheduled a photoshoot to document this wonderful time of her life. Here are my favorite photos from the shoot. :)

all collaged photos taken by Jessica

This is where her photos were being taken. It's the cutest ABANDONED building! Why it's abandoned?? I have NO idea. Bloggers- we should all buy it. haha! It can be blogging headquarters! Just think of your outfit posts!

Of course I had to get in on the photo taking action. I have to document my adventures somehow right? Oh and don't mind my GIANT sweatshirt. It's my favorite, and it's the warmest thing I brought... I was still freezing.

Here's another angle of the building. So cute!

So there you go. In the past two days this has been the most exciting event. haha! Although my first ever ZUMBA class was a blast! It was just like a dance class so of course I loved it! My sister's an awesome teacher!

My parents come into town today- so expect many more exciting adventures! :D


A Few Photos

I don't have time for a long post- have to get ready for my sister's step class. But I thought I'd share a few photos I've taken so far. and I'll elaborate on them later. :) Enjoy!


Travel Time

Well, I made it to Alaska! Safe and sound, no real problems (wheeewww).

1. Waiting in Long Beach California on my layover
2. Sitting under the pay phone (guess those still exist) because it was the only place with an outlet
3. A whole row all to myself! I was able to spread out and go to sleep
4. Guess what snack I received on the plane! Animal Crackers! hahaha! Too perfect.

And a couple of texts I sent to my family while waiting. Yes I'm hilarious. (FYI we had a maltese named Pixie until last summer when she passed away- if you read the texts below this will make sense)


I'm going to get to as many of your blogs as possible today! But I'm sorry if I'm not as present as normal for a little while. :)


Blogger of the Week: Outside Voice

Guys guess what! I am on my way to Alaska! 

That's right! So excited! I'll be up there for a month- but no worries, I'll still have internet (cause I know you worry about that).

But here to guest post and be our Blogger of the Week is my good bloggy friend- Lauren from Outside Voice!

I love Lauren's blog and I know you will too. She's one of the most interesting people I've ever met (and I mean that in the best possible way and no we've never "met"... you know what I mean). She's traveled the world, grew up dancing (like me!), is a photographer, works in a MINE!!! I could go on. Instead, here's Lauren...

Hi Gentri Lee readers!
I’m so honoured to be over here on Gentri’s blog.  She was one of my first bloggy friends a short 6 months ago when I started blogging—risking my words by pushing them out into this virtual world.  Little did I know how many wonderful people were waiting with open arms to greet me with their sweet typed words. 

I’m Lauren, and I blog in a little space called Outside Voice.

 I started the blog as a test of my bravery—to face life events that faced me in my early 20’s newly graduated from university and conquering “real adult life” (it can be kind of scary sometimes, can’t it?).  So far it’s taken me from my home town in British Columbia, Canada to a university degree as an elementary school teacher, backpacking in Greece and Turkey,  working at a copper mine (yes, you read that correctly) and in a few months I will be a teacher in Melbourne, Australia. 

I blog with a lot of thought, a little sarcasm, and tons of photos! I love seeing your photos and have monthly photography challenges.
I’d love to meet some of Gentri’s friends. She’s so sweet and I’m sure you are too. Come visit, I’d love to meet you!

Thanks so much Gentri for having me on your blog this week. 


Must... Pack!

Hey chicas!

Tomorrow I leave for Alaska!!

I am sooo excited! Except... I'm still not done packing... Ooops. It's never been this hard! I just don't know what to expect or what I'll need so I keep adding more and more! Goodness. Oh, and does anyone else worry about packing their shoes?? Any tips for keeping them safe? I've been stuffing my socks inside them so they keep their shape...

Well, to keep you company tomorrow since I'll be traveling all day we have our new blogger of the week with her guest post! Until then make sure you check out THIS weeks blogger of the week (and also my sister who I'll be staying with in Alaska!!) by clicking her button on my left sidebar!

And enjoy a few random pictures...

1. My new Nike Frees came just in time!!
2. The remains of the Animal Crackers
3. The wall next to my bed- haha!


Today's To-Do List

This was today's to do list:
1. Run (new running shoes!)
2. Do laundry (wash EVERYTHING so it's ready to go to Alaska)
3. Get my bedroom ready for my friend to move in while I'm gone (this means re-organizing and wash everything)
4. Attend and help out at the parade my dancers are dancing in
5. Go to Walmart
6. Pack (for a month long trip)
7. Buy niece's birthday present

Here are some balloons  floating away during the parade...

