Favorite Shots- Sponsor Edition

Hey Guys!
I wanted to introduce you to my LOVELY lovely sponsors today! I was really tired of the normal "Sponsor Spotlight" posts so with the help of awesome bloggers (sarah) we're doing things differently. I've asked each of my sponsors to send me their favorite picture of themselves and a short description as to why it's their favorite. :) Read, enjoy, then hop over to each of their blogs and say HI!

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"I love being a wife, stay at home mom, and pugs. This picture represents my life so accurately right now which is why it's my current favorite picture. Very busy, but very fun."

Rolled Up Pretty:
"The reason I love this picture is because I am at lunch with my bestie Sara and that fancy scarf I am wearing and the cute little treasures I'm holding were some sweet gifts she brought back for me from Belgium and Paris.  I love her and I LOVE eating lunch with her every week.  This is my happy place."

Adventures of Newlyweds:
"I love this photo because I was surrounded by my closest friends and family and everyone was having so much fun!"

Awesomely Awkward:
"This is my favorite picture of me and my husband taken last summer. It shows how goofy we are. He's squinting because we are in a cave and I have my goofy "I'm so excited smile"."

Hue and Hum:
"I'm trying to enjoy the last few warm days with Albus before they're all gone."

Kristie Was Here:
"I'm a fan of this photo because it shows me and my ever present sidekicks: a smile and a camera. Can't go wrong with either."

Lil Noodle Bug:
"At the end of the day, I am a very simple person and all I truly need in life is God, Love, my Family, and of course Cute Shoes and Accessories!"
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Little Somethings By Little Lo Hood:
"This photo is of a friend and me at the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont. I grew up in Vermont and went to college in Burlington, I no longer live there and miss it so much, so this photo certainly has a special place in my heart."

Lovely Little Rants:
"Favorite photo because that is my twin brother, my best friend, the coolest kid ever, and he is currently on his mission, not a day goes by where I can't WAIT for him to come home in a little less than a year. :)"
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Mr. Taylor and His Lady:
"How classic is this 90's photo? It is my favorite because it highlights just some of my favorite people in my life, and showcases our personalities quite well!"
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My Remedy:
"This is my favorite photo of me for my Remedy because I'm wearing one of my favorite pieces (the tribal necklace), one of my favorite dresses (by Betsey Johnson), I'm outdoors AND my cousin took it (who I rarely see because she lives in Switzerland <3!)."
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My Soul is the Sky:
"This is my favorite photo because it perfectly depicts my personality and given the proper tools, circumstances, people, and props these are the adventures I love most! [ps. we only had one mask so I was forced to improvise and this is what my mastermind came up with.]"

Odds and Ends:
"I love this man and I love my birthday - and this photo combines both which is why I love it so much! (photo taken on my birthday last week)"
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Rogue and Whimsy:
"I've attached a photo from my beautiful wedding day two years ago when I married my best friend :)"
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And Here's to You Mrs. Robinson:
"This picture represents all my dreams fulfilled. And then some!"

Boyish Chic:
"I'm totally diggin' this photo for Boyish Chic because it describes me pretty perfectly: feminine with a boyish edge & a total goofball (+ it reminds me not to take life too seriously because sometimes I'm a workaholic!)."

Gastronomical Sovereignty:
"This photo was taken on Galiano Island just before I moved there to work for the Summer - it's my favourite not because of the fond memories I have of that job (because there are none) but rather because of the glowing sun, the smell of boat dock (I love that smell), the peaceful forrest, and the salty sea air - it just doesn't get any more West coast."
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Head Over Heels:
"This is the night I got engaged, I was so happy that night. I couldn't look away from my husband's face when he was proposing, I didn't even look at the ring. He was all that I needed. {the ring was beautiful though!}"

Little Miss LJ:
"This is a picture of me on the happiest day of my life- my wedding to the love of my life :)"
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Our Favorite Things:
"My Vintage Triumph Bycicle is the best present my Husband has ever bought me. He rescued 'Tilly' from the local dump and restored her. The woods here are private but we get to visit and camp in there amongst the Bluebellls whenever we like. It's our little piece of heaven."

So, hi:
"Here is a picture of me and my man. It encompasses everything I love about my life, my man, sillyness, laughs and mustaches. :)"
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The Spotted Umbrella:
"Here is a picture that we love because we are huge Harry Potter fans and so we made the most out of
the last movie and dressed up one last time!"

Trailer Gypsy:
"I love this photo because it includes some of my very favorite things, tights, cardigans, and berries for making jam."


Erin said...

Holy cow...this is a lot of amazingness in one post...I need to come back and check these ladies out later! :)

vintch said...

what a fun way to feature your sponsors! their personality just shines so beautifully through each one:)

Ashley Slater said...

you are so creative gentri... you should get an award for being most creative blogger! seriously! I love looking at everyones photos instead of the typical welcome photo and generic info!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Cool! What a perfectly unique way to spotlight your sponsors...I like this!!!

ashley.warner said...

gentri, you KNOW I wanna sponsor you girl! :)

love you lots pretty lady!!!!!!!!!

my soul is the sky said...

thanks doll face! gosh you got a lot of sponsors girl :) you still wanna guest post?

lowercase letters said...

what an awesome idea! my fav funny is definitely melissa's from my soul is the sky! i had no idea she would acutally do something like that! :) too awesome.
my fav sweet one is candace from lovely little rants. "awwwwww!" :D

Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOVE THIS GENTRI! SO FUN! Thanks for doing this :)

Kristy Lynn said...

Gentri - you are just the cutest. xo

Haley K said...

loved this way of high lighting your lovely sponsors :) all the pictures are unique and so fun...from the Cinderella bridal shot, to halloween fun, to that cute pup named Albus!

Emma Frances said...

What a fun way to introduce your sponsors! :] I love it!

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

these are great! so glad I'm a part of it :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

what great sponsors girl! adore all of these pictures too, especially the first halloween one. hilarious!!
xo TJ

Siri Natalia said...

Awww I looove this post! It's so inspiring!

Melu103 said...

gorgeous ladies
i follow some of them
and ill definitely check
the rest out =D


ashlyn said...

thanks for sharing all these amazing new blogs!! i can't wait to check them all out!

hope you are having a lovely tuesday!
xoxo. ashlyn

kirtley@ the ink hotel said...

I love this. I am so glad I found your blog! I will have to email you about a sponsorship for my blog/shop.
XOXO, kirtley

LauraJane said...

I can't wait to check out all these fabulous blogs! This was such a cute idea and a great way to highlight sponsors :) I am just in love with And Here's to You Mrs. Robinson's fairytale wedding dress and that adorable picture of A Girl In Transit. So precious!


Funmilayo I. said...

lol I love the first picture

Emmett Katherine said...

Gentri, this is a great way to share your sponsors! What a great idea!! I foresee a lot of blog reading this morning lol.

Em k

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