Alaska Giveaway- Pt. 6!


Today is our LAST Alaskan giveaway!! If you missed the other 5, simply scroll through the previous 5 posts. I'm super jealous of this prize... again, sorry for the low quality picture. :(


Today's prize is a handmade dream catcher! I love these and think they add a touch of whimsy to any room.

This one is fairly long- probably a foot- foot and a half.

To enter this giveaway here's what you must do:

1. You MUST be a follower of Gentri Lee using Google Friend Connect
2. You MUST answer the following trivia question correctly

Here we go!

Out of all my Alaska posts- which made you want to come visit Alaska the most?! :D (this question just made me super sad. :( I don't want to leave!)

Bonus Question!!
Which prize do you want to win the most?!

Easy questions for the last giveaway! :) See?? I AM nice.

This giveaway will end one week from today August 14th

I SHOULD be getting home today! So you'll be hearing from me very soon! yay!!


brooke field said...

I just loved seeing all your photos! This is my fav prize :)

Cat said...

Hunni this is a beautiful last prize & definately my fav! :D

I don't think I can pick a favourite post, I loved reading all your adventures & seeing all the gorgeous photos you took. :) xx

weasel said...

Going to Alaska is my dream, so I love every post about this place!
And every prize is very incredible. I would love anything from Alaska.

Kirsten said...

The post that made me want to visit Alaska the most was the post when you went hiking in the woods. All of the pictures looked stunning! It made me want to pack a bag and yet on over there!


Kirsten said...

I love ALL the giveaways but the one I am secretly hoping I win the most is the Woolly Mammoth Ivory earrings!


Suze said...

I wanted to visit Alaska the most after Byers Lake Part 1 post. Sooo beautiful.

I would like to win this prize the most! Or the earrings. :)

Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

indie by heart said...

To be honest I have only taken part in one of these giveaways ..yet! Hmm I must say that this dreamcatcher would be the loveliest. But I guess that once I look at those other 4 I'll find something better... :)

I'm not sure if any of these giveaways have wanted me to visit Alaska more, maybe all of them because I have ALREADY wanted to travel there, see the wilderness, nature and completely different surroundings, people..! ^^

xx indie by heart

Regan said...

I love dream catchers!!! <3

Lauren said...

Almost-welcome-home! :) I hate not having internet either, it's lame. Love these giveaways though, great idea!

Bree said...

I honestly have loved all the pictures of Alaska, the mountains, the lakes, it definitely makes me want to be there!! :)

Bree said...

I want to win the earrings the most! However, I would suffice for any of them! ;) You did fabulous at picking stuff out!

Shalyn said...

Now THIS is a question I dont have to study for- the hike is what got me!

rach. said...

i loved the first prize! and this one of course, the whimsy-ness. :)

i'm following and i have you button on my blog! :)

Shalyn said...

I love all of the giveaways- so unique! But my faves would be the earrings and the food!

megan danielle said...

i cant pick a favorite post! i liked all of them and especially all the pictures!! ive always always wanted to go to alaska...and someday i will

megan danielle said...

oh and my favorite prize is the dreamcatcher!

Emmett Katherine said...

hmmm well there isn't any specific post but rather any post where you mention and have photos of the wildlife, and scenery makes me want to visit Alaska :)

Emma Frances said...

I loved your posts about Mt. McKinley/Denali. And all the pictures made me want to see beautiful Alaska!

Emma Frances said...

I am also a follower. And the prize I want to win the most are the ivory earrings. They are GORGEOUS!

A Lost Feather said...

i think the Girdwood posts were my faaav.. particularly the one where you guys were out hiking in short sleeves surrounded by snow and ice.. so crazy! such a fantastic adventure- the whole trip!

I thiiiink the prize i want to win most is #3.. the gorgeous charms. ALL of your giveaway items are so generous and pretty :)
i have to go finish entering!

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