I've been a terrible procrastinator... I feel like I'm suffering from some choreographers block and so I spent my weekend doing all I could to avoid it and only working on small parts of the dance at a time. :P No good...

I spent basically my entire Saturday engulfed in THIS book (yes, I finished it)... Why am I such a nerd? haha! I only took breaks for a small hike, and eating. But even eating slipped my mind. When all of the sudden my stomach was suffering from hunger pangs, I realized how long it had been since I'd eaten... whoops.

There was something else I took a break for... a bit of online shopping.

I'd been dying to own this poncho for a while now. As it has sat in one of my pinboards, I've dreamed of the day of owning it, and it's almost here... Eeep! :)

I also threw in this "boyfriend beanie", seeing as it's been almost a year that I've wanted one and haven't found one. This one is perfect.

I also wasted time taking this quiz.

I know it's weird but... Thing is... it described me better than I could... It was scarily accurate. I'd never taken a quiz like that before. I only took it because I saw someone else had pinned it saying the same thing. I didn't believe it, until I tried it.  It was kind of good for me (weird??). It had me look at my life as I knew it was, but tried not to think about. If you're curious, try it. It only takes a couple of minutes. Let me know what you think of your results. (no one asked me to say these things, I am doing it out of pure curiosity. To see if it works for others as well as it did for me) It basically just tells you about your personality, nothing crazy.

Another thing I wasted time doing? Oh ya, watching Toddlers and Tiaras... Oh boy. That show... Considering there's all this talk about it right now, I thought I'd bring back this video to my blog. I've posted it before, but it's too fantastic not to share again. ENJOY! (if you've watched T&T before, you MUST watch this video. It's fantastic)

Have a happy Sunday!

P.S. I keep forgetting to mention THIS giveaway. I've loved her Etsy Shop since the moment I found it. :) she's also trying to reach 100 followers, so You should all check it out!!


Superficial Sanctuary said...

Oh my, SCARY accurate! I'll have to tell my friends about that one to see if they agree! haha that poncho is so ridiculously cute, too, I want it! Any news on the throw? I need to ask my own Target if/when they're coming back.

A Lost Feather said...

ooo love that poncho

ah toddlers and tiaras is so scary. it completely freaks me out.. i can't look at it.

i've heard of that tom hanks skit though hehe

i just tried to color quiz.. i'm procrastinating right now too! it did hit some accurate points, but it was also filled with fluff.. i think most quizzes like that try to list out a variety of results so everyone finds something that matches their view of themselves. it was fun though.. picking the colors kind of stressed me out .. i felt like i was in a race or something haha i'm so weirddd

Rae Veda said...

Oh my gosh. Your blog is so cute! XO, Rae


Kelsey Cole said...

That poncho is fall perfection!
And procrastination is pretty much my middle name. It's sunday and I'm just coming to terms with all the schoolwork I've put off. (yikes!)

Ashley Eliza said...

that poncho is a MUST. it's adorable!!!

okay so i've always been slightly obsessed with the color cod e quiz. its creepy how well it knows us isn't it??

love your blog :)


Emma Frances said...

Love the poncho and hat you got! And I'm gonna have to read City of Bones now. I finished Divergent last night!! And I loved it. :) I took the color quiz but it didn't work for me. :( Sad story. Haha. But that Tom and Sophie Hanks video is hilarious! It made me laugh!

indie by heart said...

I've never seen that show before and it was so fun to see this clip ! :D

Thanks for your comment^^ I've had slow internet connection for several days, so it took some time to reply! :D It was frustrating to wait for pages to download, aargh. So better late than never:)

- I must do that test soon! Sounds interesting and a bit mysterious too^^

Have a lovely week Gentri!
xx indie by heart

Emmett Katherine said...

I love getting lost in a good book :) Even if it means a little procrastination!

Also love the items you've chosen, I acutally own a similar poncho (which I love) & hat!

