Package Pals Party- Group 2

Hey guys! We've got our second group of Package Pals up today. These girls did a FANTASTIC job with what they sent eachother! I was blown away! Be sure to visit each of their blogs and see their full post about the experience. :)

Group 1- Angela and Jasmine
"From the NJ Shore to Australia...we get around (the world, of course)!  I'm Angela and I live on the Jersey Shore...and it is NOT like the show ;).  My package pal is the incredible Jasmine from Australia, woot woot! She sent me one of the most creative and thoughtful packages...ever.  She is great and I'm so glad I got to meet her and take part in this event.  Here is what we exchanged...
I got chocolate, lollipops, BEAUTIFUL cards that were hand printed and two were on handmade paper, and flower garland. This gift was one of the most beautiful and thoughtful things I have ever received. I'm so glad I got a chance to take part in this and meet Jasmine :)"


"I have really enjoyed sending and receiving the packages for this little project. So, so fun! It was great to get to know someone new in the blogging world. I loved putting together my little packaging and waiting to receive one back. I can't wait to participate in something like this again."

Group 2- Lauren and Tereza
"Hi friends! My name is Lauren and I am from little old Orem, Utah. My awesome package pal, Tereza is from Canada. It was magical getting to know her and coming up with odds and ends I thought she would enjoy. I must say, I think I have the best package pal ever! Here are some things I sent her."

"Hi I'm Tereza! I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My sweet package pal is Lauren from Orem, Utah!! I had a great time getting to know her, and a blast putting this package together!"

Group 3- Jenna and Laura
"I was SO lucky to get paired up with Laura. Gentri did such a stand up job matching us up. This was my first time participating in anything like this and it couldn't have been better! I feel like I've met a friend that I've known all my life but that I just met...so that worked out famously. I had such a fun time getting together everything for the package too. Oh and also Apparently Australia is called the Sunshine State too, Laura let me know that the other day, which I thought was too funny. I just thought Florida was given that oh so cheery nickname. The 13th of November just happens to be Laura's birthday (Scorpio in the house!) so I was able to send a birthday card too. Thank you Jim from The Office for supplying such a fabulous birthday card. Oh and if you're curious what's in the green tissue paper there is a photo of the to-do list that I just had to include. Also...I couldn't leave Trixie out of the fun...she's a world traveler now at least via a picture frame. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in Package Pals again, it was a unbelievable experience, and am truly glad that I was a part of it! Thanks Gentri!"

"I'm Laura from Queensland in Australia and I was paired up with Jenna from Florida.  We both come from the Sunshine State of our country- so clearly it was meant to be!!  I had an absolute blast getting to know Jenna and am currently trying to convince her to move to Australia to be friends with me IRL :)  We sent a lot of candy to one another and also books, among other things.  This was such a wonderful event to be a part of! "

Group 4- Ashley and Mariaana
"Hey friends, I had an awesome package pal - Mariaana from NORWAY. It has been really fun getting to know this gal!  She sent me the BEST package too! I was so excited to get my box of goodies from her.  She sent me a moose, some treats, an awesome candle holder, and some Norwegian goodies. I sent her some peacock earrings, a people magazine, a CD of my favorite music, sume of my favorite treats, some Crate Paper items, a fun leaf garland for decoration, and some other goodies (now I can't remember everything...yikes!). It was so fun to get a box of love from across the world!  Thanks Mariaana for letting me get to know you better and for sharing your favorite things from your home. -

"Hi package pals! How fun was this project? I'm Mariaana and I live in Norway. When Gentri teamed me up with Ashley, I had so much fun roaming the shops of Stavanger to finds presents to send to my package pal. It was so much fun not only sending cute goodies, but also little Norwegian souvenirs :)  Unfortunately I haven't received Ashley's package yet, but I hope it will arrive on my doorstep very soon (let's all cross our fingers that it will be here today). Here's what I sent! -Mariaana"

You can check out group 1 HERE


LindsayNicole said...

This looks awesome! and like it would be so much fun. I Love your blog! HAppy Wednesday!


Ps. Enter my giveaway!

lowercase letters said...

cute cute! <3

Emmett Katherine said...

Look at all those pretty packages, haha I prob wouldn't want to unwrap them they look so nice!

vintch said...

man i should have gotten in on this action! all the loot is so fun and personalized:) i love the card from australia:)

my soul is the sky said...

should've done this. loved your post over on running in heels. fab girl, you're a guest blogger fiend :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, SUCH CUTE STUFF! These put the package I sent Nadine to shame.... :)

melissa said...

Love love love!
Everyone's packages look great!

Teaka said...

Hey Gentri thanks for checking out my blog and following. You've got a new follower with me too! I'm LOVING this package pal idea! If you ever have another one I'd love to participate. Such a fun and exciting idea!

Whitney & Devin said...

This idea is amazing!!!! I absolutely love it!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

So many pretty packages...and a wonderful idea! I don't know why I slacked off and didn't take part in this fun!?

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

So fun! Maybe next time I'll participate :)

Virginie's Cinema said...

Such a good idea and everybody's packagings are SO pretty! Inspiring for the Holiday season!

Virginie ♥

Marisa A. said...

This is such a fun idea! I would love to participate in it :)

Emma Frances said...

I second vintch's comment! Haha. I can't wait to do this next time! So many fun packages!

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