The Best of 2011

I've seen some other bloggers doing this, and I wanted to join in the fun. :) I'm going to share your favorites from this here blog. The good, the weird, and the funny.

Top 5 Blog Posts:

This post won by a landslide. I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm sure that it doesn't even describe how much this post beat out ALL of my other ones. It's not even funny. haha! Jk, it is. :)

Not sure why, but it's in second place (when you don't count all the giveaway posts)

This was a fun post. I've been meaning to do it again, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. All in good time. :)

This either means you guys really like my new hair... or... No, we'll go with you really liked it. :)

This was also a fun post that I plan on doing again. :)

Top (or most funny) Key Word Searches:

1. DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes
told you that won by a landslide.

2. Tom Hanks Sparkle Time
Oh boy! I'm so excited, because this gives me another excuse to share this video (for the 3rd time this year)!! It's so great. :)

3. Alexa Chung Hair
That would be from when I cut my hair at the beginning of this year. She was my inspiration.

4. Arizona
That would be from THIS post. It's weird that that silly little post would bring such traffic.


5. "Believe your hair""So Long""Looks Great"
What does that mean?!

6. Am a real redhead with lots of freckles
No, I'm not.

7. Bike Chain Embroidery Throws
Not sure what those are, but I'm thinking biker gangs??

8. Freckles of the Week
I should start a series about people's freckles. I'm sure that'd be a big hit.

9. I am here for my future
Welcome... Hope I can help?

10. I am working oh so hard
Good for you!

11. Why did we lose ancient?
Ancient what?? I don't know why we lost... ancient. I hope you find... it...

Awesome. :) Happy New Years Eve everyone! Be safe and have a great time ringing in the New(and last?!)Year!!
I'll talk to you NEXT year! teehee!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I remember that tute - I LOVED it!

Happy New Year.


The Teenagers said...

happy new year! haha love all those posts and thanks for sharing!

i love your lovely blog, have been following for quitea while and would appreciate if you could follow back!


Cait said...

i LOVE the tom hanks video- it's funny to watch it 3, 4 or even 5 times haha ;) cute blog gentri! im def a new follower!

2Anchor said...

I've never seen that clip! It's hilarious! Hope you have a great New Year's!


Rae Veda said...

Hahaha. This is great! I love looking at how people found my blog. It's so fun. xo, rv


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love your hair :) Also the snow globe tutorial is ace, I really wish I'd made one! Happy New Year xx

Alycia said...

OMG i love that tom hanks skit! it has me in tears every time loL! happy new year!

Along Abbey Road said...

This is such a fun list. You're a good list-maker.

I meant to do the DIY mason snow globes that I found on Pinterest, but I never got around to it! Yours look awesome! Maybe we should do Valentine's Day ones! Those could be cute.

Happy New Year!

Along Abbey Road
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Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Haha loved this post!I love seeing what people search to find a blog.
And I loved that DIY post of yours!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Nicole said...

haha! this is awesome. i am always amazed at some of the crazy word searches that people find our blog from.

cheers for being awesome!

DM said...

great list, happy new year lovely :)

Deveny said...

I've watched that clip a ton & I crack up every time.. hahaha

Kristin said...

Happy new year girl! xoxo

memory said...

"we named her sophie because it ryhmes with trophy." :D

sorry i've been MIA on your blog lately, i've been on vacation to disney world but i'm back now! happy big twenty-twelve, gentri!

p.s. i'm having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! southernpinky.blogspot.com

Emma Koller said...

haha! I had never seen that Tom Hanks clip until now! I think my favorite part is the water bottle. Too funny!

Alison said...

I've seen this best of trend too, and yours are great. :)

A Lost Feather said...

hahaha i just laughed literally out loud at the key word searches.. sooooo funny. "i am here for my future" hahaha dying over here. your responses to each search were hilarious too!
haha oh man.

happy new year! i hope it's a great one for you :)

wheatgerm said...

I like the hair

Elisha(: said...

CUTEST BLOG EVVERR!!!(: follow me?(:

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

Haha I love the random searches! sometimes I literally lol when looking at how people find me. Happy new year!

indie by heart said...

Such a fun post ! ^^ Interesting to know how people get to our blogs and what they are into.

Happy new year!

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Natasha Louise said...

Hey thanks for the comment, I know, I need to do more refashions!!! Although I did do the homemade mittens recently, but yeah I know what you mean, I miss them posts thanks for reminding me to do more, just been so busy and yes songs, haha if you ever have any requests let me know! ;) hehe Happy New year Gentri!

Claire said...

its intersesting to see which posts are popular, sometimes the most random posts get the most comments!

boyishchic said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Tom Hanks sparkle time! Hahahah I'm dying! That's hysterical.

Katie said...

That Tom Hanks video is hilarious! I saw it on Ellen, maybe? But, great video. Thank you for reminding me of how funny it is.

Hope you had a great New Years.


Polly Bland said...

<3 your bangs!!!!

love, polly :)

Annie said...

First of all, SO excited I found your blog...it is SO cute! Second, I LOVE your hair...I've been dying to get bangs but I'm too chicken to do it...you look great! And third...that homemade snow globe idea is AWESOME :)

The Other Side of Gray

Janette said...

Those keyword searches made me LOL... I have some pretty funny ones too..May favorite was "can cops do something to you if you're digging in the trash"

And those snowglobes were super cool! Never got around to making one..but at least I know how! Thanks!

Janette, the Jongleur

Ashley said...

Just found your blog and ohmygoodness, I laughed so hard at that Tom Hanks video. Love your Best of!

ashley / afterninetofive.net

Kelly said...

I had never seen the Tom Hanks video before - Awesome!! He cracks me up :)

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