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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! First up, I'm guest posting on Vintch's blog today and I'd love for you all to check it out! Second, today we have our guest post from this weeks "Blog of the Week"! This week is Emmett Katherine from her blog Hippie Lace. She has AMAZING style and such a great blog. She also shares fun DIY's like how to make your own daisy crown! So read and enjoy. :)


Hi Guys,

I'm Canadian and despite what you might think from watching How I Met Your Mother we don't wear toques and plaid flannel all the time! I started Hippie Lace, a journal and style diary of sorts, because I really enjoyed reading similar type blogs from around the world. I wanted to share the great places to eat and shop in Canada that I discovered because it can be pretty hard finding cool things around here. We do have some really great gems like Aritzia that have really exploded over the last couple of years, and some really great vintage shops.

For the longest time clothing choices were limited, it's only recently that a lot of bigger companies like Topshop started shipping to Canada and opening stores in bigger cities. In the mean time, reading fashion blogs has been the key to staying connected to the fashion world!

Through blogging I've 'met' some really cool people like Gentri :) who've shared their favourite things on their blogs, introducing me to all sorts of places, brands and artists that otherwise I wouldn't have known about. Blogging's a great way to keep track of day to day life and I like to think that down the road when I'm older it'll be fun to look back and remember how it used to be... and maybe have a laugh at what we used to wear!
Thanks again Gentri for running a great blog and choosing Hippie Lace to be a part of it :)


See? I told you she had AMAZING style! So now it's your turn to check out her blog! And don't forget to check out my guest post at Vintch!


If you are participating in Package Pals you HAVE to head over to Kaitlyn's blog today! She is posting some AWESOME ideas on how to send your package. :D SO GO GO GO!

P.S. If you are planning on coming to the Utah Blogger Meet Up- please let me know. If I've sent you emails about it- please reply to them. I can't read minds. haha!


Mrs. T said...

Love her style!

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing! Her blog looks awesome!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Gentri, i was just over on Courtney's blog and saw your guest post - it was terrific lades!!! you are such a big throbbing heart; to hear about your blogland insp and the impact those peeps have given you really indicates even more how truly dear you are as a collaborative spirit. nice one!

again here, it echos the same thing. you share the best of's with everyone so openly and have guided me, personally, to some swell spots on the net. i'm ever grateful!!!

i was caught enrapture here sincerely, Emmett (also a cool name, like yours!) and her darling photos plus the intro of being Canadian gets me uber excited to click on over asap and see more.

Since red and white fly's my flag too, this is especially thrilling. thanks to another girl who's breaking the pre-conceived notions that we're all ending each sentence with "eh!" and living in igloo-land ; )

great guestage! xoox ♥

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Thanks for introducing me to her! Can't wait to check out her blog after her posting :) She blogs for the same reasons I do!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

LOVE the studded boot wedges!

Emmett Katherine said...

First off thanks again for featuring my blog!!! Second your readers are freakin amazing!!! Some have stopped by and left the sweetest comments, I cant wait to sit down and visit their blogs tonight :D.

Going to check out your guest post now. Hope you're having a great Monday!


Jessica Wray said...

What a great blog she has! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah said...

Wow lovely pics and so inspiring. Love the guest post =)

- Sarah

Shutterbug said...

I've already checked out Kaitlyn's blog! Definitely some great tips! Thanks for the 411.

And Hippie Lace does have great taste!

Have a great week! :D

Rachel said...

Great pic!! She is definitely one of my faves.


Jess said...

She does have amazing style! I will be following her blog now. :)

Justina F. Lee said...

I found you from Vintch actually haha, LOVE your blog!! :-) +followed

LauraJane said...

So cute- thanks for sharing this blog!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

Super fun! She's adorable, and I'm so excited to check out your guest post! AND can't wait to check out the package pals info on Kaitlyn's blog! YAY!

Janette said...

Such a pretty girl!!!!

Janette, the Jongleur

Bree said...

That berry spinach salad looks DELICIOUS! That's one of my favorite kinds of salad's! Yum! What all do you put in yours?

Emma Frances said...

I love her style! :] And once again your Bloggers of the Week are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

Lovely style!!!!!!!!!
Nice post!

I'm following if you can follow me back!
Kisses xoxo

Sherri said...

This girl is so cute! I love her style. Thanks for sharing!

xo sherri

Megan said...

she looks just fabulous!!! im going to have to check out her blog!!! thanks for sharing!

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