Crazy Cat

My sisters cat is CAARAAAZY! She keeps us laughing. So enjoy this video of him.


I Got Some Dreams

I read on The Swede Records the other day about this app called "Sleep Analyzer". You set the decible level and it records any noise over that level. So in the morning you can see what great things you said in your sleep, if you snore (or how loudly), or even how much you move. Because it has a decible level set it doesn't record for the entire night, it just records the noises loud enough to reach that level.

ANYWAYS, it is fantastic! It seriously works. Tried it last night. Although the best thing it caught was me mummbling something, but I couldn't tell what. I'm pretty sure I talk in my sleep so I am going to record again tonight and see what I can catch. You should try it!

Speaking of sleeping and dreams, I had a dream the other night and the next day, IT CAME TRUE! Seriously. Because I remember thinking about it when I woke up and saying, ya, probably won't happen. But then it DID! Made me happy.

And then I thought of this clip from "Tangled" and laughed because it's pretty much the best thing ever!


Dragons and Music

So today I didn't laugh too much- sad, I know. Except when I was reminded of this video by Alexis over at A Beautiful Day to be Alive.

But something that you all really should check out would be Lenka's new album. I am a BIG fan of her first album and LOOOVE this one as well!! Here's her first Music Video from the album. ENJOY! (I've had it on repeat)

P.S. Wouldn't it be great if hospital gowns looked like hers?



Nothing cheers up a dreaded drive down a road that will always be under construction more than a laugh.

On my way home the other day I passed this construction marque:

Friday Friday...

Gotta get down on

Friday. Partyin' partyin'...

Yeah! 45 MMKAY?

I don't know if this was approved by whoever's in charge of construction signs or someone broke in and changed it. But I thank whoever is responsible. :)

Don't know what I'm talking about? View THIS video. Your life will be complete... or rather, this post will make more sense. :) My mom didn't get it.


Lovely Day

First, watch this. It is beautiful and says it better than I possibly ever could. Seriously, watch it now!

Second, for a bit of Easter humor, watch this... Seriously, do it now!

Third, I just got THE creepiest voicemail from my "boyfriend" wishing me a Happy Easter. If someone has any clues as to who this person was, please tell me. I'd like to thank them for the TEARS of LAUGHTER that I just experienced. :) I so wish I could share it with you... I'll see what I can do.

Anyone know how to post an Audio file???


"This one is for me"

Hopefuly I'll be able to announce/ show you my "surprise" by tonight or tomorrow. But in the mean time- I hope this can maybe give you a little hint... Probably not, but it will at least tell you how I am feeling about my "surprise" and hopefuly make you laugh. :)

This is a video of my niece on Christmas morning a few years ago when she opened up THE present she'd been wanting. Her voice is seriously the cutest thing in the world. She's also the funny little one in THIS post.



Something funny... I have been craving onions like CRAAAAAZY!!! Every day. I thought it was a one time thing. But no. I can't get them out of my head! WHY?!?! Please, someone tell me why! (and I'll just take care of this one now- NO I'm not pregnant!!! Not even close)

ALSO... while you're at it, could you tell me about a fantastic recipe that has OODLES of onions in it??? I'd really appreciate it. Just send your recipes to gentrileeblog@gmail.com :) Thaaaanks lots! (any kind of onion will do)

I've also had another craving. It's for more makeup than I need. Sheesh. I need to get over that one soon... I have a trip to save up for. BUT before I do get over it, I wanted to share with you two of my current obsessions! (I'm actually wearing both right this second!)

First is Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain. It's A.Maz.Ing!! First you get to color on your lips with what seems to be a marker, then you add moisture (it comes with some but any will work), then you get to enjoy it AAALLL day! Seriously. It lasted through lots of talking while I taught, eating, and drinking from my water bottle, and even looked better when I would add more chapstick! (I may or may not be obsessed with my chapstick and cry if I ever forget or lose it...)

Second is Essie's Nail Polish in Turquoise & Caicos!! (really any of their colors, but this one right now) It is such a fun bright color and I just love it!