This is what I've done so far:
1. Attend and help out at dancers' parade
2. Go to Walmart
3. Go to Walmart... AGAIN
3. Do laundry (gold star!!!)
4. Buy niece's birthday present
5. Play with the dogs that were out at the "adopt a dog" day at Petsmart
6. Play with my friend Stacy
7. Shop at an old Antique store
8. Buy an antique suitcase (BELOW!)
9. Watch Tron
10. Blog

So at least I did some things on my list... and squeezed in some extra fun things... and it's only 9. I've got time to finish my list right??

Or do I skip the rest and go watch fireworks?? Decisions decisions...

What do you think of my new antique suitcase???


Pictures of the Week


1. The necklace/ headband I did for THIS guest post
2. A fox print shirt I wore today- foxes are my favorite remember? (and lions)
3. The BEST cupcake in the world. I don't care how good you think your neighborhood cupcake shop is. This is better.
4. The animal cracker that we can't identify. What animal do you think it is??? Your opinion matters greatly. Oh, and it's not a cat, bear, or lion. There are others that are clearly those.
5. Little boy rue asleep on my computer desk while I work. Aw!

Mr. Butterfly

Yesterday something happend to me... something that has never happened to me before...

A butterfly the size of a small bird (I thought it was a bird when I saw it out of the corner of my eye... hence the scared child photo) flew up and landed on my shoulder!! I am NOT joking! Remember THIS post I did a few days ago?? This butterfly must have known about it...

 Mr. Butterfly (I decided it was a boy) flew up landed on my shoulder, then (when I moved because I thought it was a bird) he got off my shoulder and fluttered in front of my face for a few seconds then flew away...


This must mean good luck right?


Winner Winner, What's For Dinner??

Woohoo! Because of a little confussion I wasn't able to post the winners earlier this week. But do not worry! Because they are here!

Our 3rd place winner and recipient of the gold-colored satin fabric flower hair clip adorned with a vintage jewel brooch and golden feathers. Toothed alligator clip on back.


Sara from The House of Shoes!!!

Our 2nd Place Winner, and recipient of the ivory-colored linen throw pillow with a hand-drawn image of a vintage bike, teal-colored ribbon stripe and bow and teal embroidered word "free"


And our GRAND PRIZE WINNER- recipient of
1. This paper and vinyl wallet
2. A set of peach-colored, cameo, organza flower bobby pins
3. A necklace made from vintage ivory lace and bronze/brass colored chain
4. A chance to be Blogger of the Week

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss... AH!
Pia from Odds and Ends!!
Yay!!! Congratulations Girls!! So excited for you! Email me asap and I'll make sure to contact you.
REMEMBER- If I don't hear back from you for 24 hours, I will have to draw a new winner. :/
Since the title of this post asked-
Tell me,
What are you having for dinner tonight?

Animal Crackers

Remember that "big" bag of animal crackers I mentioned the other day? Well I guess a more appropriate term would be "giant".  I literally have been living off of these. (remember? I'm not spending money on food since I leave soon?)

And so has our cat...

Just kidding. I stopped Rue before HE (remember- she's actually a he) did any damage.

I know, odd post. But I just wanted to say that you guys should all hop over to Autumn's blog and check out my guest post! Yay!

To visit Stay Gold Autumn's blog and read my guest post-


I Feel So Loved!

I woke up this morning to find out I was given this lovely award from Megan over at Second Floor Living.

Thank you guys so much for all the love! "I love dew too, eh" (can anyone name the movie???)

In Megan's words:
According to the Oxford Dictionary this means that I, in my capacity as blogger, am able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

To accept this award I must tell you 5 facts about myself and nominate 5 other fabulous bloggers.

1. I am a mountain girl. I would so much rather live near the mountains than the beach
2. I'm a bit of a germaphobe... My own germs are not a big deal. But if it came from anyone else... can't handle it.
3. I DO NOT watch scary movies. Nope. Don't need em. Uh-uh.
4. I love my teeth and take great care of them.
5. I kind of want to adopt the raw food lifestyle...

