Important Giveaway Information!


Ok, so I seriously want to thank you guys. You are the best followers a girl could ask for! Each day I read your sweet comments and awesome posts and am amazed that I can have friends like that all over the world! I am INCREDIBLY lucky. :)

SO to show my appreciation for you guys, I've collected some AWESOME items from Alaska! I'm not talking a T-Shirt. No no. I mean real, handmade, authentically Alaskan gifts that I will be giving away! (which is incredibly difficult, as I want to keep them all!) I've got 6 different prizes lined up so that's 6 days of Giveaways (rhymes!!) and 6 possible chances to win!

But you see, this is no ordinary giveaway. In order to be entered into the drawings you must first- be follower using GFC (of course) and second- answer each days Alaska trivia question (cheating is TOTALLY ALLOWED!). Only those who answer CORRECTLY will be entered into the drawings!

But that only gives you one entry each day. Bummer.

Well, I've fixed that! Each day will have a BONUS QUESTION or TASK that you can answer for an additional entry IF and only IF you've done the first two steps. (one step if you're already a follower)

That's still only two entries... WELL since I am so nice (teehee!) I've made this little button below! (I made it super quickly before I became computer-less... so don't judge) IF you copy the code in that little box and post it somewhere on your blog where it can be seen by your readers- you may have TWO extra entries for EACH giveaway! :D (that's two separate comments so I know)

So now we've got a total of FOUR possible entries! Awesome! :D

Remember that these giveaways will be happening while I'm driving from Alaska, through Canada, back to the lower 48. So if it takes a while for me to respond to any questions or concerns- that's why. The only form of communication I will have will be wi-fi at our hotels each night.

So THANK YOU ALL for being so great and nice to me! I am super excited about this! So make sure to enter each day! Or don't, and I can keep all of the prizes! Mwahaha!

The giveaways start


So be prepared!


Cat said...

SO excited about this. :)

As soon as Tuesday comes.. that button is going STRAIGHT on my blog. :D! xxxxx

SaffaKate said...

Woohoo! I'm getting my game face on.

rach. said...

AHHH can't wait! :)

ashley.warner said...

i am so excited to see what you've got up your sleeve pretty lady!

hope you are traveling safe as well!

Megan and Justin said...

yaya! can't wait!!

Ashley said...

Awww what a great idea to giveaway fun gifts from your travels. I'd totally try and win a t-shirt, but now you have me curious as to what you'll be giving away! (:

Safe travels!

AllyM said...

girl...soon we will be friends is reallll life. August 22nd is when I get to the promise land:) get amped. hahaha

Suze said...

This sounds like a great giveaway! Hope you had safe travels and a fun voyage home!

Kirsten said...

SOO excited!! Cant wait! I seriously am playin for keeps hahaha


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You are so thoughtful. :) I love this idea...and can't wait to win! (HA! I'm thinking positively!)


JelenaDoll ~ said...

Awww your so sweet! This is Exciting ! :)) Cant waiit!

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