The Craft Room- Pt. 2

whew. It was hard keeping up that terrible post from yesterday. But you guys were all so kind about it! I know it was bad... it's ok to agree. hahaha!

I wish these pictures were better, they just don't do the room justice. The lighting in this room just isn't great. You'll get the idea though. :)

Presenting! The new and improved Craft Room!

I know! You can hardly recognize the place! That is the red parasol and mint green wall that were my inspiration.

Here's little Rue Helping us out. Aw. :) Notice how we reupholstered those computer chairs?? So great! I felt like superwoman after. There will be a tutorial on how to do that tomorrow on a friends blog.

There's the computer desk. Once ugly brown laminate- now beautiful, coral and fresh! (and yes, that is our ooooold TV)

That shelf will be hung on that wall (if my mom decides she wants it there of course). I didn't hang it because I don't trust myself with that big of a job...

This photo is the worst. It does not in any way do this sewing table justice. I got this at the DI (utah's goodwill) for pretty cheap and was so excited to replace my mom's old, ugly, cheap, sewing table!

If you need to be reminded of the terrible state this room was in before, just click HERE.

If you like that zebra rug in the corner you can click HERE for my tutorial on how to make your own!

I know the room is super colorful and almost doesn't seem like it works. But trust me, you have to see it in person to get the full affect. It's amazing, if I do say so myself. Haha! Plus, now everything has a place and it's way more organized! Hooray! :D

I had so much help from both my sisters and my grandma. Along with super supportive friends. :) I couldn't have done it without them!


The Craft Room- Pt. 1

Ok... SO it is taking A LOT of bravery for me to do this post. Why? Because the "before" state of my family's craft room is... Horrific. PLEASE do not let this be a judgement to you on how we live. Our family's home is actually really cute and clean. Except for in the craft room... Hence why I decided the perfect gift for my mom's birthday would be a new beautiful and clutter free craft room. But first, you must see the state it was in... before...

Here we go... I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking.



Did you make it out alive?

How many times did you pass out?

I'm sure you can see why something HAD to be done.

I was the only soul brave enough to tackle this job.

So I started searching for inspiration. I didn't want to spend a lot, so I decided to use the Mint Green paint I had left over from another project, and I also had a red parasol I wanted to use. There I had it, my base. Mint Green and Red. The search was on.

Not only did I want to paint a wall, this room needed a lot more TLC than that. I decided I would recover the computer chairs, buy a new (to us) sewing desk, paint the LAMINATE computer desk (everywhere says don't do it- I say DO IT!), and find a place for EVERTYTHING! Plus get rid of as much as possible.

I found some pictures online that I loved, printed them off, and taped them up on the wall so I could turn to them whenever I needed motivation.

So there you go. With my mom spending a week (which turned into two- thank goodness) in Arizona, operation "Craft Room" was now a go.

PLEEEEASE stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow! It will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! You would have never thought that room could be saved. Well folks, I am a miracle worker. haha! Jk. But it really truly is an amazing difference.

P.S. Go check out my guest post over at Kaitlyn's blog "isavirtue" to get a sneak peek (with crappy photos... sorry) of the final product!! :D

P.P.S. Yes we have ancient electronic devices. Psh. They work.


Blogger of the Week: Daydream Frenzy!

Hello fellow bloggers! This is Rachel Emma from Daydream Frenzy- filling in for the lovely Gentri! This is my first time guest-posting, so hopefully I don't make a fool of myself! Okay, it will probably happen anyway.

First off, my blog is mainly devoted to outfits/fashion and how to expand a closet on a low budget (as I have)as well as how to work with whatcha got! My interest in fashion blogging first began when I had one day spotted a pair of rad combat boots at the mall. I have a rule when shopping, and that's "never purchase something you wouldn't know what to wear it with." So after forcing myself not to buy them, I went home and Googled "how to wear combat boots." So much inspiration and ideas popped up which lead me to find websites based on what would look good to wear, and eventually I ended up in the fashion blogging world. I don't claim to have an amazing sense of style, which is why I created this blog in the first place. It will act as a type of challenge for me to start wearing the clothes I hardly ever touch as well as a space to watch my style grow along with this blog. Plus, it'll give me an efficient way to keep track of my closet and show that I don't need new clothes in order to make a new outfit (something I have trouble learning).

