Blogger of the Week: Life of a Passeri

Hey guys!! Today we have our new Blogger of the Week Spotlight from Heather and her blog Life of a Passeri. :D She is SO cute and has an awesome blog! I love her outlook on life, style, and... her hair! WISH I could pull something like that off! So here she is... Take it away Heather!

Hi Gentri Lee readers! Its so nice to meet you all! I was so amazingly flattered when Gentri asked me to be the blogger of the week on her amazing blog! She is so fun and genuine! I think she and I would be great friends in the not-cyber world, which means we would be great friends too no?

So, let me introduce me-self. I'm Heather, a recent college grad with a love of music, hula hooping, and living room dance parties.

The hubs is Justin. He puts up with all of my crazyiness, is a wiz with a frying pan, and quick with a smile which basically makes him the best person in the known universe.

Our little puppies are Nips and Roxy. They both came from abusive situations, so are a bit on the crazy side, which means they fit right into our little clan, and we love them so so much!

Life of a passeri originally started as a way for me to show off the smokin deals I found on pretty things, and pass a long a bit of my eBay wisdom (I'm basically an eBay ninja in case you didn't know), and has since become a place for me to share all of my little projects and bits of happiness!

So come on over and I'll bake you some brownies...or at least be very very happy for your visit! :)

 Heather from Life of a Passeri

Isn't she awesome??  So now it's your job to head on over to Life of a Passeri and give Heather some Love!!


SaffaKate said...

oh i just love that fishy bag! so cute.

iris loves said...

I didn't know any of your blogs, I'm glad I did come here:)

Mrs. T said...

Just put up your button. :)
And I really want her fish bag!! haha

Claire said...

aww those dogs are sweet!!

Monica and Whitney said...

I love Heather!!

Ask the Duplex

Shalyn said...

I am heading over there now to let her know she is the cutest thing EVER! Love that she rescued those precious pups!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Awww, okay, so excited to go meet Heather!

Diana Smith said...

She is so cute! I met her at a blog party and she is awesome!

Janette said...

Ok. Yup! She's awesome! Totally checking out her blog! Stat!

Janette, the Jongleur

Sharde said...

the fish bag even has a name. :) you forgot to mention that heather! :)

s + b said...

i LOVE HER STYLE! that dress is gorgeous!

i really like this blogger of the week feature, such a great idea!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are sooo cute!!

Dani said...

She has great style!!

Olesya said...

I like your blog and this post *
you are very sweet


MarieAntoinette said...

Thanks ;* I love your dogs, they're awesome!

Brenda Chela said...

I went to High School with Heather! She's the sweetest person ever!

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