Halloween Party! Costumes, Ghost Stories, and more!

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! I've got a few things for you today, but they're all AWESOME!! So I hope you make it all the way through. :)

Last night I was able to go to a party that my church was throwing for young single adults. I had a blast and was so glad I went. Two of my friends and myself planned our outfits to go together. They were a BIG hit!
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The party was hoppin'...

There were a bunch of festivities going on as well as the dancing- a bonfire with ghost stories, "scary" movies (and by "scary" I mean PG-13), karaoke, limbo, as well as a pie eating contest (makin' me sick to even look at the picture), and a costume contest. We were the favorites to win and in the end a robot beat us... WHAT?!

There were a TON of people there and everyone was dressed in such amazing costumes! These are just some pictures that were snuck onto my camera...

Like I said, it was so much fun! I'm really glad I went!

Now, time to get even more into the Halloween spirit...

Do you believe in ghosts? I don't like to say either way... why tempt them?? If you don't, here are some ghost stories that might make you change your mind...

A little while ago my old ballet teacher Amy, posted on her blog a picture that her sister had taken while in England. I haven't forgotten this picture and I so I asked Amy if I could share it with you today. I stole her explanation of it too- I felt she could explain it better than I could:

"This picture still gives me the creeps.  When I first saw this picture, I screamed and my hair stood on end.  It is SO REAL!!! 
This is taken from a digital camera.  There was absolutely no doctoring done to the photo.
(Other than just cropping and enlarging the photo so you can see the faces better--it's blurry because it's about 7 years old and taken with a lower-quality digital camera.)

Look above the two girls' heads.
That is clearly another face.

A ghost. 

Here's the story:  My sister, Stacey, did a study-abroad in England.  They spent one day and night in Salisbury.  She and her friend sat on this bench outside a church.  Another friend was asked to take a quick photo.  As they were skimming through the photos the next morning, they saw the ghost.  They did some research and found out that they were sitting on an old, buried graveyard.

Look and the clarity of the face above the two girls.  It's not a double of one of the girls because, 
1) There would have been a double of EACH girl (and the bench for that matter),
2) The angle of the face is different from each girl, and 
3) You can just make out different clothes (old fashioned?) that the ghost is wearing.

It looks like he (she?) just wanted to pop in and be in the picture.

(I have had some people mention and point out there they see TWO ghosts in the picture.  Just to the left of the tree, there is a resemblance of a figure there.  Maybe.)"
via Amy and Stacy

What do YOU think?

A couple days ago Lauren shared some videos of "ghosts at Disneyland" on her blog and I couldn't resist sharing them too.

Do you see the "person" walking around?! What?!

As I was watching this a second time it looks as if the hitchhiking ghost is wearing a cast member name tag... and I would know what those look like!

This ones a little harder to see. But CRAZY if you can see it. Looks as if the ghost is having a fun time watching all the scared guests faces until- it just disappears...

Can anyone explain those??

Ok, back to the fun and games. :)

The other night my mom held her annual Halloween Witches Party. This is where she gets a bunch of friends from our neighborhood together, they all dress up as witches (I did her makeup and hair this year), and they have dinner etc. This year it was a Bunco party...

They're all awesome. :)

I have to add in this picture of my sister and her family in their Halloween costumes. It is just TOO cute!! Look at my niece/the chicken's feet! Rubber gloves! Hilarious! My niece/the chicken won the costume contest at their party! :D

Well, sorry it was such a long post. But I had so many things to show you! It was just my way of throwing a little blogger Halloween party. But I'd love for you to join by linking up any of your Halloween themed posts!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Jordan said...

Your guys' costume was adorable. I need to have a witches' party every year, how fun would that be. And no, I don't believe in ghosts. I think it's fun/silly to try and find them but I don't think they really exist.

Along Abbey Road said...

Gentri! That picture made my eyes water out of fear! EEEE!! When I am scared, my eyes do that. It's weird, because it's not quite like crying. Anyway, that is insane. And I'm pretty sure there is another one to the left of the tree.

Cute costumes! You look so tiny! How tall are you?

Great Halloween party post :)

Along Abbey Road

A Lost Feather said...

i can't read the ghost stories because i would be severely freaked out haha.. buuut.. i love your rock paper scissors costume.. so hilarious and creative!

Alyx said...

Your guys' costumes were so fun! Love the idea! And that picture totally gives me the creeps! Total goosebumps all over my arms, because I'm a wuss like that and can't handle a scary story to save my life!

Kylee said...

SO cute! I love the rock, paper, scissors! I love when people go together as a costume. My friends were Bob and Larry (tomato & cucumber) from vegetales. I'm going to have to hop on that train next year! Way creative :) love the idea girl! Glad you had fun!

_kArLy[*] said...

Such a cute idea for a costume! love it! ummm SKETCHY photo & videos though! what the?! eeeek!

Shalyn said...

I LOVE those costumes- so creative. And Bunco is the best game EVER. Next blogger meetup should be Bunco themed;-)

If I was a ghost I would totally live at Disneyland...:-)

Chablis said...