You should seriously check these girls out. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!
2. Jenni from Jenni Austria Germany
3. Sabrina from Sabrina Says (just found hers today and love it!)
4. Chelsea from Pick Up Orange Farm
5. Brie from I Heart Kiwi 

Congratulations girls!

Waffles and Shoes

Our food has run low... very low. I will be living off of animal crackers (yes I am in my twenties and they're still a favorite... so what?? Big bag for $1.50? Yes please!), I have a few oranges and apples left, plus some frozen veggies. Why is our food supply so low? Well, that's because I leave to Alaska for a month and I really don't want to buy food that I might not eat. So I'm just going to deal for the next few days.

But when Sunday morning came and I had an urge to cook, I had to be creative. What did I come up with? I give you-

Chocolate Waffles with Cream Cheese Syrup...er Melted Frosting. Wow. Could there be a more unhealthy breakfast? (the answer is yes actually) I only had part of one (be proud), so I didn't feel too guilty.

For the waffles I just added cocoa powder and vanilla extract to your basic waffle mix. Then for the syrup/ frosting I just mixed together cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and soy milk. Then I heated the syrup/ frosting over the stove until it was runny.

I promise I'm generally a healthy person... I had no food or choice! I had to make them!

In other news:

As I mentioned I am about to head up to Alaska. But I really didn't have any shoes that would work. Heels and Alaska DO NOT mix. No one wears them and the weather is not sunny too often. So this week I purchased the pair of the Stripe TOMS I had been wanting as well as the Steve Madden Tsunami Rain Boots I'd been eyeing! I am ready! (minus all that packing business)

And sorry about the giveaway winners... They'll be posted soon! Promise!


The Liebster Blog Award

Yesterday I was given this fantastic award from Ashley over at Sloanbook (where I did my guest POST remember??). I love Ashley. I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends if we ever met in real life!

The "Liebster Blog Award" was basically created to bring attention to those bloggers with fewer than 300 followers. Upon receiving this award you must link back to the the blogger who chose you and as well choose four more lovely bloggers!

I am not sure how I can pick just 4 bloggers. Seriously. But I must. So here they are!

1.  Kaitlyn from Isavirtue. I just love her. I feel like even though we've never met, we are really good friends! She also let me guest POST a while ago (when I won her giveaway!). You should really check out her blog. She's INCREDIBLY talented, artistic, and creative. She has an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade stationary etc. It's all beautiful. Go GO Go!

2. LCR (aka lauren) from Outside Voice. Her and I have followed eachothers blogs for a while now and I loooove her blog (and of course her). She does everything. She is a photographer, travels the world, loves fashion, grew up dancing (just like me!), and to top it all off- she works in a mine. I think that's so awesome! Check out her blog, you'll love her too!
3. Brooke from [field notes]. I just recently started following her blog even though I blog stalked her a few months ago to catch a glimpse at her ADORABLE puppy. She's real life friends with my sister and that's how I came to know about her. She blogs about her cute life with her hubby, their puppy, and life in St. Louis. It makes me feel good to know my sister will have friends close by when she moves. You should go check her out!

4. Ashley from All Things Ashley. I love Ashley and her blog. She posts about her life including things like adventures, music, and things to make you laugh. We live in neighboring cities and it is a goal of mine to have a blogger meet up with her (and any other bloggers in the area). She also has an Etsy shop where she sells lovely handmade and vintage items.

Congratulations girls! I hope you go and check out those girlies and their lovely blogs! This post took literally an hour to write because I couldn't decide who to give the blog award to!

Another BLOG and POST you should be reading is our blogger of the week! It's my sister this week and today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday Chablis!


Blogger of the Week: A Charmed Life

I was so excited when my sister agreed to be my Blogger of the Week! It's her birthday tomorrow (lots of june birthdays around here) so I thought that would be the perfect time to have her showcased. She's superwoman in my eyes, and she's the one who got me into blogging in the first place (along with our blogger of the week from a couple weeks ago- Leslie). So read on and go give her and her blog some love!

Hi there! I'm Chablis (Sha-blee) from "A Charmed Life". I also happen to be Gentri's BIG sister! I taught her everything she knows. (*wink*wink*)

I may be older than Gentri, but I'm certainly not cooler (note from gentri: she's much cooler. both my sisters are). I blog about mommyhood, our Alaskan adventures, and my quest to be a healthful eater.

