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Hey guys!
First- I am GHOST posting over at Pics-o-Andrea today! So be sure to check it out! And don't forget to vote on my Halloween costume to your left!

Today we have the guest post from this weeks "Blog of the Week" the Awkward Girls. I fell in love with these girls and their blog at first click. They're funny, fashionable, and entertaining. So read and enjoy, then go visit their blog!


 Hello Everyone! First things first, we want to give a huge thanks to Gentri for featuring us on her adorable blog. She is so sweet!
Well let's get to the nitty gritty. 
Madison (left) and Lauren (right)
We are Lauren and Madison and our blog is Awkward Girls! We started blogging a few months ago as a way to fill up our seemingly endless summer days. It has since evolved into something we love doing. Maybe we affectionately refer to the blog as "our baby". Normal, right?

Well a little about us: We met our freshman year of college after living two doors away in the dorms. Just by coincidence, we're both from close, very similar towns in Northern California. So we suppose you can say it was fate. Our blog chronicles our adventures in fashioning, studenthood, singledom, and friendshipness. 
And yes, we made up those words.

We've always loved fashion. Maybe a little too much. On our blog you'll find a little taste of what we like to wear:

But wait! There's more! We also love to share some of our very favorite things. Which include:

Thrifting! We are thrifting fiends. Seriously, there is nothing more satisfying than searching through racks and racks to find that one gem that was meant for nobody but YOU. 

Yummy food. Yeah, girls gotta eat. And we do. A lot.

Music! We love all music! The kind that makes you dance on your furniture, the kind that makes you cry, the kind that makes you move your hips like yeah. You know what we mean. We especially love going to concerts, so you see a lot of that too.

Sometimes we just blog about whatever makes us happy. Like this kitty pillow.
For more, check out our We Likey Wednesdays to get a weekly roundup of our favorite things.

We're strong supporters of laughter and we definitely don't take ourselves too seriously. 

People are always asking us where the "Awkward" comes from. This might help:

If you're into that sort of thing, maybe you can stop by and say hi!

Lauren and Madison

p.s. Thanks again Gentri!


See? Aren't they awesome?! (and awkward? Just kidding. haha!) They have such a fun blog. So I suggest you get your blogging bottoms over there stat! And don't forget to check out my GHOST POST! :D


Rae Veda said...

What adorable girls! I love their blog. Great choice. xo, rv


lowercase letters said...

sweet! they're SO gorgeous and ALL of their outfits are to die for!! can't wait to hop over to their blog!
happy monday to ya gentri! :)

Julia said...

nice team!!!!!! good for you girls keep blogging and having fun!!!!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

they are so so so cute!!! cutest clothes ever!


Shutterbug said...

I will stop by and say hi!

Rachel said...

Good pick,Gentri! LOVE love love them!

Rachel said...

PS: I have met them because they live two blocks from me,and we go to church at the same time in the same building! haha they are sooo cute!! (: And also,the shoes you asked about,I just got them from Target.com so go checkkkkk it girlllll!

Sheela said...

I love the way ur wear your hair:)

lovely styles.

love delasheela.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

Awww what fun girls!!! I love meeting new bloggers. It's so awesome you showcase them. I loved your ghost post btw =)

- Sarah

Brooke said...

Just found your blog. It's so cute! I already became a long-term stalker. Love all the features you have!

Amber Blue Bird said...

blogs are so babies :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

So fun! They are so cute! I love your guest posts! I also think you should be a tree for Halloween and rock it at lunch tomorrow. See you tomorrow Tree!

JRuud said...

They are so cute!! Loving the style!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i have another 'a' adjective...adorable. adorable, they are!

Urban Mood said...

I absolutly love your blog!


Amanda said...

Such a cute post ~ can't wait to check out their blog!

Ashley Slater said...

they are so cute!

i love your guest posts!

Tereza said...

they have such a cute style!!!

Betsy said...

these girls are the cutest!

Kristin said...

These girls are so adorable! love it :)

UglyDuckling said...

Of all the things that they mentioned the main thing I can think about now is making that sandwich! Haha! I'm so hungry. Their blog looks cute. I'll be following them too now!


ps: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog Gentri! <3

Katherine said...

CUTE OUTFITS!!! Will check these lovely girls out for sure!!

Kelli Diane said...

love these girls! ALready a follower!

Emma Frances said...

They are awesome! And I LOVE their style! I can't wait to add their blog to my reading list!! :]

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Adorable! Heading over to check them out and your guest post :)

Virginie's Cinema said...

The Awkward Girls are so cute! Thanks for making me discover their blog Gentri!

ps: I love the concept of the "ghost" post...

Virginie ♥

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