The paper, rock, scissors costume turned out super cute! While I do believe in ghosts, are those videos doctored? That's just too crazy. But Stacy's picture is SUPER creepy!

I'm sort of crying of jealousy at all of those awesome ladies. I'm not sure I'll ever live in the same place long enough to get such great relationships.

SaffaKate said...

Your costumes are so cute!
And your mom's party looks like so much fun! The hubby and I swapped a night out for a halloween night in watching scary movies and ghost hunter shows.

brooke field said...

Love this costume!

Emma Frances said...

Love it! :) Your costume is awesome! Your mom and her friend's make great witches! And those ghost videos and pictures are intense!

Kate said...

I love the rock paper scissors costume! So cute! And that picture with the ghost is really creepy!

Kelli Diane said...

LOVE that costume!! Such a cute idea! I saw some girls out last night with that too : )

Leanne said...

OMG Gentri!


That picture is SUPER SUPER creepy. Even more creepier because I did a study abroad program in England and there was a church and little cemetary in the SAME yard as our res! {How creepy!?}.

Then I took a look at the the Tower of Terror @ Disney video. THAT even creeped me out even more because I went to Disney {for the very first time- I'm Canadian} this past June and that ride gave me the creeps {but in a good way, haha}.

PS- your custume! How cute and original! Glad you had a fabulous time :)

Enjoy the rest of your Halloween week! :)

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy said...

love love love the paper rock scissors costume! SO creative!!

Kelly said...

Rock, Paper, Scissors! So cute!

Little Lo Hood said...

Cute/clever costume! That first picture is pretty creepy and I do see what looks to be a figure near the tree. I don't really believe the other ones though. It is interesting because the janitor at our school says that there is always lots of things going on at the school at night (faucets turning on, lights turning on and off, figures) but he said that it isn't threatening. So I wonder about that stuff. Thanks for sharing..sometimes it is fun to scare yourself a little bit! :) -Lo

Jessica Wray said...

Great costumes!! I must say though I am sooo excited about those ghost videos at disney! eeep!

Madison said...

Both this costume and the Hermoine costume are great! I wanted to dress up as a cat and hairball with rylee this year (i would be the cat, of course) but she wasnt in to it. what a party pooper.
and that picture is crazy! I definitely believe in spirits.. but not necessarily ghosts.. if that makes sense?
and the witches party sounds like a blast. when I am older I am definitely doing something like that (:

Madison said...

Both this costume and the Hermoine costume are great! I wanted to dress up as a cat and hairball with rylee this year (i would be the cat, of course) but she wasnt in to it. what a party pooper.
and that picture is crazy! I definitely believe in spirits.. but not necessarily ghosts.. if that makes sense?
and the witches party sounds like a blast. when I am older I am definitely doing something like that (:

Laura Elizabeth said...

Great pictures and videos. Whilst I've got a similar stance to you on ghosts, I love looking at creepy videos and pictures like that, gives me a little chill down the spine! Although I try not to look at stuff like that because I am a total baby! I was a bit worried that you'd post a video of a 'ghost' like when you guest posted.

Loved your outfit. Can't believe you didn't win either!!! And your mum looks just like you (funny that!).

Autumn said...

That photo is beyond creepy. I saw the one by the tree before I saw the one by them. I would have flipped.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of your sister and her friend with that ghost on the bench is just crazy! I love you and your friends rock, paper, scissors costumes. How cute.

I also loved the photos of your Hermione Granger costume too. You made a great Hermione. (:

jen fuller said...

oh my gosh that picture with a ghost is creepy! your halloween party looked much more fun than ours was!

AllyM said...

i loved how yalls rock, paper, scissors came out! loved it!!!!

Miranda said...

love your costume! how cute!

that picture is really really creepy, so creepy that i don't want to watch those videos because I am going to bed soon lol

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Seriously! So darn cute. The rock, paper, scissor is so adorable. It looks like you had a heck of a time.

PS - I've got a major dose of the heebie jeebies because of that photo with the ghosts. Ugh...I feel all...spooked. So weird. I can't watch the videos because my internet is not feeling like loading things fast enough but it's probably a good thing since the photo scared me!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Seriously! So darn cute. The rock, paper, scissor is so adorable. It looks like you had a heck of a time.

PS - I've got a major dose of the heebie jeebies because of that photo with the ghosts. Ugh...I feel all...spooked. So weird. I can't watch the videos because my internet is not feeling like loading things fast enough but it's probably a good thing since the photo scared me!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh my goodness! Y'all got robbed!!! That is the cutest costume idea EVER! A robot?! Must have been one spectacular robot.

I love the ghost photo....SPOOkY! And the videos, eeep!? I love watching/reading about stuff like that, though! I definitely believe in ghosts! :)

Happy Halloween, friend!

Cara-Mia said...

Wow!! I love your costume idea!! So cute. Glad you ladies had a good time. :)

Your mother's party also sounds fun. My mother is in a bunco group and I get to sub sometimes - I love playing it!

