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You guys... You are AMAZING! Seriously. Your comments yesterday helped so much and even brought more tears to my eyes- but for good reasons! Thank you all so much for your kind and motivating words! Can I say I love ya (not too creepy)?? Cause I DO! I will be responding to each of your comments ASAP!

If you read yesterday's post you'll know how I am looooonngggiiiing to go back to Alaska. But there are some other places that I am absolutely dying to see. I pretty much daydream about them all day long. So here are my top vacation picks for right now-

Washington State. I know I just mentioned my need to visit recently, but it's at the top of my list! I feel like Washington would be a dream place to live! It's enough like Alaska to keep me very happy, BUT if you live on the Western side there's only enough snowfall to satisfy, instead of Winter for 7 months out of the year! Heaven.

I've also blogged about my need to visit this next one before, but that was a few months ago.

Next- Arizona. My dad's working down there right now, and I'm hoping to take advantage of a free place to stay before he heads back to Utah. I'd love to be able to go to the Grand Canyon Skywalk! It's a glass walkway (even the ground is glass so you can see down the canyon) that stretches over the canyon! AH!
Source: google.com via Gentri on Pinterest

Now for the more impractical trips I'd love to take...

Switzerland... I hadn't REALLY thought about it too much until I saw this picture... wow. Now it's a MUST! That is breathtaking!
Source: None via Gentri on Pinterest

Norway. For as long as I can remember Norway has been the top of my list! Not sure why, guess I need to go find out!

Same with Germany. For as long as I can remember I've had this need to go to Germany!

And of course there's my constant need to visit Disney World. It's been 5 years since I worked there and almost 5 years since I've been there at all! I can't believe and hardly stand that fact... I miss it so much!

Where are you dying to visit?! Please share and we can daydream together. :)


Pia said...

It made me very happy to see that Germany is on your list. I really hope that you get the chance to come here one day. Then we could hang out together and that? would be awesome!

Little Lo Hood said...

aww they all look fantastic! I've always wanted to go to switzerland too...I read a book as a little lady about a girl who goes to school in Switzerland and it just talks about how lovely it was...and from then on I've had the notion of visiting Switzerland! I really want to backpack through Europe! Forget it, I really want to go everywhere! I think you learn so much through travel :) -Lo

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Holy moly...seeing the skywalk over the canyon made my stomach turn. Which probably means I should never attempt to walk on the skywalk. The photo from Washington state is gorgeous! And HELLO Germany! It looks like a fairytale...<3 I've been to Ireland and would love to go back to to the tourist run of it...kiss the Blarney stone and all that jazz. I would LOVE to go to Italy. Stateside - My other half is from Colorado...I'd like to go there one day.

PS-I read your post yesterday, just didn't comment, because I felt like my comment would be seriously long (much like this one at this point!) but to summarize it...you aren't ridiculous or acting ridiculous or anything like that! You're only human...and I'm queen of being paranoid and analyzing things to death...so I totally understand where you're coming from...especially on the new job front! The unknown is scary!

Autumn said...

I do not like those drop off pictures, they look so scary to me!

vintch said...

oh my gracious. those pictures! especially the norway one. sheesh. beautiful much?

i want to go to arizona too! i'm so glad you listed places within the u.s. to visit...my husband and i have had such fun going on road trips all across our gorgeous county.

get yourself to disney world, girl! it's a very magical place:)

Relevant Notes Blog said...

I went to Arizona and saw the grand canyon a couple of years ago - it was gorgeous! We didn't do the skywalk - I'm pretty sure my fear of heights wouldn't mesh well with that one!

Megan and Justin said...

all of these places looks amazing! I have been to Germany and it really looks like the picture haha! and I went to Disneyland yesterday haha not quite Disney World but close! I have never been to Disney World boo!!

The Polka Dot Princess said...

oh the places you'll go! I'd love to go to italy! Hmmm mmm... I've never been to Hawaii, that'd be heavenly. I too ALWAYS want to be at disneyland {or disney world, i havent been there yet!} New York would be awesome. Geez, I'd go just about anywhere right now. :)

Ariana said...

