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Hey guys!! I am on the road and have probably already passed the border into Canada! So remember- no internet until I reach the hotel each night for this week. So if you email me, etc. just know that I WILL be getting back to you... just not as quickly as normal. :)

ALSO remember that all of those exciting giveaways begin TOMOOORROOOOOWW!!! :D So be sure to check back everyday and spread the word!! WOOT!

Filling in for me today is our LOVELY Blogger of the Week- Laynah from her blog Laynah's Corner! She is so cute and sweet and shares awesome makeup ideas and tips! She's new-ish to the blogging scene and already has made a big splash! Take it away Laynah!!

Hiii! I'm Laynah :) I blog over at Laynah's Corner and this is my very first guest post!

My blog is kind of a baby, I started her on June 23rd this year and I have been such a slow learner. Which is WHY I was SO shocked when I got the e-mail from Gentri asking if I'd like to be her blogger of the week! Holy. Cow.

Gentri has been one of my very favorite blogs, and she is SUCH a sweet person. She is one the first people to follow my blog and has left the sweetest comments from the very beginning. It's kind of hard to start a blog but people like Gentri make it a lot easier. (*Note from Gentri* Aaaaw! THANK YOU Laynah!!)

So you can find out all about me in my about me page (duh) but to introduce myself in kind of a different way I want to share a few things about myself that my readers (and even some of my real life friends) don't know about me. From least to most embarrassing.

5. I like fat things. Namely, animals and babies. Fat is an endearing term for me so I throw it around a little too loosely sometimes and get myself in trouble...I once offended a lady when I worked at subway because two friends had shared a footlong and they wanted it wrapped separately. The thinner woman had less on her sandwich and therefore her sandwich was thinner and when the other lady asked which was which I pointed and said "Yours is the fat one." oops.

4. I take showers most days, but not every day. And I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 showers or so.

3. I take no prisoners at breakfast time, I eat whateverrrr I'm craving. This morning I made peanut butter brownies...but it's okay as long as you drink a glass of milk with it, right?! :)

2. I have A.D.D...I think it's mild because most of the time I can handle it without taking anything but sometimes it is the death of me in the classroom. It's a crazy feeling when you WANT to pay attention, and you just can't.

1. Here's the doozy. I. allready. picked. out. my. husband. He doesnt know yet, but I won't take no for an answer. We were just casual friends before he left on his mission and would hang out every now and then, but I definitely wasn't planning on waiting for him. I went on so many dates, but the problem was, I couldnt help but wish he was the one with me on every date I went on, no matter how nice the guy. Sometimes I'd burst out laughing thinking of something he might say if he were there watching the date. The only problem, is I don't think I'm the only one waiting for him. He'll be back in one year, and if I was brave I'd show you a picture of me and him :)

So I hope I didn't just convince you to NOT read my blog, lol. I swear I'm mostly normal, besides those five things :) Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading and you have a great day/rest of the week!


I love Laynah and her blog and wish she lived closer so we could be real life friends! Make sure you go CHECK OUT HER BLOG! It's fantastic!


Sandy a la Mode said...

i do hear you're not supposed to wash your hair every day... but i have to!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Awwww, I want Future Husband dude to hurry up and come home so we can find out what happens! Now I'm hooked!

Thanks, Gentri, for featuring Laynah! Excited to go visit her blog. :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love Laynah!! Such a cute blog and she has taught me some GREAT tips on how to do my eye makeup :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I love Laynah!! Such a cute blog and she has taught me some GREAT tips on how to do my eye makeup :)

Renee B. said...

LOVE Laynah!!!!!! Great post! :)

Windsor Andersen said...

You are super cute and I will continue to read your blog!


iheartkiwi said...

I love your list! Peanut butter brownies sound amazing for breakfast :)

Alexis Kaye said...

She is adorable! Number one is my favorite! I had a KIND OF similar situation...it didn't work out! HAHA!

Shalyn said...

What a doll! I love that she picked out her hubby and has self-diagnosed ADD. I am in a similar boat on that one;-)

Caitlyn Johnson said...

Love it!
Also just to throw this out here, is it bad that every time I come onto your blog, a self made tune sings gentri lee is sexy. No obviously not in the sexual way but your name just rhymes so perfect.

Alright creeeper post of the week accomplished. =]

With Love, Caitlyn at

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