Hilary said...

Your costume was adorable!
Have a great week!!

Nnenna said...

OMG- love the rock, paper, scissors costume! So so so cute! Glad to hear that you had a good time this weekend :)

star-crossed smile

seems said...

I love the rock/paper/scissors costume idea! Also, that ghost photo is pretty freaky.

Erin said...

Ha ha ha...Rocks, Paper, Scissors! Hilarious.

I have a good friend of mine who lost her sister a year ago and they recently took some pictures and there was a light above her head in all of them....pretty strange!

Looks like a fun Halloween weekend!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

youuuuuuu hottieeeeeee! (:


check me out (:

Gaby said...

that's the coolest costume idea ever :)

Lauren Gardner said...

So scary!!! I was so glad you posted this after telling me about it! I was so excited and frankly freaked out! So creepy.

Laurie said...

love the rock, paper, scissors idea! so clever!

bethani said...

those costumes are sooo cute! rock paper scissors?! who would have though. and the farm family with their animals. so adorable!

and that ghost photo - so creepy, but love it! perfect for halloween!

Ariana said...

EEEEEEEKKKK!!! The thought of ghosts has always completely freaked me out. I've always denied them, but after watching those videos and that photo you took... I'm spooked! Maaaan...

LauraJane said...

That rock paper scissors costume is totally amazing, how cute are you guys?! Also, you mom is adorable, and you guys look just like each other :)


Haley K said...

first, ROCK, paper, scissors...AWESOME idea!! you're the most gorgeous rock I ever did see :) Glad you guys had such a fun time at your church party! (i wish our ward did something like that...)

second, that ghost picture is c.r.a.z.y. Gave me the chills too!! i haven't (luckily) had any ghost encounters...but I still believe in them. In high school my friend's attic was haunted...I forget all the details, but it made me a believer. *shiver*

third, your sister and her family are all adorable!! love your niece's silly chicken feet! lol

hope you have a fantastic halloween tonight Gentri!!

indie by heart said...

Hih your outfits are all so cool! ^^ Looks like it was a great night :) We don't really celebrate Halloween, so I just visited my friend and afterwards went for few drinks.

Thanks so much for your comment ^^ My bosses are the greatest !

Sherri said...

I LOVE the costume! haha...it's brilliant. Looks like you had a grand time! Happy halloween :)

xo sherri

Virginie's Cinema said...

First: rock paper scissors might be the best costume idea ever!!

Second: holy spookiness, that picture is SCARY! I can't explain it, but I'm sure glad I'm not on this picture...

Virginie ♥

lowercase letters said...

WHOA. that ghost story is WEIRDDDDD. that's just scary. lol.
cute halloween costumes.. rock, paper, scissors! :)
happy halloween to you, sweet gentri! :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

You look like you're having tons of fun Gentri!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

PS I also linked up but don't see my link. Mhhh....? :)

Candace Stevenson said...

A. single adult activities are always the BEST especially these Halloween ones.
B. LOVE the RPS costumes :) supes cute
C . those ghost photos/videos are actually really creppy. The disneyland one takes the cake though. For shore
annnndd D. your sissys fam is ah-dorable :)

Lovely Little Rants

Kelsey Cole said...

I LOVE your costume gentri! such a cute group idea:) I Just linked up to this post, so hopefully it worked! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween day!

Courtney B said...

No way... ah!
I don't know what to believe about ghosts! But that picture is CRAZY!
Ok, your singles ward is the coolest!! That looks like such an awesome Halloween party! And I love the rock paper scissors idea :)
As soon as I get to my computer tonight I'll totally be linking up!

Autumn said...

Sorry if my link pops up a million times. For some reason it won't show up and I figured if I re-added it then it would show up haha

Lauren said...

Those costumes are AMAZING!!! I would never have thought of something like that!


Ugly Duckling said...

Woah to the ghost picture and the videos. Really freaky. I completely believe in ghosts because I actually had a paranormal experience a few years back. Since then I haven't not been able to believe however many people disagree.

On another note though, did you work at Disney World as a cast member? Didn't know that!

I did a summer internship there. Big Disney fan! What was your job?


mandyface said...

Rock paper scissors = love.

Suze said...

party looks SO FUN and I'm definitely scared now after that PICTURE. I couldn't even watch the videos! Lol. Sad story.

Happy Halloween!

Haylee said...

This is SUCH a good idea. A Halloween link up party, seriously Gentri you're genius! I'm linking up now even though I know I'm so late, but I couldn't just not join in on the fun. I love looking at everyone's different costumes. That rock, paper, scissors costume is AWESOME. I love it so much. haha
And k, Amy's ghost picture, Oh my heck, FREAKIEST THING EVER. Seriously there is TOTALLY a face on the left. *Shudder* that totally gives me the creeps. That Disneyland video is pretty freaking scary as well. I hate ghosts/paranormal stuff. Can you tell? haha
By the way, a YSA blogger meet-up sounds delightful! Count me in for sure. :)

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