Of course, my blog isn't simply JUST outfits. Daydream Frenzy is my personal outlet for anything and everything: ideas, experiences, rants, vents, advice, recommendations, preferences, and everything in between. I've also created a bucket list of 100 things I want to do before I die, so my blog will document anything I've completed from the list! I don't think I could ever simply write on only one thing. I like sharing too much! I've always enjoyed putting a piece of myself out there; I used to write and post pictures on old (and I mean ancient) websites such as Xanga and Piczo (did anyone else use these, or am I the only one?). I think it's important to preserve part of our lives now, whether it be online or in a diary, so that we can look back and remember them later (which is also why I love scrapbooking)! Don't you sometimes wish your parents or grandparents had done the same? The only thing my mom kept when she was younger were photo albums, but I still don't obtain a high comprehension of what her life was like, or even what she was like, back then.

So! I'm pretty random, so here are some random facts about yours truly. I was born in England; my dad is British (accent and all), so sometimes it's difficult to understand what the heck he just said. Unfortunately, I did not inherit his lovely accent (all my friends say they would like me more if I did haha). I live in Texas and I plan to stay, for in all my time living here I've never experienced a flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or tsunami, so yeah... I feel pretty safe. I go to school in Austin at the University of Texas (hook em' horns!) where I'm currently studying corporate communications. I have a wonderful boyfriend who has been in my life for a little over a year now. I'm not someone most people would consider "cool". I read the Harry Potter series repeatedly, I play Pokemon videogames, and I still laugh at Spongebob cartoons. What am I, 5? Maybe. I also love to try new things, especially when it comes to food; on a 2008 school trip to China, I was the only girl to eat a scorpion in a Beijing market. Not very ladylike, I suppose. I'm a dog person. I suck at sports. I'm not outdoorsy at all, but I'd like to be. Sometimes I'm pretty funny, and other times I think I'm funny when I'm really not. I am a champion procrastinator. I fall asleep during action movies when I'm not even tired (I'm more of a comedy lover). I love to bake, but I hate to cook; who says you can't have cereal for dinner? I can never watch scary movies (I still refuse to watch Paranormal Activity), yet I love reading horror books. I love ALL types of music. No, seriously.

Alright, enough with this super-long post! You all have lives to get back to, I'm sure. If you'd like to follow me or make a new friend, don't be shy to visit me at Daydream Frenzy! I always check out the blogs that are kind enough to check out mine. And if not, you can always chat with me on Twitter!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! :)



Blogger of the Week: Paisley and Pearls!

Hello, all you GentriLee followers! I'm L. Caroline from Paisley and Pearls, GentriLee's guest blogger of the week!

First of all, I want to start off by thanking Gentri for the opportunity to be the FIRST guest blogger! Pretty exciting, if you ask me (And, since I'm the guest blogger, I'll pretend you asked). Also, I want to thank Gentri again for the wonderful goodies I am anxiously awaiting in the mail. Best. giveaway. ever! I remember finding her adorable blog back in my first days of blogging. I've loved following along and have picked up some great makeup and hair stylin' ideas, been inspired, and gotten some good laughs. It's so exciting to see how much her blog has grown. Congratulations on 100 followers, Gentri!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a twenty-something southern girl, currently living in Nashville, TN. I am obsessed with all things monogrammed, anything navy blue, pink and green, and paisley print and polka dots. I and am also of the opinion that pearls go with everything. I love baking, crafting, and creating. In grad school I was officially referred to by my friends as "Martha". As in Martha Stewart. Minus the jail stint, I will take it as a complement!

 I am engaged to a wonderful man and we are tying the knot in 5 short months at a beautiful plantation here in Nashville. 

I am a puppy-mommy to a sweet, fluffy goldendoodle named Paisley who is just a tiny bit spoiled.

 I am a recent graduate (as in last Saturday) and now have a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy. I am passionate about working with children and their families and started my first big-girl-job at a local clinic for autism (the Monday after graduation, no less).

A little over a year ago a friend and I laughed about not starting blogs until we were either engaged (in my case), pregnant (definitely in her case), or got a dog (again, in my case). We both now have blogs! My blog topics vary from picture overloads of Paisley, wedding inspiration, and life updates. The last few months have been crazy as I've been finishing grad school but I am working on a weekly schedule in order to share a little more regularly. I would love for you all to stop by and visit (and of course, follow along if you'd like!) and comment to let me know you are from Gentri's blog. Thanks again, Gentri!

Thanks to L. Caroline for stepping in and doing her guest blog today! Timing couldn't be more perfect... as I am on a break, remember? haha! Plus i just love her and her blog and am so excited to have her as my first blogger of the week! Now go check out her blog!!
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