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Hey guys! I hope you are all having a jolly Holiday season! I am on break for the next few days (from work) and am super excited to sleep, watch THIS show, and hang out with the fam. What are you excited for??

Busy Bee Lauren has been doing a series called "totally rad Tuesdays" where she shares her favorite things she's spotted around blogland that week. I kind of love that idea and decided to do my own "favorite things" post today. :) So, here are some of my favorites I've seen this week in blogland.

Kate from "From the Guest Room" shared this video the other day and it literally brought tears to my eyes. SO sweet!

Polly from "The Littlest Polly" makes THE cutest bow ties in the world! I basically NEED one now... One of her bow ties was even featured in Frankie Magazine!

Bri's Christmas photo shoot from "The Secret Life of Bee" was so cute. Look at this photo! Amazing!

Brooke and Summer from "The Girls with Glasses Show" shared their AMAZING and FREE (for a tweet or fb post) Christmas song! It's seriously a new favorite of mine.

Sarah's year in review post over at "A Lost Feather" was filled with gorgeous photos. She always shares the best adventures.

Lex shared her CUTE Christmas card the other day over at "He and I" and I had to pin it. Loved it too much!

A few bloggers got together and wrote a Blogger version of "The Night Before Christmas". So great! Especially loved the part about Santa doing a Fashion Post. haha! (I found it on The Shine Project, so I'll link you there, but all the links of the blogs that participated are included in the story.)

Twas the Night Before Christmas
{blog style}

Twas the night before Christmas,  while scheduling posts on the blog
Not a child was stirring, they were bumps on a log.
Facebook was quiet no updates to see,
I sure hope Santa remembers presents for me!
{Michelle @ the Momma Bird}
Oliver was chewing his bone by the fire,
his eyes were heavy, he was so very tired.
I had on my onesie covered with penguins you see,
hoping that under the mistletoe Mike would meet me.
{Ashley @ The Shine Project}
When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
from the Duggars &cloth diapering, to family matters.
Away to my laptop I started typing away,
25 blog posts to schedule before Christmas day!
{Lacy @ Living on Love}
The room was a mess and life was on hold,
as the luster of my screen showed I had one more post to go.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.
{Melanie @ Catelmo Family Blog}
With a plump red belly and a white beard to boot,
I knew it was Santa Clause delivering his loot,
With a voice that sounded much like Tom Hanks,
He shouted out to his flying ranks:
{Kendra @ Our Little Almanac}
 Can you hear that baby?! Happy, now sad, now laughing, now crying!
Little girl don’t you know, tonight’s the night in which I am flying!
From the boppy to the bed, all in one fell swoop. Let’s scurry off to bed, for your mommy is pooped!
{Alexandra @ My Blog Kip}
As the wind picks up and the snow is falling,
We are met with deadlines and emails are calling.
So up to the house the laptop now closes,
With a sleigh full of Giveaways and cheeks all a rosey.
{Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs.}
And then as I took a sip of my tea
I heard, on the roof, someone louder than me.
I quickly grabbed my flask to spike my large cup.
Oh phew, it’s just Santa, here to make my pageviews go up.
{Niki @ NoVa Mom Blog}
He was dressed all in red, it was a nice little look,
And a noticed in his bag, a little silver Macbook.
He took out his Mac, took a seat in a chair,
Then connected to the web, and said, “I like to share what I wear.”
{Lacey @ Little Miss Nerd Girl}
His Iphone did twinkle! His Ipad did glow.
His fingers like ice cubes, his pointer like snow.
He looked for his warmers, they went on with a pop,
he could text and browse thanks, to the Hollie Rogue Shop!
{Andi @ The Hollie Rogue}
The click of the mouse beneath His forefinger,
As upon another blog post his eyes did linger.
But alas he grimaced in pure consternation
As he saw that dreaded prompt “Word Verification”
{Misty @ Through A Photographers Eyes}
He was savvy and smart, a solo Geek Squad in red,
And I followed each detailed instruction he said.
And my blog design problems were through, I could tell,
For Santa, it seems, sure knows html.
{Cat @ Stuff I Love}
I sat at my desk, typing away with a smirk,
choosing words and pics to display all my quirks.
Each word and sentence slowly turns into prose,
the night ticks away, as the bright screen still glows.
{Mary @ Lily White}
I sprang to my laptop, not a moment to lose,
and feverishly typed while G continued to snooze.
I looked out the window, as he disappeared into the night,
wishing Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”
{Jac @ BabEblessings}
Well, there are my favorite things from throughout the week. I'd love if you shared some of your favorites with me!!
P.S. have you entered the Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza yet?! It ends tomorrow- Christmas Eve at Midnight MST! Go go go! Win yourself an extra Christmas present! :D


Whitney said...

I love absolutely everything about this post. Have a merry Christmas!

Alycia said...

that's such a cute card from He and I!

Polly Bland said...

awe!! thank you so much for this! You are such a kind person! Going to repost this on my Paulie Antiques blog.. :D

Merry Almost Xmas!

love, polly

melissa said...

Aw, I love the list :)
Everything. Especially the bowtie. Because I'm especially obsessed with them!

Autumn said...

I always enjoy reading her Tuesday posts. It's crazy how many amazing bloggers there are out there!

Bri Lamkin said...

Heyyy. Thanks so much for the nice compliment! You are so sweet. :D

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Rae Veda said...

Great post! I love the videos. xo, rv


jessica said...

That story is so awesome! Loved it!

Jess {The In-Between} said...

Great post! You should do these more often

Shalyn said...

My favorite is the year review christmas card- that is PERFECT! I had to pin it too:-)

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