Road Trip- Extreme! Pt. 3

On our 3rd day (same day as all our Near Death experiences) we drove through Watson Lake. There's not much in Watson Lake, except this-

The Sign Post Forest.

It was all started by a man long ago (you can tell I've brushed up on the details) who was traveling through Canada and missed his home. So he nailed a sign from his hometown to a tree (I'm guessing) and started a trend. Now people from all over the world place signs from their home towns in the Sign Post Forest.

It's really neat to walk around and see all the different signs! I searched and searched for a sign from Utah and couldn't find one. When I got home I was reviewing my pictures and found that I had captured a picture of  a Utah sign without even knowing it! It's that big white one at the top in the center of this picture. Can you find one from your hometown??

After lunch we headed to the Liard Hot Springs. We didn't get in, since you have to pay. But it's free to walk over and feel it. This place is amazing and gorgeous!

The hot springs are completely surrounded by forest.

There was even a small waterfall leading into the springs.

I just loved this tree.

And berries lined the boardwalk that leads to the hot springs. (berries also means- bears)

More berries.

No sooner had we started to drive away when there on the side of the road enjoying the berries was a mama bear with her three little cubs!! (look at it's big ears and claws! So cute!)

This is a RARE sight! We felt so lucky to be able to see this. My BIL joked about getting out to get a picture with these bears too. HA! Ya right. NEVER go near a mama bear. That's suicide.

Anyways, we sat in our safe cars on the side of the road and watched these 4 bears for probably a good 10 minutes. Amazing. :)

Happy weekend to everyone!

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Also, if you missed my guest post over at Janette's blog- you better check that out too! Thanks! :D


brooke field said...

I did that road trip a few years ago. It was so much fun!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I love random things like that Signpost Forest. But you know what I love most? Pictures of baby bears!!!

Kaitlyn said...

That is so awesome that you saw bear likes this! I've never seen ONE! This must have been a great experience!

In our sea of love

SaffaKate said...

That signpost forest is so interesting! I would love to see that.

KaNini's said...

aaaayyyy... I want to go there! Looks like an amazing and really interesting place1

Bree said...

I love the sign post forest!! So cool! And I decided baby bears are simply darling! :)

Grace said...

So beautiful!

Sara said...

Wow! I can't picture myself being so close to a bear, and less to a family of bears! They are so beautiful. Really nice pictures!


Juli Photo Diary said...

Such a great pictures on your blog!!



HazelandMare said...

Whoa, signpost forest looks really fun! I just love weird roadside oddities like that. If I were to win the lottery or something I would totally build my own roadside oddity for people to explore and buy silly postcards from, hehe. Wow, those hotsprings are so beautiful! It seems strange you had to pay to get in since it is nature, but I'm glad you at least got to feel them, and have that awesome bear experience! They're so cute!

Emma Frances said...

That sign forest is amazing!!! And the bears are incredible too! Why do they have to look so cute but be so dangerous? I am really loving hearing about all your adventures. They are just amazing!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Those bears!! I love those pictures - thank you for sharing this with us. xxx

Heather said...

Those Bears!!!!!! BTW, your comments always make me smile. thanks for being such a good bloggy friend.

-Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

kelly said...

Yay! Love the pics! So beautiful.

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