What's that? You think I stepped into the world of Narnia and took a tour of the White Witch's Ice Castle? Well, I WISH! But I must say, this came pretty close.

(why yes I am a nerd. See the glasses?? Sorry this is such a terrible picture.)

Tonight I went with a couple friends to see the Ice Castles. They're quite amazing! A guy (single hand-edly) makes these. No structures underneath. Pure ICE.

They're huge too! Big enough you can walk through them!
That guy standing in the doorway of one of the castles was probably close to 6ft tall.

I love how people have such unique talents and share them with the world! Ice Castle making! How fun is that??

He spends so much time making these just so others can enjoy them. People come from all over just to see them (can't blame them, they're amazing!).

So today I am inspired by the Ice Castle guy, for taking the time to do what he loves and making sure others can partake in it.
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