Not Funny

So this really should be titled "What DIDN'T Make Me Laugh". Why? Because I broke my glasses...

*FYI: these glasses are not prescription. 20/20 vision over here. I just think they're fun to wear*

I am SO sad! I had JUST planned and tried on my outfit for Church tomorrow, and the glasses MADE that outfit. Now I have to come up with a whole NEW outfit!

OK, OK. I know. I'm being WAY dramatic. That's NOT what Church is about anyways. But when Church is at 9, you're a single lady, and for some reason you like to go to a Ward that's half an hour away instead of the one just down the hill which is at 1 pm- it makes last minute outfit planning hard. Grr.

It's ok. Maybe I'm supposed to impress a boy that isn't a fan of nerd glasses tomorrow...

haha! KIDDING!!

... kinda...

But I really am. :)


So today my sister got a new kitten. Aw! She named her Rue (our friend and I came up with it... Ok, so we got it from The Hunger Games... YES, we're pathetic). Anyways, it's been so long since we've had a baby animal around I forgot how fun it can be.

She was so playful yet cuddly. She would pounce on our toes and then climb up on my shoulder and fall asleep. She had us giggling with joy all night. :)

We had so much fun playing with the new family member.

Something else that made me laugh... myself. I can be so ridiculous. I am at the moment deciding if I can squeeze in another purchase. I'm debating between a pair of BOOTS and a SKIRT. I know the boots are winter boots, but they're on sale and I've been looking for an affordable pair like this for a while... and that skirt would be perfect for Easter and I've also been looking for a skirt just like that for a while... OR I could just save my money... Smart decision. What to do??!!

Oh, and if you didn't check out yesterdays video... you missed out. Go take a look, because I think it's amazing!


Walk The Dinosaur


Maybe I wasn't actually LOL-ing, but I was giggling from amazement. PLUS all those kiddos screaming and being so excited/ scared did make me laugh a little. Haha!Granted, the legs coming out of the stomach are a tad strange... But I still think it's pretty awesome.

Here's the LINK if you need a better view.



*Again, I posted the links in case my blog is cutting the video in half for you*

Who knew goats were so funny?? Adorable! But funny. :) The best part of this video is at :50 and repeated at the end. I can kind of relate to these "fainting goats" though... Usually when I get really scared I just freeze up like that. So I get it. haha!

I present to you, The Fainting Goats...

This is from Ellen's Best Web Videos. I posted this because of the first video she shares, but they're all good.

So, yay for finding something that is suprisingly funny. Something you may have never really thought of being funny before. :) Hope it made you laugh or giggle.



WATCH THIS. The last two are the best, so watch till the end! It's sure to get you laughing or at least giggling... and if you don't do either of those it's sure to make you smile!


It's Sparkle Time!... WMML Post #10!

Have you ever watched the show Toddlers & Tiaras?? I personally love that show... I wouldn't ever get into anything like that in the real world, but I love seeing the craziness of it. haha!

THIS VIDEO made me laugh so hard! I love Tom Hanks and he did a great job! (again, I posted the link as well as the video since my blog likes to cut half of it off...)

It's Sparkle Time everyone! :)


Lydia... WMML Post #9!

*Once again, this is a recording of a recording. This isn't my video and the only place it is (without me asking my sister to send it to me. Lazy lazy me), is on facebook...*

This is a video of my two nieces sledding on their driveway in Alaska a couple of years ago. It's something I always go to when I need a laugh. AFV even contacted them to see if they could use it. We've yet to see it on their show, but it's fun all the same. :)

I've shown this video to friends and they've literally had me repeat it dozens of times! The fact that my niece is so puffy from all of her snow gear just makes this ten times better! Plus all that padding saved her from feeling anything. Haha! Not only is she funny in this video, that girl makes everyone laugh all the time- falling or not.

Please enjoy, and don't feel bad when you push the play button over and over again. :)

Joke... WMML Post #8!

So I must have not laughed too much today or something, because I can't come up with anything
Funny to share! All I have are a couple of jokes I've heard recently...

How do you make Lady Gaga angry??

Pa-pa-pa-poke her face

How does Lady Gaga like her meat??