Ever since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis my life has been completely flipped upside down. I am daily readjusting the perception of who I think I'm supposed to be. Reinventing what my hobbies are. Remembering what my priorities are. Now that I have such a limited energy level I really have to be careful how I spend my time. I used to be a craft-a-holic so to speak. I loved throwing parties, baking, dressing up, decorating, and doing fun things for the people I love. Now, those things have been put on the back burner.

Most days I look like this:
 So, instead of fashion blogging (really, who needs to be fashionable when you live in Alaska?) I post healthy recipes that have been successful on my dinner table.

Instead of throwing parties, I may post about how I'm dealing with my relationship with my Heavenly Father and how my beliefs are helping me in my life. 

But usually I post about my life as a mom and the fun things we do as a family.

I am certainly NO photographer and I admit it front up that I can't take a decent picture to save my life. So, for all you photographers out there I apologize and pray that my photos don't hurt your eyes too much!

So there you have it. I'm just a nerdy, plain ol' housewife who likes to rant about life on the internet. Hey, if you can relate come on over and we'll be great friends!
What Chablis happened to leave out is how awesome she is. She teaches Zumba and Step, she and her family are outside EVERY day finding new trails and hikes to enjoy in the great state of Alaska where they live. She has been through some rough things but always comes out on top. She is a FANTASTIC cook and she's so creative. I love her and am so happy that I can say not only is she my big sister but one of my best friends. I'm also lucky because I get to go and stay with her and her family (I'm in LOOOVE with her kids btw) for the entire month of July! So excited!
Thank you Chib!

P.S. I am so sorry if I have been neglecting any of your blogs (or rather- leaving boring generic comments) I tried to catch up today and just couldn't get to everyone. Life has been busy lately. I've had dances to choreograph and teach (taught for 5 hours today... kinda tired), plus parade to worry about, leaving to AK in a week (AH! SO EXCITED), plus much more. So I PROMISE I will get to you! If I have yet to visit your blog, please leave a link in the comments. Also, the best way to contact me is through my email (on the contact me page). So don't leave too many crazy questions in the comments... I forget about them. Sorry... hahaha!

P.P.S The winners of the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway will be announced tomorrow! Woot!


Time Is Running Out

Only a few more hours to enter the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway!! It closes at midnight. If you have yet to enter- you better do it now!! Also double check and make sure all your entries are still there. We had some issues where some entries were somehow deleted last time. Don't want that!

Click Here For The Spotted Umbrella Giveaway


Mini Road Trip

Last night my sister and I headed south for a campout with some people from our church. I discovered that blueberries make the best road trip food, we made some new friends, watched the Manti Pageant, and overall had a great time. :) What did you do this weekend?

While trying to pick out music for a solo and a duo that I'm choreographing I came across this song that was my go to song last Summer. It's so beautiful. The official video couldn't be shared, so here's one with the english translation and you can see the official video HERE.

I seriously listen to this song on repeat. :)

And guess what! I made it into Pinterest. Yes, I'm finally joining everyone else. I have yet to figure out exactly what to do with it besides just enjoying all the pretty pictures. Tips would be lovely. :) I'll get a button up soon that'll take you to my page and we can be Pinterest friends as well as bloggy friends. yay!

AH! And guess what else! Today is the LAAAST day to enter the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway! HURRY! Go now!

Click Here For The Spotted Umbrella Giveaway

P.S. Wanna hear something funny??? We just realised my sisters cat is a boy... not a girl... we are coming up with a new name... poor cat.



Happiness is like a butterfly

The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.

But if you happen to sit still and let things be, it will likely come and land on your shoulder.


How can I become a butterfly?

You have to want to fly so bad, you're willing to give up being a caterpillar.


I read these quotes on my sisters blog yesterday and fell in love. I put them in a note on my phone so I can always have them with me.

I know that things can be hard and happiness can seem so far away. But when we stop and enjoy the small things, we will see happiness is all around us. And sometimes it takes giving up something we love- to find out what it's like to fly.


And if you appreciate dance in any way, you'll love these. My two new favorite dances.

If you havn't entered the giveaway yet, do now!



Birthday Happenings

I had a wonderful birthday this year! I seriously feel so blessed by all of the birthday wishes I got from everyone. So thank you lovely readers! :)

I spent last weekend with one of my BFF's shopping and spoiling ourselves (her bday was Saturday mine was Monday), you can see that post HERE. Then Sunday night was spent with my grandma, uncle, sister and friends eating, playing games, and of course- eating birthday cake!

