Party Time!


If you live in Utah or the surrounding areas (or far away and want to travel) then you are cordially invited to a Blogger Meet Up!!


It's going to be so exciting! I've collaberated with a few other bloggers (ashley and Kelsey) to plan this, and it's been a long time coming. But it's almost here! It's set for October 7th at 6pm. The place however, is not being announced publicly (creepers).

So if you would like to come and/or want more information- please RSVP to gentrileeblog(@)gmail.com! Whoop whoop! You can also grab the button (from my left sidebar) and display it on your blog. It'll direct people to this post and help spread the word to other Utah bloggers who might like to attend. :)

I really hope all of you who are close enough to make it- do make it! How fun to become real life friends?!

So set your calendars for October 7th, 2011 and spread the word! Hooray! :D


In other news, the lovely Noelani just awarded me this award:

Thank you so much Noelani!! :D

And I also received this award from the gorgeous Kelli!

Thank you a bunch Kelli!!

I am now supposed to share 3 random facts about myself... hmmm
1. I can do a mean eagle impression
2. I could probably beat anyone in an "ugly" face contest (meaning who can make the weirdest face...as if there were such a contest... maybe we should have one!!)
3. I could probably beat anyone in a "dream-off" (meaning-my dreams are ca-razy)

Now I need to pass them on to 10 other bloggers... oh boy, that's hard...

For the "I Dig Your Blog" Award- I pass it on to:
2. Melissa from- Simply, Melissa Ashley
3. Jenna from- SewSavoirFaire
4. Kylie from- Love Always
5. Emma from- Race & Emma

And for the "Versatile Blog Award" I pass it on to:
1. Madison from- Yours Truly, Madison
2. JRudd from- Live Laugh Love
3. Lauren from- My Happy Thought
5. Jordan from- Trailer Gypsy 

Congrats lovelies!


One more thing, I was asked to give my opinion on the Ombre hair trend. You can check it out HERE. :)


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

First off....eeeep! Thank you for "Diggin' my Blog!" I'll make sure to pass it on too!

Secondly, I wish I lived in the general vicinity of Utah because I would so RSVP to the meet up! It sounds like a blast! Sadly...Florida can't even pretend to be close to Utah! You're going to have so much fun!

SaffaKate said...

Well done on co-ordinating a blogger meet up! Im jealous. Too bad New York is a little far.

jessie said...

I'm so jealouuus of everyone in the Utah area that gets to come! I wish I wasn't so far awaaaay. Oh well. Maybe one day we can partaaay in the sunshine state ;D


Miss Cortni said...

ahh! i'm so jealous - i wish i lived in UTAH!! oh well, wisconsin alright :) I'm following now btw - SWEET BLOG!!

- missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

Ariana said...

OHH MAAN. We're gonna be in Utah soooo close to then... but our flight back home to TN is on the 4th! DAAAnnggg ittt :(

HazelandMare said...

I'm so jealous! Almost all my fave bloggers live in Utah- that's going to be so much fun! :)

Have a great day, sweetie!

ashley.warner said...

Yeah, I am just getting back into blogging this week...facepalm! boo!

I love you lots Gentri! can't wait for the blogger meet up!


Nicole said...

Kudos on the blogger meet-up! If I lived closer you know I'd be there!

Lauren Gardner said...

Whoot whoot! I will be there! Thanks for the award, by the way! :) How do I pass it on? :)

AE Jones said...

AHHH! I just sent you an email.

Whitney said...

I wish I lived in Utah - I want to come!

my soul is the sky said...

Yay! I'm so excited for this!

Emma Frances said...

Thanks so much for the award! :] You are so sweet! And now I've got a ton of blogs to check out because you always find the best blogs! :]

Bah! I don't think I'll be able to make it to the meet up unless I can find a cheap flight. I have a test that day that I can't miss so driving would be out of the question. BUT we will see! I still have high hopes. Haha.

JRuud said...


First of all, thanks for the "Versatile Blog Award" Means a lot!

And second...........WAHOOO!!! I am so happy I live in Utah!!! I definitely am interested in meeting up with other bloggers here! This is so exciting. And it would definitely be amazing to become "real" life friends ah!

So I'm definitely in and want to here more of the whereabouts.



♥ saffie said...

Ahhh *excited scream*
thanks so much Gentri :)
Means a lot to me :)

Claire said...

oh, if only i didnt live a million miles away......s

Lily said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! :)
Yep, I did take all of these photos btw.

I wish I could come to the meet-up, I'm sure it will be fun!

Thank you for joining my blog.

Love, Lily
Lonely Afternoon

Rachel said...

That sounds soooo fun!!! I'm in Utah... I shall see if I can make it (:


Jessica Wray said...