My hubby served his mission in Hong Kong... I cannot WAIT to have him take me there :)

and that 2nd photo you have up... yeah, I would have a nervous breakdown for sure ;)

Emma Frances said...

I can't believe I've never been on that skywalk at the Grand Canyon. I must go! And if you come to AZ you should stop by in Flagstaff and say hi!! ;) All of the pictures you put up of everywhere you want to go are GORGEOUS! I would love to go to Europe but I haven't narrowed down where in Europe. Possibly Spain, France, and Greece...and all the other places. There are just too many awesome places to choose from!

Corca said...

So fun! I've been to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It's unbelievable! Definitely a must see before you die. :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh man, these pictures are making me even more mad I have to work right now! I have been dying to go ANYWHERE!!! I just found your blog and I love it! I am definitely following. Have a great day!

JRuud said...

Wow...beyond beautiful!!! That castle in Germany...it looks like something out of a fairytale. And Norway - left me speechless.


Greece is my favorite :) Probably because I'm Greek and I want to bring home a nice Greek boy ;)

Abigail's Place said...

Love this post an all the beautiful stunning places!
Really shows you how much there is out there for us too see!
I really want to go to Switzerland too, always wanted to do Greek island hoping, San Fransisco an India.

Abigail x

Bree said...

That glass walkway has me all butterfly-y just looking at it! :) Haha. I didn't even know such a thing existed!! My husband was supposed to go to work for Australia and I was gonna tag along. But they decided to send someone else and now I'm just dying to go!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Omg. I wrote a paper on Switzerland when I was in the 4th grade and I've been obsessed with it ever since! ;) I would love to go there, and back to Italy, and to Paris, and to so many other amazing places. ONE DAY!

p.s. Disney World is totally the happiest place on earth. LOVE it.

Shelby said...

i love the way you always get me dreaming and give me inspiration... the photos you've shared here are breathtaking!! i've always had a fascination with castles (must be my inner disney princess... cinderella to be exact) and would love to travel throughout europe to see castles!! i have a friend living in germany right now, and he said the castles and pretty much everything else is amazing so that is on my list as well. right now, i just want to visit a tropical beach and relax becasue life has been crazy, but hopefully soon i'll feel up to adventuring again!!! <3shelby


Hayley said...

wow!! Switzerland and Germany are definitely on my list too! beautiful photos! I really want to do America & South America next and then maybe Africa! I am also going to Thailand in a few months. Love your blog =)


anna said...

oh my goodness. you've just resparked my travel bug!
i've been to a few of these places, but when you get a chance, go to germany! the castle pictured is so, so beautiful in real life! and then you can hit up the replica disney castle after the fact ;)


Laura Elizabeth said...

I have that song "Pocket Full of Sunshine" stuck in my head now because of your blogpost title is the same as one of the lines in the song.

Right now I am obsessed with Hawaii. I have watched Hawaii Five-0 a lot and I spend so much time looking at the scenery. I'm going to have a Hawaiian themed birthday party. But... I actually have been there before but I was about 11 I think so I didn't really do a lot. I want to go hiking and snorkelling and eat way too much food.

PS Glad you are feeling better. It's good to let it all out.

Tessies Hearts said...


~BB~ said...

love, love, love this post! You have inspired my wanderlust for the day. Such great photos!

Courtney B said...

Can I just say dido to all of these?? Ah I'm craving a vacation so badly!
We used to live only a couple hours away from the Grand Canyon but we NEVER went!! Oh I'm still so mad we never took advantage of living so close!
And I've never been to Disney world. Neither has the hubs. That's definitely at the top of our vacation destination list!

Megan said...

oooh! I live in Washington state! Come visit me, girl! :) haha
I am dying to visit Italy. Dying.


Lindsey Lea B said...

Hello! I am your newest follower :) I live right about Washington State in beautiful B.C. I would love to visit Italy, and Greece..also Rome. My husband is german, and in that case i would enjoy a trip to germany too! hehe Dreams are free right ;)

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