Alaska Giveaway- Pt. 5!


Today's giveaway is simply- AWESOME! Do you guys remember when I told you about Mammoth Ivory?? Welllllll... Here you go! (sorry about the low quality)


One lucky person will be the winner of these awesome earrings! Read all about Mammoth Ivory and be amazed!

Isn't that so cool?! :D You'd be wearing a piece of history.

To enter this giveaway you must do the following:

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2. Answer the following trivia question correctly


If you're in the wild- what should you do when you come across a Grizzly Bear?? What should you do if you come across a Black Bear??

This is a tricky one, I know. But it's important to know! Remember that it's ok to cheat. :)

Bonus Entry:

What should you do when you come across a Polar Bear??

This giveaway will end one week from today on August 13th

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our LAST Alaska Giveaway!


Suze said...

In the case of any bear attack, I would call Dwight Schrute. Obviously.

And a polar bear probably would never attack me as they are sweet, cuddly, and friendly, right?

Just kidding! :)

In all seriousness, those earrings are beautiful! And so cool.

According to mountainnature.com, I should remember to make lots of noise, and because black bears are agile climbers and grizzlies can climb short distances, I should try to climb a tree higher than 33 ft. I should wave my arms and back away slowly if they are more than 100 meters away. If they show signs of aggression, not run. Black and grizzly bears can outrun us! Retreat slowly or climb a high tree. Use pepper spray. If it's a black bear, fight back with anything to scare him. If it's a grizzly, play dead at the last moment.

After research and consideration, it is unlikely that I will survive a bear attack. But thank you for helping me be prepared! :)

karajean said...

Ok, let's see. If a grizzy is attacking (that's not technically your question... but just go with it) you are supposed to play dead.

If a black bear is attacking you are supposed to fight back.

karajean said...

As for polar bears, this one was tricky, but make a lot of noise and stand your grand? Fight with a stick if you have to.

Corca said...

Grizzly bear :Avoid direct eye contact. Walk away slowly, if the bear is not approaching. Do not yell or scream.

Never turn your back or run from a black bear. Doing either of these things is essentially asking the bear to chase you.

Corca said...

If you do come across a hungry Polar Bear, be careful to do nothing to aggravate it, back away slowly and don't run, if you have a rifle - which you should if you're going out in wilderness alone - you should fire off warning shots first, and only if you are left with no other choice for your own protection, shoot it.

Bree said...

If you come across a grizzly bear don't run, avoid direct eye contact, walk away slowly (if it's not approaching), don't yell or scream, if it attacks play dead.

If you come across a black bear don't toss it any food, do not run away, back away and make as much noise as possible, if it attacks fight back.

PS I LOVE those earrings, soo cute! :)

Madison said...

ahh my first day of this giveaway! and i didnt even have to look this one up. They made us go through a wilderness training before we moved into the bush and this is what the expert told us:

black bears- be big. fight back. black bears will go in for the kill.

grizzlys- play dead. (our instructor told us to lay on our stomachs, cover the back of heads and let him go at our rears (: ) grizzlys will just injure and then leave

Kirsten said...

Ok I did a lot of Google research for this one. Plus, I worked at a camp in the mountains where bears would come out all the time.

Grizzly Bear- Play dead.
Black Bear- Fight back.

I also love the movie "Did You Hear About the Morgans," in that movie they say to "talk in a monotone voice" haha


Kirsten said...

I think you should play dead if you come across a Polar Bear as well :)


Megan and Justin said...

i follow you! and it i came across any kind of bear i would die. haha but seriously i would probably play dead!!!! i hope this never happens to me.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Someone just got killed by a polar bear yesterday :(

I actually know this stuff because I researched it when I decided I was going to Yosemite :) Also, I SWEAR I heard somewhere that you were supposed to sing to bears to make them not attack you. Since I can not find a single piece of research to back that up, I will not be singing to bears!

Black bears- fight back with anything you have.

Grizzly- walk calmly and slowly away from it if it hasn't noticed you. If it has, don't make direct eye contact and one website even said talk to it, so that it realises you're human and therefore won't attack you!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Polar bears- I saw on a TV show that you should remove your clothes! Not sure if this is right but it's certainly interesting. Polar bears are very easily distracted, so by removing your clothing whilst slowly walking away, they will stop and sniff your clothes... allowing you time to run away!

Emma Frances said...

Bahaha. I love Suze's comment! Definitely call Dwight! But if that doesn't work then for a grizzly you should play dead and for a black bear you should grab anything you can and fight back!

Emma Frances said...

Polar bears are harder but I think you try to look big, make noise, set something on fire to keep between you and the bear, and finally defend yourself if it does attack.

weasel said...

Black bear - fight back
Grizzly - play dead
Polar bear - don't run or show fear but be prepared to defend yourself...

rach. said...


Black? FIGHT.
Grizzly? Die - or play dead at least. ;)

following and i have your button on my blog!

Shalyn said...

AHHH wow, I am in love with these! Black bears- fight. Grizzly- play dead! I love cheating:-)

A Lost Feather said...

hm definitely play dead with the grizzly if he attacks.. otherwise just back away slowly. black bear.. fight back- really? i thought that was play dead too.. i'm going to look it up right now. wow it is fight back! good to know since i hike in black bear areas all the time.

this wasn't a question, but apparently you're supposed to fight back if the animal is cat because they are ANGRY animals. yup. cats are so scary.

A Lost Feather said...

i seriously hope i never come across a polar bear because they are apparently more angry than cats.

i think you're supposed to fight back.. not sure. i'd probably pass out.

Ashley Sloan said...

I love to cheat hehe! And I must get those earrings! I love elephants and wooly mammoths are close enough right? Grizzly Bear- Play dead.
Black Bear- Fight back. I'm so behind on your blog now haha!

Ashley Sloan

Ashley Sloan said...

For a polar bear....defend yourself....and pretty much pray nonstop...ok I would probably run? Hahaha.

Ashley Sloan

Ashley said...

Oh those earrings are super cute!!

If you come across a grizzly in the wild you should not run, avoid direct eye contact, and walk away slowly. If it attacks then you should curl up in a ball and stay as quiet at possible.

If you come across a black bear you should back away slowly while making noise to try and scare it away. If that doesn't work then you should fight back if it attacks. You should also try to appear larger by waving your hands in the air. If all else fails... hope you have a can of bear spray handy! (:

Ashley said...

If you come across a polar bear you should not run, but try to back away slowly. Make noises to try and get them away and if a polar bear attacks, then you should fight back as much as possible! Yikes!!

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