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This post may jump around from subject to subject and have horrible grammar. Some photo's were exposed to bad lighting, bad photographers, and reflective fish tanks. All (minus one) photos were quickly assembled into "not so great" collages. Hope you can make it through...

Today was such a fun day! We drove down to Seward (city 3 hours south of Anchorage) to hike to a glacier, visit the sea life center, etc. This post is full of collages because it's much easier that way with all of these pictures. I tried to collage by "activity" so that the pictures were still plenty large.

First we hiked/ walked the 1.5 mile trail to Exit Glacier. You can practically walk right up to it. This is my first time being this close to a glacier and I was so excited! It's so pretty!

Here are a few pictures (not sure why I made two seperate collages) of the family. Sorry I look so ridiculous. haha! That jacket is not hunter's orange. It's pink... Just looks brighter in the pics and I couldn't fix it without losing everyone else's color. I'm the only one who dressed appropriately though. I knew. It rained all day- wind breaker with long sleeves underneath, and rain boots. I'm smart. haha!

These pictures include me, my dad, my mom, nieces and nephew, sister, and brother inlaw.
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After we stopped for lunch and visited the candy and souvenir shops- we headed to the Sea Life Center.

That bottom middle picture is what the main street in Seward looks like... only it looks much better in person. I was holding up the drive home by running out into the middle of the street to snap a bad photo. haha! I had to at least get one so you guys could see what it SORTA looks like. :)

Right as we were about to turn down my sister's street we saw a mommy moose and her two little twins. The twins were playing/ frolicking/ running away from us. So cute. :) This was the best wildlife we'd seen all day- and it was right next to their house. haha! The only other wildlife we saw today were lots of birds. Although we are lucky enough to count a Swan and Bald Eagle in there. :D

That was our day. I got some great souvenirs, good memories, good exercise, and great quality family time. :)

Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend!!

P.S. I had to show you my favorite picture of the day! I was testing out the settings on my sisters camera to see which worked best on the fish tanks. Didn't know I'd capture this treasure! Can you spot the item that doesn't belong??


Grace said...

These photos are amazing! The mountain looks beautiful and the fish cute :) The last picture is great!!

Kirsten said...

It seems like you had a fabulous day! I am so jealous of all the awesome wildlife you saw, seriously a Moose? What tops a Moose??

A Tablespoon Of Life said...

hehe! i spy a cute little boy right in the middle of the fish tank :P reminds me of my little sister!
Famuly time is the best! It's also good for the sould!
Have an awesome weekend!

Alexis Kaye said...

So cute! Glad you're having so much fun!

Kelsey and Covey said...

Adorable blog! and i love your style:) new follower!

xoxo kelsey


brooke field said...

I am loving your Alaskan adventures! I can't wait until my own trip there in September!

LaynahRose said...

You hiked a glacier?! Seriously, how cool is that...you're practically an Alaskan Explorer now.

I love love the sea life center pictures, it would have been my favorite part (besides seeing baby moose twinsies! how cuuute.)

Erika Lee Sears said...

Aren't glaciers amazing? I always think something is hidden inside of them because they always find animals and cavemen from a million years ago in them.

Kaycie said...

Looks like a fun trip! I think Alaska is on my go-see list now. Looks gorgeous!

Luana Espindola said...

Aw, the layout of your blog is SO CUTE! kk Congratulations, and the photos are very nice !
A lot of kisses. *-*

Kiersten said...

That last photo is absolutely adorable!! Somewhere, I have a photo from a trip to the zoo a couple of years ago: a little boy is shoved right up against the tank in an attempt to get the best look at the polar bears inside. I love it! And this photo is so great!
It sounds like you guys had an awesome day - thanks for sharing the photos from your trip!
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

Funny that you say your photos are off because I was just going to say how all of your photos are amazing! I love them all, in every post!

Anonymous said...

P.S. that comment was from brooke, brookeskousen.blogspot.com. I can't figure out why when I comment it says Anonymous! Also, im sorry im just getting back to you. I've been out of the blogging world for a little while! Thats funny I seem familiar! Where are you from?

Courtney B said...

Love the pictures!! What FUN adventures! You are so lucky girl!
And p.s. you are GORGEOUS!

Shalyn said...

I love this post and think you look adorable in pink AND orange;-)I didnt know you were going with your family- what a special trip!

Ashley Sloan said...

Um that momma moose and baby ones were too cute! I saw two baby deer's (is that right? ha prob not) yesterday in the woods here! And love how you dressed for the weather...I seriously would wear boots everyday if I could and a bun. You look gorgeous!


katherine said...

looks like so much fun :)

Emmett Katherine said...

Moose! Awesome you were able to capture them on (digital) film. Sometimes it's tricky! I was training awhile back for a race and I kept seeing a family of deer, but it wasn't till my 4th run that I was able to actually get a pic of them!

Random animal fact, did u know that moose and deer populations can't exist in the same territory?

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Hi! New follower roll call! I stumbled upon your blog today and couldn't be more excited. Loving it and catching up on past posts. Great photos too...and wowza that glacier is something else!

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