Blogger of the Week: Yours Truly, Madison!

Hey guys!! :D I am HOME!! It's bittersweet... LOTS of stories and LOTS of pictures coming soon! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week and had a great weekend!

If you missed my Alaska Giveaway's, there's still time to enter!! The first one ends tomorrow though! So hurry!! Here are the links:
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Our blogger of the week this week is maddison from her littly bloggy- Yours Truly, Madison! She was one of the first to email me when I sent out a cry for help a week and a half ago and I was ecstatic when I saw her email. Wanna know why? Because she is the perfect person to have for this weeks blogger of the week since she lives IN Alaska! I thought, what better way to end my Alaskan adventure than with an Alaskan blogger of the week?? So without further adieu, Madison!!


Hello Gentri Lee readers!

My name is Madison and I'm a sixteen year old girl who blogs about her normal teenage life. Well, somewhat normal. I live in bush Alaska (so off the road system) in a village called Port Heiden.

I started Yours Truly, Madison as a sort of journal for me, because I'm not too dilligent when it comes to writing in a diary every day. It also was a way for me to share my Alaska life with my friends  and family who live down in the States.

Now I blog because I love it. My blog is mostly about my day to day adventures, from working with the native council, to learning to adapt to a school with only 9 high school students, to having to do church over the phone. My goal is to document my life here for my children and grandchildren, because chances are by the time I'm old and saggy I'll forget everything.

Blogging makes my life. I love feeling inspired by other women and their adventures, their style, and their upbeat attitudes. It's a great community to belong to!

Yours Truly,

She's awesome! Right?? So go check out her blog and enter the Alaska Giveaways!


Mrs. T said...

Welcome home!
(Hate the vacation blues, though!)
Madison is so adorable! I will definitely check her blog out! :)

brooke field said...

Great blogger of the week! I'm def going o check out her blog.

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Aww she sounds like a sweetheart, off to check out her blog :)

Jelenadoll <3

ashley.warner said...

Welcome home Gentri!!!
Hope you had a great trip!

love the botw (blogger of the week). Madison has a cute blog!

Thanks for sharing!

JRuud said...

What a cutie!! Going to go check out her blog.

Alexis Kaye said...

what an interesting lifestyle! thanks for sharing! :)

S and O said...

She is awesome!
She seems like a very fun and energetic person :)
I can't wait to check out her blog!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I actually found your blog via Madison's blog. I have been following her for a while, and she is an excellent writer that can make even the dullest day sound upbeat and exciting. I love your blog as well!

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