Laziness and Craziness... Seriously.

Sooooo Remember yesterday how I said we'd be cleaning etc all day and probably forever? Well, we did none of that today... Whoops. Instead, we headed up to one of my favorite places ever-

This place is full of many shops, food and beautiful scenery.

They have a wonderful new vintage shop that I couldn't get enough of! All the photos in the above collage are from that shop as well as this lovely minty type writer.

After a full day of shopping we headed to one of our favorite family restaurants for dinner and ice cream. (the best ice cream in the world I might add)

Oh, what's that? This is a boring post? Well, I'm sorry. Maybe this story will fix that for you...

So last night at 3 AM as I'm, well, sleeping- I was awoken by SCREAMING. Literally, SCREAMING! I shot out of bed and looked out the window... nothing was there... A few minutes pass and I hear my neighbor's truck roar to life and pull away. I lay there, mind racing, thinking I could never fall asleep after something like that... Well, I did. I woke thinking about what had happened and thought about what it could have been throughout the day. 

This evening my neighbor (who owns the truck that drove away. For the sake of the story we'll call him- bob) came over to drop off my sister's dog who had run off to chase other dogs and cars (smart). I was anxious to find out what he knew about that blood curdling scream. So he tells me that he had been getting ready to head to work (military) when he heard the screams, he thought it was his sister so he grabs his gun. But, it was coming from outside so he headed out the door to see a girl in her pj's running down the street screaming "Help me! Someone's trying to kill me!". So he's ready to fight- but, there's no one there. The girl had run down the street and into another neighbor's bushes. He waited a few minutes and when no one showed up, he grabbed his gear and put it in his truck since he was late to work and he figured it was just some prank. As he is driving away she darts out in front of his truck and crosses the street into another neighbors yard. He pulls up, rolls down the window and asks "Are you ok?" She doesn't answer and just runs around their wrap around porch. He drives away, but first calls 911.

That was all Bob knew to the story, but we were so interested to find out what had happened. So we (Bob, my sister, and I) headed down the street to where she'd hid to find out. When they weren't home we tried their next door neighbor. There we learned the rest of the story.

This neighbors daughter had woke to the the screaming also. She went and woke her mom and together they watched from her window. They could hear the girl moaning and giggling in the bushes. Just then, Bob drove up and the girl darted in front of his truck(you heard this part). They watched as she ran to their next door neighbor's porch and just as they were about to call the cops- they showed up.

The next morning she called the owner who's house the girl had ran to, to make sure everything was ok. I guess the girl had ran inside the house (it was unlocked for their son who works a night shift) screaming "Help me! Someone's trying to kill me!", turning on lights, and burst into the master bedroom. The cops came in and found out where she lived. They headed to her house and found no one there, no trace of drugs, nothing. Come to find out, she had taken an a sleeping pill that makes people do crazy things... The paramedics took her to the hospital to spend the night, and as far as I know she is ok.


I am NEVER taking that pill...
(I'm afraid to mention which kind it was in case someone out there likes it. If you aren't sure which one I'm talking about you can ask in the comments and I'll let you know.)


Jen said...

WOW... lol. That's all I can say about that. If some girl ran in my house like that late at night... ohhh my gosh.

Gina said...

Wow, crazy story! And the photos look like a dream! That place sounds super amazing and yay good ice cream too!

xo, gina

Courtney B said...

Ok, it sounds like you had the best day ever! WAY better than cleaning!
And oh my gosh...freaky story! And freaky meds! I definitely won't be taking sleeping pills after reading this- haha!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

If you tell me Tylenol PM I'm in some big trouble...lol. Sounds like this chick is prone to sleep walking...

Irene Cortez said...

I love your pictures! -- sounds waay more fun than cleaning.

And your 2nd story? I found it really interesting, and it got me curious to what pill that girl is taking.. hmm..

Nicole said...

WOW! That's crazy! Nothing that interesting happens in my neighborhood! lol

Emma Frances said...

Your post wasn't at all boring before that story but that story was crazy! I don't take drugs much so I'm sure I'll avoid whatever that was...weird! I have taken Nyquil before and instead of sleeping soundly all night I kept waking up thinking I had a party to plan and would wander around the house getting ready for it. Haha. It was weird!!

rach. said...

these pictures are so pretty, you always have pretty pics gentri!

ps: i have a great giveaway going on if you are interested in picking out some new make-up/haircare! check it out!

love, rach.

Windsor Andersen said...

Crazy strange going on's in your neighborhood. Sounds like something from a movie.


Ashley Slater said...

okay, what sleeping pill was it? because my mom takes a sleeping aid and I am telling her it is bad to use!!!

but what a hilarious story!!!!

Allie said...

Wow, that's super scary:( I hope she gets better;)
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog:) It made me smile! Thanks for following me back, hope you can stop by some more;)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Gardner VIllage....the happiest place on earth. I love it there, especially around halloween and christmas! Crazy story about the sleeping pill too! haha. treasure those moments in life.

Janette said...

HOLY MOLY! I would have poo pooed my pants if I had heard screaming like that! Or if I had been in "Bob's" shoes! Never taking a sleeping pill!! Duuude!

Janette, the Jongleur

Aarica said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!! I love this post and I have fallen in love with your amazing blog! great job! your an inspiration for mine! :) have a great day!

che'lyssa said...

Dang! Craziness!

Anyways, I love your blog too!! Thanks for stopping by and following Lily Love! I'm following you too :)

Hope you're having a GREAT friday :)

XO che'

dana @ wonder forest said...

holy crap lol. a sleeping pill!? that's insane. talk about waking up the neighborhood!
xox dana

Maddie said...

A sleeping pill?!?! What the heck? I love all these photos!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I didn't even think your post was boring, but you sure know how to spice up a blog post!!!

When stuff like that happens, I'm always bummed that I never find out the end of the story so I'm glad you became a detective and tracked down the rest of the story!!

S and O said...

Whoa, interesting story!
Okay kind of crazy, there goes my desire to try sleeping pills ^_^


Come join my wonderful Shabby Apple giveaway :D


LaynahRose said...

um, woah! That's scary as heckk.
Haha and I'd be really mad if I took a sleeping pill and instead of making me fall asleep it made me run around the neighborhood like a dang fool.

Also, the pictures are darling :) I like the first one!

Kelsey said...

OMG what a crazy story. I have heard about sleeping pills that make people do weird things. Thank God I have no problems sleeping at night - knock on wood!

Nadiine said...

Woah... it's not about some random screaming in your house in the middle of the night! bless her - i hope she gets well soon! its crazy what some pills can do! love your photos though :)

ashley.warner said...

ambien? yes. i am sure it is.
that stuff sucks the life out of people. furrr reallssssss.

thanks for the story!

Madison said...

i NEED that typewriter.

and i can get a little crazy at night without sleeping pills..

i dont want to think about what i would be like if i ever took them.

it would probably be worse than screaming down the streets (:

Rebecca Clairine said...

lovely photos <33
love it!


Ariana said...

So - I definitely want to know what this pill is...

That is definitely a scary story though.

Alexis Kaye said...

what kind was it?! AH!

Corca said...

Gardner Village is the best! Halloween time there is my absolute favorite! and I love that vintage typewriter, I'm obsessed with them.

The Polka Dot Princess said...

I LOVE Gardner Village! Have you been to Anastasia's attic there? You would love it. Its my fav

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