Sunday night I didn't blow out any candles so Monday morning I had cake for breakfast (my birthday- remember?) and my own candle ceremony. haha! Then my sister, friend Sierra, and I went to lunch and walked around the nicest, fanciest hotel in town and I was finally able to try macaroons (something that's been on my goal list. haha!). The fancy kind.

Later we went to an activity for young single adults in my church which was super fun! I met new people and got lots of birthday love. :)

My mom was kind enough to order the Fox necklace I had been wanting (made by our lovely Blogger of the Week- Sarah!! Check out her Guest Post HERE or her Blog HERE)! And yesterday- it came!!! I was so excited! First, look at the adorable wrapping job. Love it and saving it. haha! THEN Sarah was even kind enough to make me a sketch of one of my favorite animals- a Lion! The last picture is my necklace with my other favorite animal on it- a Fox, also drawn by Sarah.

It was a better birthday than I could ask for. :)

OH! and if you havn't entered the birthday giveaway yet- DO IT NOW! An extra entry opportunity was added yesterday, so even if you did enter- you can enter one extra time! :D



Fun Stuff!

I wanted to let you guys know that my guest post is up over at Sloanbook! Go take a look and maybe get some ideas for your Summer Hairdo's HERE!

Also make sure to check out our Blogger of the Week's guest post HERE or just scroll down to the previous post! LOVE Sarah's blog!

One more thing-
Havn't entered the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway?? Already entered but want an EXTRA entry?! Then head over to the Giveaway Post HERE and check out the newly added entry and enter one more time for a better chance at winning! Woot woot!!


Blogger of the Week: A Lost Feather

Hey guys!!

First off, if you havn't entered the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway yet- DO IT NOW! GO GO GO!


This weeks Blogger of the Week is one of my FAVORITE bloggers and someone I consider a dear bloggy friend. I was so excited when Sara from A Lost Feather agreed to be my Blogger of the Week. You guys will LOOOOOVE her! I'm sure of it!

Hellooo out there! I'm Sarah from A Lost Feather and I'm so excited to be here with you today on Gentri's adorably awesome blog! She is the cutest and I was very flattered when she asked me to be blogger of the week.

I love to write about and share my adventures (big and small) through artwork and photography. I adore reading other blogs and getting to know lovely people from all over the world. I never realized how many new friends I'd make just by being part of this little (huge?) online community.

Outside of blogging, my main loves are my boyfriend, family and friends of course, my dog- Boo Radley, hiking, climbing, drawing, painting, traveling, and photography. I majored in photography in college and then worked for Canon for 2 years. Now I'm working for myself as a full-time artist and I am so happy and grateful for the way things are working out.

I live in New York, a few miles east of Manhattan. I love visiting the city and wandering around the tall buildings.. but even more than that I love being able to come home to the suburbs. I try to go hiking every week in the nice weather.. actually, did you know that just 20 miles north of Manhattan we have some amazing trails? From some summits you can even see the skyline.. I haven't had luck with the weather yet.. every time I try to get these views the clouds roll in on cue.

Matt and I are getting ready to go to Yosemite in 5 days (ahhh!) We've been counting down to this trip for a year and are beyond excited. I can't wait to soak up all the inspiration that that the park has to offer.. I'm also pretty excited to come home and share my experience. Summer 2011 is looking like a good one.. I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing season!


It's My Birthday!!! Spotted Umbrella Giveaway!!

This Giveaway is CLOSED!!


I wanted to post the SNL parody of Oprah's Favorite Things- Birthday Edition. But it is no where to be found online! If you know where to look, please tell me. Because that's exactly how I say "it's my biiiirrrthdaaaay". Hilarious.

I wanted to celebrate my Birthday by giving you all a chance to win some presents!

This is the most amazing giveaway in the history of giveaways! When my friends Malissa and Machelle said they wanted to participate in a giveaway- I first of all was SUPER DUPER excited! But I didn't know that they would go SO above and beyond! This is SERIOUSLY amazing, and if you don't enter, you're

First, they have THE cutest Etsy shop:

Now it's on to the goodies:

The 1st Prize Winner will be receiving this GORGEOUS package!