Yup... That's all I've got! It's not that I had a bad day... It was actually pretty good. I even bought the jacket that I've had my eye on for months! It was on sale and the only one left happened to be my size. WOOHOO!

So now it's your turn. I obviously need a good laugh. In the comments, please tell me your best joke! :) have a great weekend!!


My Time At Disney

*Note: So sorry for the quality and shortness of these videos. I tried and tried to upload longer/ better versions and nothing was working. So this is the best I could do...*

If you didn't know, I worked at Disney right out of high school. It was a BIG dream of mine to go and work for their "entertainment" department for yeeeeaaaarrsss. I've been thinking a lot about Disney and how I miss it lately (one of my favorite things is- and don't laugh too hard, watching the full house episode where the go to Disney World).
So anyways, as I was thinking about it, I thought about this video (unfortunately its the ONLY video I have of my time there. My parents took it when they came to visit me, so I'm lucky to have it), I always laugh when I think of it. This is a clip from the Castle Show Dream Along With Mickey. I was VERY luck to be able to "help" Donald and Minnie out in the Opening Cast of this show (In this particular video I was "helping" Donald).

What's funny about it (if picturing me "helping" Donald isn't funny enough for you) is about half way through it, Donald takes a good hit in the face from Mickey. If you listen closely you can even hear it! But, like a good little duck he gets right back to the show... even though it hurt a little... and Mickey didn't even notice...


I had a few funny things happen while "helping" out with this show. In one performance as the cast is tossing around a giant clock, Donald (who had been having a rough day) couldn't seem to catch it. He got so mad that he ended up kicking the clock across the stage... LUCKILY the rest of the cast was laughing super hard and he didn't get in trouble from any of the managers or anything...

Another day it had been raining. The stage floor is made of some sort of fake rock that's sort of squishy and it gets really slippery when it rains. As Donald was running to the stairs he fell into a perfect split.

I have a million stories and could show you the entire 20 minute video, but I really don't want to find out how long that would take to upload (this one's taking long enough), and I'm sure you are all "story time"'d out. I hope you got a good laugh out of it. :) Questions are welcome. hahaha!

And for your viewing pleasure, another short video of Donald and the cast dancing...



The Suitcase... WMML Post #6!

Want to hear a HILARIOUS story? Well then gather around fellow bloggers, I've got a good one...

It all started when a friend of a friend (no worries, this is completely true) was short on cash. She was living in NYC and decided to take up dog walking. A family who was leaving on vacation called her up and asked her to watch their dog while they were gone. So after work she went over to their house (apartment?) and called the dog... no dog came... she called and called but finally found the dog... dead.

I know, I know. HILARIOUS story right? Well, I'm hardly finished...

She called the family to tell them the sad news and find out what they wanted her to do with the body. They told her there was no sense in keeping it around and to call the animal shelter. So she calls and they tell her to bring the dog to the shelter and they'll take care of it.

Well, this is no small dog. It's actually quite a large golden retriever, and this shelter is all the way across town... So she thinks and decides to put the dog in a suitcase to avoid rude stares. She gets down and onto the subway just fine, but when she arrives at her destination she realizes she's got to get her "package" up the stairs...

A nice man notices her struggling up the stairs and offers to help. While they struggle up the stairs he asks "What have you got in here??" She can't exaclty tell him what's REALLY in the suitcase... So she says "Oh, it's a bunch of computer parts for the company I work for". When they reach the top of the stairs she stops to take a breath... She looks up to thank the nice man and notices that he has TAKEN OFF with her suitcase!!! He thinks he's got a suitcase full of computer parts...

She doesn't know what else to say and so she yells "Oh, Ok... See Ya!! Thanks!" and goes home.

I can only IMAGINE what that guys face looked like when he opened up that suit case...

You MAY find that story disturbing... I find it incredibly funny. haha!

If you liked this story visit THIS blog. It is my friend and her roommates that post funny things that happen to them or others they know. They're awesome. :)


Tiny Dancers... WMML Post #5!

