Three Places At Once

Yes you read that right. Today I decided to not do a post here on this lil' bloggy since I am guest posting at three different blogs today! Check 'em out!

1. All Things Ashley
2. May Contain Nutz
3. A Little Bit of Ray

And don't forget to enter the giveaway I announced yesterday! :D

Chevron Pillow Giveaway


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

So I stopped by the blogs you guest posted at and I notice on A Little Bit of Ray that your fave book is The Host. Do you know I've had that sitting on my bookshelf for probably...2 years or so and I haven't read it yet! It must be good to be deemed a "favorite book"...I'll have to make an extra effor to finally read it!

Megan said...

Go you! I'll have to go check them out :) Have a great Thursday, Gentri!

Shutterbug said...

You are one busy girl! I will be checking out the guest posts!

Suze said...

Dang, girl, you're everywhere! :)

Kelli Diane said...

fun! Thats a lot of guest posting in one day! : ) I am going to check them out now!

my soul is the sky said...

busy girl you are...yoda. loving your guest posts. i love how blogging has brought you back and out of that funk you were in. i didn't see your post on 'may contain nuts.' must not be up yet. i like the simplicity of your post on 'little bit of ray.' i didn't know you loved the Host. I started it but didn't finish. maybe i should...

Rachel said...

Teach me how to be cool like you! (:
& Don't forget to enter my giveawayyyyy!


Anita said...

I just found your blog, and I'm already a fan!

Kylee said...

k i want to win that! seriously so cute...she's amazing at making pillows!

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

I'm a big fan of The Host, too! Stephenie Meyer sucks me in!

~ Angela

lowercase letters said...

i must say you are a very talented person being everywhere like that;) loved your thoughts on these posts girl!

Ashley said...

ohhhhkay miss popular!!!!! gotta go check em out!

Claire Vázquez said...

Hello dear, I love your blog! I'll see a lot for your blog!
I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!

a kiss, Claire.

S and O said...

That's so grand!
3 posts at once, must've been fun :D

Bree said...

I love that watch!!! :) it was definitely worth your splurge! ;)

Krystina said...

Just wanted to leave a quick comment to tell you how much I LOVE that I just came across your blog!! For one thing- it is absolutely gorgeous! Le sigh... Cannot wait to keep snooping around and keep coming back for some more loveliness!

ashley.warner said...

holla atcha girl!! ;)

i am so glad that you are my guest blogger today! :)
love you lotsssssss

Jo said...

Wow wow wow; three posts! You are amazing! I'm off to have a look at all of them! <3

Lost in the Haze

Janette said...

You are a guest posting machine!

Janette, the Jongleur

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