LaynahRose said...

I am taking that color quiz right this second! And I saw that video before, the first time you posted it I think, and it made me diiiiie laughing :) haha, LOVE.

Laura Elizabeth said...

I love Toddlers & Tiaras... Tom Hanks was so hilarious!!!!! They got everything down really well! So funny! I'll be posting it on FB for sure :)

Ooh, your purchases look great! Th colour quiz was pretty accurate apart from this bit that made me laugh "she is able to find satisfaction and happiness through sexual activity" Haha!! Um... thanks, colour quiz??

Katers said...

What did the color quiz say about you? I want details. :) I'll have to take it sometime.

Deveny said...

My husband & I were DYING watching that video. hahahahaha Hilarious!

Che said...

Toddlers and Tiara's is such a crazy show. I can't believe that some parents let their kids treat them like that...like that one little girl who said she hated her mom in like the most evil tone ever. It was scary!

Madison said...

i think the maker of the color quiz is living under my bed and reading my journal. freaky.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Ooooh...I must take the quiz...
Hey...at least you got some fresh air with your hike...sometimes I don't even step outside when I get caught up with a book on the weekend! Glad you're enjoying the series! : ) It sounds like you had a pretty relaxing weekend!
Good luck getting past your choreographers block!

melissa said...

Those purchases are officially approved by me! I love it. I don't think I could pull off the poncho look, but I REALLY like the one you picked out!

Hmm.. maybe you've inspired me to buy a poncho!

Don't you just love Fall?

Autumn said...

I LOVE that video. I couldn't stop laughing.

Autumn said...

Oh and ummm wow. That quiz is SPOT on for me.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That poncho is amazing! Am excited to take the quiz when I get home, my work computer is sooooo slow!

LauraJane said...

Tom Hanks Toddlers and Tiaras is beyond genius. SO hilarious, thanks for sharing it


JRuud said...

Love I'm so glad you finished City of Bones. Ahh. I'm so obsessed with Cassandra Clare and her books. Once you've finished The Mortal Instruments, read Infernal Devices by her as well. Is a prequel and awesome.

We'll have to talk about it! You should go to my writing blog, because I'm about to do a post on her: http://thewrittenword-jlr.blogspot.com/

Also, I love Tom Hanks, but I can't bring myself to watch that show. Just can't.

Um, and I adore that poncho. I see why you love it so.

Glad you had a good weekend!!! Mwah.


Heather said...

Found my way over from Noelani's page and wanted to say hey! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us :) I love a good book!

Pia said...

I recently started watching Todlers and Tiaras and I love that show! It's so ridiculous, but highly entertaining!

And City of Bones, I loved it!

Lauren Gardner said...

I LOVE the tom hanks vid! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Shalyn said...

LOVE the poncho and the beanie- they would both look fantastic on you! Make sure you post pics when you purchase:-)

T&T is definitely one of my faves- I find it so interesting and Tom Hanks is a hoot!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh my gosh that video is hilarious!!! I have never watched that Toddlers & Tiara show but maybe I'll watch an episode or two. Wow hilarious! I know the show isn't though, it is real life!

Heather said...

hahahaha! Don't worry. I've spent the last week completely involved in 2 books. The sad this is it a very jarring thrust back to reality when I'm done.

Sad. But I can't stop.
love the poncho btw. Wonder if I'll be brave enough to try one!


Chloee said...

Oh my that is amazing, Tom Hanks is a legend!

Cara-Mia said...

OMG thank you for sharing that video. I cannot stop laughing! Tom Hanks is the best!

shopgirl said...

Love, love Tom Hanks! I've never heard of this....possibly because i live so far away. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to watch the video!



katilda said...

hmmmm my color quiz was actually way off.....but oh i do love those silly little quizzes! haha. this one told me i am finding pleasure in sexual activity and get enjoyment out of criticizing other people. Perhaps it is opposite day?

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