Alaska Giveaway- Pt. 1!


You guys excited?! I know I am and have been DYING to start these giveaways for WEEKS! :D

So here we go!

Our first Alaskan Giveaway! (that sounds like I'm giving away an Alaskan... No... just a trinket... just to clarify)

First up is this awesome key chain and button set.
*NOTE* I'm not really sure why it looks like my picture has a heartbeat... ignore that*

These come from the antlers of Reindeer (keychain) and Moose (buttons). But do not worry, no animals were harmed in the making of these! The man who makes them sends his grand kids out to gather antlers each year when the animals loose them, then carves them into wonderful things. :)

I think that the key chain would actually make an awesome necklace! Just an idea!

If you would like to be the proud owner of these items here's what you have to do:

1. You MUST be a follower of Gentri Lee using Google Friend Connect
2. You must answer this Alaska trivia question CORRECTLY!


What year did Alaska become a State? AND Who did the United States buy it from?

Those who do both of these items correctly will be entered into the drawing. This giveaway will end one week from today- August 9th!

P.S. Cheating is totally allowed! Phone a friend, look it up! Use a lifeline! Whatevs!

As long as you do the mandatory entry you can also do this one!
Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Google+ (still not sure what that one is, even though I have an invite sitting in my inbox), WHATEVER about these giveaways and leave a link for your extra entry!!

P.S. Make sure you check out or blogger of the week- Laynah!!

P.P.S. Make sure you come back tomorrow for giveaway number 2!


SaffaKate said...

Alaska became a state in 1959 after buying it from Russia.
YEAH i got smarts! (Google-smarts!)

I already put your giveaway button up on my blog last week, and of course I follow you on GFC!

I love Moose, so those buttons are just awesome!

karajean said...

It became a state in 1959 and we bought it from the Russian Empire. (So says Wikipedia!)

Yay! Excited to see all the giveways. What a fun idea.

Sunny & Star said...

We follow you via GFC!

Alaska became a state in 1959. It was purchased from Russia.

I think the maker of these is wonderfully talented.

Bree said...

The US bought Alaska from Russia. Alaska then later became a state in 1959.

Cat said...


Right serious bit: Alaska was bought by the US from Russia & it became a state in 1959.

& I follow you on Google connect.
I blogged about your giveaway: http://hello-cat.blogspot.com/2011/08/im-literally-so-excited.html
I put your button on my page at the side: http://hello-cat.blogspot.com
& posted a status on Facebook about your giveaway on my page: http://www.facebook.com/OneHandInMyPocket

I think that's it! :D xxxx

rach. said...

following already and 1959 and russia!

AND tweeeeeetedddd! :)


love, rach.

Shalyn said...

Bought from Russia and became the 49th state in 1959. BONUS- it was bought for only 7.2 million- a whole state! So crazy, ha!

I follow, of course:-)

rach. said...

oh! and i added your button! i forgot to mention it. sorry. :/

Alisha said...

Hehe giving away an Alaskan! Ha, now that would BE a giveaway lol. What a fun giveaway. I am a follower. :) And if only who wants to be a millionaire allowed google searches to answer questions… ;)

1959 and Russia

A Lost Feather said...

1959 and russia :) and i actually knew the russia part hehe

these are beautiful. love that the artist employs his grandkids hehe so cute

ashley.warner said...

Alaska was purchased from Russia in '59 {i love that this is OPEN web and not supposed to come from my noggin...i'm not that clever}

ps. i follow already

weasel said...

The USA bought Alaska from Russia.
Alaska became a state in 1959.

Kirsten said...

Alaska became a state in 1959 after being bought from Russia! Booyahhhh :)

megan danielle said...

it was bought by the u.s. from russia in 1959 :)

Corca said...

Alaska was bought by the US from the Russian Empire. January 3, 1959

Corca said...

I blogged about it!!

Emma Frances said...

Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire in 1867 but didn't become a state until January 3, 1959. {Wikipedia is awesome--and so are your giveaways!} randeashby.blogspot.com

Emma Frances said...

I also blogged about your sweeeet giveaway!! {Even though I don't want everyone to take away my chances for cool stuff from Alaska! :]}


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