Blogger of the Week: Running in Heels

Hey guys! Today we have the guest post from this weeks Blog of the Week- Nicole from her blog "Running in Heels". She has such a fun blog and inspires me all the time with her love of running. So read her post then head on over to her blog and give her some love!


Hi there, Gentri Lee readers!
I'm Nicole & I blog over at Running in Heels

Yup, that's me. Although it's a little bit mis-leading. Because I only look like that once every few weeks when I decide getting ready is necessary (that photo was taken on Thanksgiving, hence me wearing makeup). Most of the time, you'll spot me looking like this:

Because I'm a runner. And between attending class to become a Physical Therapist and running to stay active, my wardrobe consists mostly of those fabulous drifit running clothes. So if you're looking for a fashion blog, I'd recommend you continue your search elsewhere, unless of course you find spandex and sweaty hair fashionable :)

Being the health & fitness nerd that I am, I blog a lot about living healthy and you guessed it, running. I also blog about my life, which is crazy at times, and my adventure of returning to college after taking 2 years off. Who would have guessed it. Not me! Anyway, I've been running for about 12 years now, so it's safe to say that it has become a part of my not-so-normal, everyday life. I ran my first half marathon when I was in college, and my first full marathon the very next year. Since, I've become an addict, what can I say.

I also have an addict dog. Dakota was welcomed into my life when I lived in Colorado after I graduated from college, and quickly grew to love running just like her mama. The minute she sees me putting on my running gear, it's all over. And those days when I don't want to run, well, just imagine saying no to this sweet face:

Doesn't happen much. And since I treat her like she's my baby, you'll see a lot of her on my blog.
She kind of tends to steal the show.

I'm also a country girl at heart, even though I grew up and currently live in the city. It's kind of weird if you think about it. But I have this desire deep down inside to be a true Southern Belle. I want to be able to say "bless your heart" on a daily basis without getting looked at like I've lost my mind. I also want to drink sweet tea all day everyday. Northerners just don't know how to do sweet tea, or bless people's hearts. Another reason I want to be a Southern Belle and live in the country is because I'd like to have the option to do this:

Even though Southern Belles probably don't do that. Can't please 'em all. But you definitely can't be pulling that thing out in the city. That was the first time I ever shot a gun by the way, and it just-so-happened to be 3 short months ago while visiting family in Missouri. I screamed directly after I pulled the trigger because that thing almost blew my shoulder out. Maybe I should just stick to running. And keeping spandex and sweaty hair fashionable!



I absolutely LOVE Nicole! So please go check out her blog right HERE!

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Ruthie Hart said...

Nice to meet you Nicole!! Your pup is the cutest thing ever!

Alyssa Kaylee said...

I am totally with you on that, Nicole. Grew up in the city, but my heart is set on country.

alyssa kaylee


p.s. I LOVE your blog. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks, Gentri! You're the best :)

Shalyn said...

Nicole has the BEST running posts!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Pretty dog! My dog is named Dakota, too! :D

memory said...

I can totally relate to the soithern belle, bless your heart, shooting guns, sweet tea thing, hehe.(: I LOVE to run! Can't wait to check her blog out...


katilda said...

i went and saw that new justin timberlake movie "In Time" and the main recurring thought was, "why doesn't that girl quit running around in stilettos??" ...the title made me think of that. i am very excited about reading a running blog, in other news.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i heart nicole's blog!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Aww I love Nichole's blog! & I love running :)

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