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Hey guys! Today we have our guest post from this weeks Blog of the Week- Miss Courtney from her blog Vintch. It is such a beautiful blog filled with pretty pictures, fantastic fashion, and wonderful words. Definitely a blog I'm always reading. So enjoy her post (and even check out the guest post I did for her last week HERE!), and then be sure to hop on over to her blog and say hi!


hi guys! this is Courtney from vintch. i’m so, so honored and happy to be miss gentri lee’s blogger of the week. what a fabulous honor! here is a little about me:

i live with my high school sweetheart-turned-husband in a tiny, one-stoplight town in north carolina, one mile west of where I was raised. together, we are parents to pablo, our eight-year-old rescue bichon frise.

pablo is a fierce watchdog who is very intimidating and super scary. i dare say he's the baddest dog on the block. sometimes, he stays up all night protecting our little fortress:

we live in a little brick cottage from the 1930s, with floral linoleum floors. it's teeny. but it's got good oil heat and it's lived in. it's home.

i run a little etsy shop. it's where i showcase pretty vintage wardrobe essentials, like floral day dresses and pretty high-waisted skirts.

we’re a technical writer and plumber by day, but when 5:00 rolls around, robert and I love all things involving mexican food, little diners, modern family and bible study, not in that order. 

I believe:
in the power of the Father, Son and Spirit to turn a life around
that sometimes the only cure for the blues is a hot bath at two in the afternoon
in early evening suppers and long walks at dusk
in living near farmers, and going grocery shopping door-to-door
that my $2 vintage, thrift store jeans have held up way longer than my $75 anthropologie dress
in breakfast for dinner, cake for breakfast, and a juicy bacon cheeseburger every once in a while
that people are inherently good and worthy of your time, respect and attention

thank you again, sweet friend, for this honor. have a beautiful week everyone!


Wow. Thank you so so much Courtney! She has the most beautiful way with words. I can't get enough of her posts. If you are ever in need of something beautiful to read- go to her blog. :) It's sure to brighten your day! Now really, go check out her blog!


Erin said...

She is too cute :) Her dog is adorable too!

vintch said...

what an honor, gentri. thank you again!

Lauren Gardner said...

love this. how cute is she? :) Yes, Gentri! Lets do lunch or dinner sometime! I'd love that!

Shutterbug said...

Courtney does have a way with words! She is oh, so loveable!

In an ideal world, I would love living near farmers and doing grocery shopping door-to-door, too!

Sarah said...

Funny enough I took a hot bath around 1:00am last night so I wholeheartedly agree! I love that you live in a cute little vintage home and your business is selling vintage clothing. I mini wishful dream of mine. I'm going to hop over to your blog =)

- Sarah

JRuud said...

Oh what a cutie!! Love the pictures. Nice to meet you Courtney :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

cake for breakfast is where its at!

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this is all so perfect! and i just love how much you love your life and everything it contains. beautiful!
xo TJ

LauraJane said...

Adorable- I love her lifestyle and philosophies!

Claire said...

love her blog. want her VW haha

Jennifer Rod said...

I love this girl! genuine and cute as can be. Great post!

HazelandMare said...

I'm crazy for Courtney! She's such a sweet and friendly and adorable gal! And Pablo is such a sweet and friendly and adorable gentleman! Everything she writes makes me want to pack up my life and move to a small town where things are sweet and friendly and adorable all the time. Thanks for this great post!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Yay for Courtney! Love her blog...so happy to see her featured on another favorite blog of mine!! ((hugs to you Gentri!!))

Laura Nelson said...

Such a cute little family! I LOVE that last photo and their VW bus is the coolest thing EVER :)
I want to travel across the US in one someday!

iheartkiwi said...

What an adorable home, puppy and etsy shop! She's got it all!

I'm with Laura, that VW bus is pretty cool too :)

Emma Frances said...

So cute! :] I thought she was about to say that she lived in a tiny VW bus. Tee hee! Her house is ADORABLE though! Thanks for sharing Gentri!!

Stephanie said...

Too cute! I have a maltese-bichon mix and he's ferocious too ;) So glad I came upon your blog today and found two great ones in one!

Happy Monday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Cara-Mia said...

She does indeed have a way with words. One of my favorite blogs for sure. :)

Jess said...

Her blog is wonderful, so sweet! I am following her now. :)
(Fabulous vintage dresses!)


t said...

Cool post!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Courtney is such an angel on earth! her writing has touched me deeply on many occasions and i feel blessed to know her through the blog world connection. wonderful feature for an equally wonderful gal. the beats of that ladies heart make the most beautiful music. xoox ♥

Janette said...

Courtney is thee best! LOVE HER!

Janette, the Jongleur

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