Quick Braids

Today I woke up late for church so I had to have a quick style. I just started braids on both sides of my part using the Half French Braid style then clipped them at the back of my head for a sides up style. If you're hair is too short to braid to the back of your head, that's ok! Just pin them on the sides.


Ballerina Bun

Today I went with a simple, out of the way, yet classic Chignon- Ballerina Style.

To make it more relaxed- use your fingers instead of a comb or brush to pull it into an elastic and leave the fly away hairs around your hairline free. For more volume- backcomb your hair before securing into a bun. Make sure you comb out the top layer first so it's still smooth. Secure with bobby pins.


Knock Off

First- don't judge me for the toothpaste mirror splatters... it's Sunday.

Today for church I did my hair in another but totally different type of braid. (Hope you like braids because I LIVE for them!) Instead of your typical single braid I added small side braids on both sides of my head secured them w elastics then braided them with the rest of my hair. Simple, easy but different. :)

Also, like my pearl tie? THANKS! I made it myself. But I didn't come up with it. Betsey Johnson did... ahem. But hers was $100 and I just couldn't ever spend that much on something that I could (and did) easily make. Granted hers is probably much better quality and has charms all over it but I'm planning on adding the charms later (when I get some) and using stuff I already had over spending $100 is so worth it to me.
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