Blogger of the Week: Life Like Honey

Hey guys! First- a few days ago I shared a funny Christmas Tree story over at Nat the Fat Rat. Some of you may have already seen it, but if not- go take a look! :D

Today we've got the guest post from this weeks "Blog of the Week"! This week is the lovely Teaka from her blog Life Like Honey. It's a beautiful blog and she posts about a variety of things. She's studying fashion design, has a twin, and lives with her hubby in Canada. Read and then go say hi to Teaka at her blog!


Hi all you Gentri Lee followers and new viewers. I’m Teaka from over at Life Like Honey. What an honor that you’ve taken time out of your  incredibly busy day to read up a bit about who I am and about my small bit of space in the vast world of blogging.

My blog is a place where I write about the sweeter things in life that I love and see. This includes things like sewing, DIYS, personal relationship, design, fashion, food and so forth. Some of my reader’s favorite items on my blog include random, easy DIY and new recipes I’ve found or made up. I love to sew so I try to show case new things I’ve sewn or designed that you may find interesting. There’s also a weekly feature called Marriage, Love and Fun feature where I get a friend or a guest blogger (maybe it could be you next time!)  to answer a few question about their married life and pass on some fun hints to keep the passion/love going on or any tips they have. Bust mostly, like I said, I write about what I love and see.

In my personal life I’m married to a handsome man named Jonathan and together we live in a cute little city in Alberta, Canada. He works a full time job while I go to school and work part time. I go to school as a fashion design student (hence loving to sew) and though I’m so thankful to be in school I also can’t wait to dip my toe in the big world of design and starting my own seamstress business.

Other random things about me, I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan so my heart will always long for the prairies. I’m a twin (Shout out to my sister Elizabeth) and I’m sure that having a twin is the one of the greatest experiences on earth. I also quite enjoy mustard yellow, chocolate, skirts with sweater tights and one day I want a tall, brown poodle.

Thanks for taking time to read a little bit about me and my blog. I hope you can stop by some time to check things out and drop me a message. I’d love to meet you and come over to your blog space.


Lovely, right? So hop on over to her blog right now and give her some love!


GingerPeachT said...

Very cute! I'm gonna check her out now! :-)

Connie said...

Haha! That second picture made me laugh out loud! ... meh. tehe (:

jessica said...

Such a cute story! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

she is adorable!! off to check her out!!

Shane Prather said...

Thanks for sharing, found some new friends.

ps. I love that your blog is snowing, so festive :)

Romanian Princess said...

Gentri! Your page is SNOWING! SUPER cute! Love it!

XoXo Romanian Princess

Emma Frances said...

I love her blog! And I loved learning a little bit more about her over here!! :]

Autumn said...

Her cross stitch made me smile :)

Dilan Dilir said...

love the photos :D

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