Alaska Giveaway- Pt. 2!


If you missed it- make sure you enter our first giveaway! (scroll down)

Today's giveaway is literally- DELICIOUS!
*NOTE* again... sorry about the heartbeating photo...

First we have Caramels made from the Alaska Birch Trees! Second we have a Mixed Wild Berry Jam! These are both made right here in good ol' AK and are both delicious!! (I know, they had samples!) No worries, they are both sealed and will be delivered in perfect condition!

If you'd like to win these yummy treats here's what you have to do!

1. You MUST be a follower of Gentri Lee using Google Friend Connect
2. You MUST answer the following trivia question correctly!
Only those who do BOTH of these things will be entered into the drawing!

Here's your question... good luck!

Approximately how many lakes does Alaska have??

Remember- cheating is definitely allowed! We're learning here! :)

You can enter an extra time (total of two entries) if you can answer this question correctly:
What is the Alaska State Sport??

This giveaway ends a week from today! August 10th

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next giveaway!


karajean said...

3 million lakes?!?! Holy moly batman! I must get myself to Alaksa- ASAP!

karajean said...

State sport is dog sledding! How fun!

SaffaKate said...

I just love how shiny that pic is!!!
about 3,000,000 lakes! WOAH!
Dog sledding.

rach. said...

following, added the button to the blog, and loving the giveaway!

sport? dog sledding.
lakes? 3 MILLION. woah.
email? rach_423@hotmail.com

love, rach.

Sunny & Star said...

Enter us please! We follow via GFC.

Over 3 million lakes in Alaska!

Sunny & Star said...

And the state sport is Dog Mushing.

Haley K said...

oh girl...you are giving away two of my loves...caramel & jam. YUM!! I'd be lucky to win either one! crossing my fingers!

to answer the first question...Alaska has over 3 million lakes...pretty AWESOME :)

Haley K said...

and for the second question/entry: Alaska's state sport is Dog Mushing :)

and OF COURSE i follow you! :)

Alisha said...

Your trivia questions sure do make for a fun learning experience and awesome giveaway! I am a follower :)

Lake question: over 3 million lakes (who actually counted all of those?!)

Islandfoglifter said...

GREAT Blog!!


A Lost Feather said...

3 million lakes.. that is insane. good thing "see all of alaska's lakes" is not on my list of things to do hehe

Shalyn said...

3 MILLION! Holy cow, this place is looking better and better to me. To be fair,the website I looked at included ponds in their number which can be pretty small, but STILL! Holy cow!

ashley.warner said...

tres million lakes! wowzah!
and of COURSE i'm a follower! duh

ashley.warner said...

dog sledding is the state sport. what else? c'mon now...it IS Alaska afterall! haha

weasel said...

3 million lakes...
and State Sport - Dog mushing

Alexis Kaye said...

Alaska has about 3197 officially named natural lakes, out of over 3000000 unnamed natural lakes.

I am most correct. I WIN I WIN I WIN! :)

Alexis Kaye said...

dog sledding! BAM!

Kirsten said...

Alaska has over 3 million lakes...now that's just crazy!


Kirsten said...

Dog Mushing is the Alaska State Sport!


Cat said...


Dog mushing is the sport.
& over 3 million lakes.

:D! xxxxx

Emma Frances said...

Alaska has over three million lakes! Holy heck I am learning so much about Alaska! Also, this stuff looks DELICIOUS! randeashby.blogspot.com

Emma Frances said...

Dog Mushing is Alaska's state sport! I don't even know what that is--guess I'll be learning more about it now! randeashby.blogspot.com

Bree said...

Alaska has over 3 million lakes!!!

Bree said...

Alaska's state sport is dog mushing! haha. Love it!

indie by heart said...

Yumm, I had to take part in this one too !

3 million lakes ^^

xx indie by heart

Ashley Sloan said...

3 million!!! I want to try those they look delish and I am hungry so I need to go eat lunch now haha! :)

Ashley Sloan

Ashley Sloan said...

Dog mushing mush mush!!!!!!!

Ashley Sloan

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, Alaska has over 3 million lakes! I thought my home state of Michigan had a lot... wow-ee. (:

Do you have any idea how much I love caramel?! Well... I do. This is a wonderful giveaway. Yum yum.

Ashley said...

For the bonus question:

Alaska's state sport is dog mushing! So cool. (:

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