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Happy Independence Day Everyone! Whether you're American or just love America. :)

If you missed it- I guest posted over at Love, Ramsey (my life is complete!) yesterday! Go check it out!

Today we've got a post from our lovely blogger of the week! I simply LOVE Ashley and am crossing my fingers that we get to meet in the near future! So read on and go check her bloggy home out!

Hi friends of Gentri Lee!

First off, Happy 4th of July!!! And be safe shooting off fireworks why dontcha :)

Second, I am SO excited to be here today writing on Gentri’s blog as her blogger of the week! AND because it is the 4th of July! What an honor! Really Gentri is so sweet to ask me and I just love her blog. I feel like I have so much in common with her and that we could be BFF’s if I didn’t move away from Utah to Colorado. Well, we pretty much are BFF’s, let’s be real! Okay you may be wondering who I am…
And here is a little introduction for ya!

I’m Ashley and I’m the writer of Sloanbook. I’m just an American girl living in Colorado with Kevin (my husband) and Katinka (my long-haired Chihuahua). Kevin and I were married in the Denver, Colorado temple almost three years ago and marrying him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The summer after we were married Kevin played summer ball in Albany, New York. He played collegiate Baseball for Brigham Young University (BYU) so he was training then, make sense?

While he was in NY, I was at my parents in Colorado and I was dying to get a puppy! I picked out little Miss Katinka who is a sassy little long-haired chihuahua beauty. We wanted to name her something funky/fun from another language possibly since you can’t name your children that haha. So we remembered we loved the movie Zoolander and Katinka Ingabagovinana is from the movie Zoolander. (Please tell me you know who she is haha) So Katinka it was :)

While Kevin played BYU Baseball he traveled a lot, so Katinka was there to keep me company. We both just graduated in April from BYU’s Marriott School of Management. Kevin studied entrepreneurship and I studied Marketing :) I blog about whatever I feel like and everyday happenings, so you never know what you’ll get but hey I could never write on just one topic :) 

Being the 4th of July- Gentri asked me to talk about what it means to be an American. America to me is a land of opportunity and I try to not forget that. We are so blessed that we can believe in whatever we want to and go after any dreams that we have. I am so proud to be an American! I am so grateful for the soldiers off fighting for our freedoms and we all owe SO MUCH to them. I am so glad that I’m an American girl and glad that today is a special day to celebrate it. Happy 4th of July and I hope it is a special day to remember!

Anyways, I would love to meet some of Gentri’s friends so come say hi :) You can find me at Sloanbook HERE

You guys REEEEEAAAALLLLYYYYY need to check Ashley's blog out! PLUS she's having an AWESOME giveaway right now! Not even kidding. So go!

Happy 4th of July! Go have FUN!


Ashley Sloan said...

Ohhh this was exciting to read this morning! When I get back to my inlaws I'll put up a post for this :) It is all messed up because of the Internet not working on my computer :( But I would love to meet you sometime ha. Well have a good 4th!!! :)

karajean said...

Ashley is adorable! Can't wait to check our her blog!

Swirls of Happy said...

Happy 4th!!! Hope you are having a blast in Alaska!!!

Oh, and this sounds totally dumb...but what did you mean by the "linky" on my blog? How do I do that and what is it? Email me: brittanyh@gmail.com. XOXO


Shalyn said...

I just discovered Ashleys blog last week- love it! That dog is so adorable!

Haley K said...

Ashley seems like a great girl :) and is she a beauty or what?? :)

I love what she said about not forgetting how blessed we are to be in America and how it is such a land of opportunity...I know I take it for granted since it's all I've known...but I truly am grateful! Happy Birthday America! :)

and how cool that her hubs plays baseball for BYU! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

hope u had a happy 4th weekend gentri!! :) yay for finding new blogs!!!

Eline said...

Lovely photos!
That dog is so cute. :)

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