Darn, I wish I lived closer to Utah for this!!

Angie said...

I live in Utah as well! I'll definitely check this out - I'll e-mail you for the location, as I don't have my own car at the moment and need to know how far away it is!!! How fun!!!

Courtney B said...

Most of the time I really love going to St George... but not this time! Ah! I'm hoping I can make it back in time!

Swirls of Happy said...

I wish I could come!! How fun!!!! P.S. Love your randoms...Eagle impression = awesome.

Stesha said...

have funnn!!! Too bad I am in AZ

Classic & Bubbly

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Get ready to PAR-TAY!!! PUMPED GIRL!!!

Sara Shoemaker said...

oh yay!!! here it is! I sure hope I can get work off... It's so tough around this time of year! I'll let you know though for sure because I Want to Go!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

:( Booooooo. I don't live close to ANY bloggers. Y'all are going to have so much fun!!

Jordan said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'll have to go check out some of the other blogs you linked. I don't know about an eagle impression but I do an amazing pterodactyl. Seriously. AMAZING.

Amy said...

Ahhh! That is the night I work at the South Towne Expo Center..... I'll see what I can work out, I SOOOO want to come!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

FUN! Blogger meet up, wahoo! I'm in! K SO funny, your 3 random facts. You may have competition for the "dream-off", mine are PRETTY insane too :) Ha ha! K so I am doing my first LINK UP party tomorrow, would love for you to come link something up Genrti! Okay well, have a GREAT night!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Yes, blogger meet up!! I will be there... in my dreams :) Australia's a bit too far to travel but you guys will have so much fun.

Also, there *is* such a thing as an ugly face competition! It's called gurning and has been around since the Middle Ages. They had a competition of it when I went to a Medieval Faire. Google it and check out your competition, these people are pretty darn good!

_kArLy[*] said...

I'm from idaho and i would TOTALLY drive to come see all ya'll, except for the fact that I'm going to be there the week before and not sure if husband will let me, but it would be a BLAST and you know i'll be there if at all possible ;)

Kelli Diane said...

Thanks! I love it!


Kelli Diane said...

Thanks! I love it!

melissa said...

You seriously just made my day! :] :] Thank you so much, you are the absolute sweetest!

I'll make sure to pass this along soon enough :D

I wish I lived in Utah. Unfortunately I am all the way in NC :( or else I would come to your lovely get together!

Take care.

Haley K said...

how awesome is this Gentri!!??? I would love to try and make it!...maybe even bring my little man! or he can have a night with daddy ;) I'll be sure to email you

and congrats on the fun awards! oh i would looooooooooovvvee to see a vlog with that eagle impression :) pleeeeaase! And i normally don't dream much...but when I'm pregnant i have multiple dreams a night...and they are insane-o. I can't remember many of them, i'll have to start writing them down for some good laughes! You should share some of your craziest dreams :)

Wida said...

Hope you have fun!! :D

Missing Amsie Blog

Sherri said...

Oh man! I so wish I was from Utah right now! I wish I could be there :( Have fun ladies...I hope to join ya'll nexttime!

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

A Beautiful Mess said...

New follower! Love your blog! To bad I live on the east coast :(! Congrats on your award!!

Megs said...

I'm so so so EXCITED!!!

Stephanie and Such said...

Ashley told me about the meet up and it sounds like a blast!! Seriously, perfect idea. So many bloggers in Utah! We're most likely headed home that weekend. BumMer!

And woahhh, I would challenge you in that "dream off" ;) I have some pretty whack dreams! Like sometimes I can't remember if they are reality or dreams! #yikes

Alexis Kaye said...

Thanks for letting me know about this awesome party :) I would totally be dow but since it's a state away, I can't do that during the school year :( I so would though! i hope you girls have so much fun! :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for letting us know about this! It sounds so fun, so you know Mads and I are gonna be there!

McKenzie King said...

ah, i wish i could be there. it sounds so fun!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

dag, i wish i was in the vicinity to be able to join you on that meet-up. sounds like it'll be such a blast! congrats on the awards Gentri, so deserved. you're blog is def digged and uber versatile! aprops all around. your eagle impersonation and my monkey one gotta get together one day ; )

loved the fun facts, you are surly besting me in a dream-off. lately i haven't remembered any of them. i want my dreams back Mr. Sandman! xoox ♥

Haylee said...

I'm so pumped for this meet-up, you like have no idea. ha, and by the way, I'm pretty much obsessed with your blog. I just found it and am definitely sticking around for more.

Jessica said...

Oh hey! I found your blog through some sheer coincedence today and it just so happens that I live in Utah. What do you know! This meet up sounds intriguing... if my work schedule clears up, I definitely would love to come.

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