Have you seen this video?? Isn't it hilarious? I am so lucky because I get to be surrounded by things like this every week! Seriously, the little ones I teach NEVER fail to make me laugh at least once per class.

Examples: One day after class, a little girl decided she wanted to give me a hug. She'd already put her shoes on, but they were those slipper-like boots. So she starts to run to me with open arms and slips, tries to stand and slips again, and again and again. I finally got up and went to her. It was so funny!

I LOVE it when they know the words to all the songs we play and sing it loud and proud! All while admiring themselves in the mirror of course.

I love my job and am incredibly lucky. :)


Somebody Gonna Get That?... WMML Post #4!

Before I get into today's post just in case you were wondering "WMML" stands for What Made Me Laugh. Just fyi. ;) Also, if you need a reminder of why I post to a different theme every month go to THIS post. :)

So today I was wondering if my favorite comedian (Brian Regan) had any new material out. I got on youtube and was pleased to find his new cd for all to hear! Here is a clip from it. Go watch ALL his videos (old and new) if you havn't already. Not only is he funny, his jokes are clean! No (well not a lot) profanity or crude jokes. Love it!

Awkward... WMML Post #3!

So I have a feeling this will be one of those "had to be there" moments... But we all laughed really hard. So I'm going to share it.

Tonight after dinner, my family, a couple friends, and I played some games. One of those games was "Apples to Apples". This is one of the few games I like. Anyways, how you play (if you don't know) is there's a card in the middle with a word on it. Everyone has seven cards in their hands and has to pick a card from that seven that best matches the card in the middle. Who's ever turn it is gets to pick their favorite and whoever put that card down wins the card that was in the middle. First one to win seven cards from the middle wins the game.

So, we're playing and its my Grandma's turn to pick her favorite card, the word in the middle was "touchy-feely". She starts reading off the cards and one of them was "my body". Everyone laughed and it seemed like the obvious choice. But then my Grandma chose another card. Everyone was surprised and asked why. She exclaimed "because I don't touch my body!!!".... Uuuuuuuuuh....

That is SO NOT what was meant by the card but that's what my Grandma got out of it! Luckily it was one of those awkwardly hilarious moments instead of just plain ol' awkward. Especially because we had guests!!! Hahaha!

See, told you you had to be there. :) Aren't awkwardly hilarious moments the best?


Photo Booth Prank... WMML Post #2!

So guess what! I have a fancy schmancy phone now! It's a good thing too because we've got another storm blowing through so my Internet doesnt work.

Today my sister and I couldn't get enough of Jay Leno's Photo Booth Prank videos. They're so funny!! Unfortunately because I am on my phone I can't post the video directly to my blog. So follow this link: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=4PiPPAJuKBg to view one... Or all!

Please really go watch them if you'd like a good laugh!


Commercials... WMML Post #1!!

*NOTE: my blog is still cutting off part of the videos... Sorry. I posted the links if it really bugs ya. :)*

Wow, back to number one! Here we go...

The idea for April that got the most votes was "What Made Me Laugh". So, all April long I'll be posting things that have made me literally laugh out loud. I'm so excited! What better month to do this than in a month that starts with a day where it's ok to play tricks on people??

Today I was thinking about a couple of my favorite commercials. Cause honestly, if you have to interupt my favorite program, please make me laugh!

This first one you may not find funny at first... You may find it weird. I was introduced to these commercials (more found on youtube) while I lived in Alaska with my sister and her family. One night I was watching tv with them when THIS came on...

Um... an old guy... with puppets... dancing his heart out... in a spongebob tie... hahahahaha! This guy is an Alaskan Celebrity.

This next one is a Capital One Commercial...

I am in LOOOOOVE with that goat. haha!

Do you have any local treasure commercials? Or commercials that you don't mind watching because they're hilarious?

Here's another funny story that happened today:

The people I nanny for were delivering bread to all the neighbors. Their little 3 yr old brought ours to the door. He handed it to me... looked at me with a VERY shocked and confused expression then said "HEY! Your name is Gentri!" I said "Yep! This is where I live!" It was so funny to see him realize that I don't just disappear after I leave his house each day. Hahaha!
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