It includes:

1. This paper and vinyl wallet with 2 long pockets for bills, checkbooks, etc and 4 small pockets for cards, etc.

2. A set of peach-colored, cameo, organza flower bobby pins

3. A necklace made from vintage ivory lace and bronze/brass colored chain

The 1st Prize Winner will also be featured as one of my bloggers of the week!


Our 2nd Prize Winner will be receiving an ivory-colored linen throw pillow with a hand-drawn image of a vintage bike, teal-colored ribbon stripe and bow and teal embroidered word "free"

 Our 3rd Prize Winner will be receiving a gold-colored satin fabric flower hair clip adorned with a vintage jewel brooch and golden feathers. Toothed alligator clip on back.

How To Enter:
leave a seperate comment for each thing you do please. :)

-Be a follower of Gentri Lee (we want friends to win) using Google Friend Connect

- Heart The Spotted Umbrella on Etsy
- Visit The Spotted Umbrella and tell me which item is your favorite
- Blog about this giveaway (leave a link!)
- Facebook about this giveaway (leave a link!)
- Follow Gentri Lee on Bloglovin'
- Tell me what you would post about if you were my Blogger of the Week

- Add Spotted Umbrella to your Circle on Etsy!!

There you go! Thats 7 count them 7 possible entries! Wowza! The giveaway will run from today- Monday June 13th- Sunday June 19th at Midnight! That's one full week.

PLEASE leave a seperate comment for each entry- it's easier on me that way. And PLEASE go give the Spotted Umbrella some lovin'! They're the sweetest girls, I just love them! :)

Hope you all have a FABULOUS day! Eat some cake and spoil yourself for me, ok? :D

P.S. Check out our new (and FABULOUS) Blogger of the Week! Her button's on my sidebar and her post will be posted later this week. :)



Hey guys! I was given this lovely award by Jelena the other day and was so excited! Thank you Jelena! And just look how cute that award is. :)

There are a few requirements to this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Share 10 things about yourself
3. Award 4 recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they won

First up, I award this to:

Congrats ladies!

Now 10 things about me... Oh, goodness.
1. I mentioned this yesterday, but I'll say it again- I am a crazy person to photograph. I change my pose/ face at least 3 times before the picture is actually taken.
2. When shopping I put everything on hold until I've browsed all the stores, then I go back for what I want the most.
3. I eat my food in order- Side Dishes (as much as I can, I usually only take a couple bites of those), then Main Dish, then if it's served- Dessert. I can't change this order or it bugs me.
4. If you didn't notice- I have some OCD issues... ok, maybe I'm just weird. Who knows?
5. I have never had a cavity (KNOCK ON WOOD!)
6. I've never taken Zumba (I'm positive that will change when I head up to stay with my sister soon, since she teaches Zumba)
7. I rarely eat fast food, and now after hearing what is actually IN fast food that "rarely" may become a "never".
8. I buy most of my own Birthday presents. Happy Birthday to me. (not yet, I am just celebrating early)
9. I love giving other people presents! So much fun to me!
10. Don't make me laugh when I have food or drink in my mouth... Or you will get a present... and not a good one.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin



Did you guys know that it was National BFF day on June 8th? Yup. Well I was lucky to have one of my BFF's come down to visit last night- tonight! This girl (who also happens to be Blogger of the Week! Go click her photo on the sidebar and visit her blog!) and I always have so much fun together! Even if it's just sitting around and making weird faces... ok we don't do that... So what if we did?!

Today we had some Birthday shopping to do. Our birthdays happen to only be one day apart! So off to the mall we went. Little did we know that we would have the BEST luck that any shopper could ever hope to have. We found everthing we've been looking for/ needed. It actually became super overwhelming. Too much. Too much money! I settled for a few things and cut out a lot. One thing I DID get... My aviators! Woot Woot! Take a look....

I'll be sure to give you a better view of the shades another day. I'm also not sure why that kissy face keeps making an appearance. I'm a crazy person to photograph. I change faces/ poses at least 3 times before the picture is even taken. haha! Drives my sister crazy.

Leslie (BFF, don't think I said her name yet... weird) also was kind enough to bring me this gorgeous necklace for my birthday! I'm so excited to wear it! 3 necklaces in 3 days! I have been spoiled! (PLUS my Fox Necklace is on it's way! Eeep!)

I hope you guys are all having a fantastic weekend!
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