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AH! YOU GUYS! I am guest posting over at one of my very favorite blogs today- Love, Ramsey!! She is the cutest ever and is on vacation. Please go check it out! Especially because It's the lamest post ever because I literally couldn't think of anything "worthy" of posting on Ramsey's blog... So go check it out anyways, because you'll fall in love with her and her blog. :)


If you're COMING from Ramsey's blog and wondering where that video is- well I havn't posted it yet. haha! Things have been crazy in Alaska and I havn't had time to edit it. But I'm hoping for time tonight! So stay tuned!

Now back to our regular posting-

Before I go onto yesterday- I have some left over pictures from our trip to Seward-

1. The GORGEOUS pair of fingerless gloves I bought in Seward. They're from the Himalayas!
2. The AMAZING rings I wanted REALLY BADLY! They're made from REAL MAMMOTH TUSKS! (ivory) But not just any ivory (thank goodness these guys are extinct- I wouldn't want elephant ivory), MAMMOTH IVORY!
3. A shirt I ALMOOST got for my sister who wasn't able to join us on this trip. :( It's ok, the shirt I DID get her is even cooler. haha!
4. Jelly Fish from the Sea Life Center
5. A "Hairy Otter" tshirt from the Sea Life Center. hahaha! I didn't get this one either.

Now onto yesterday-

Yesterday was spent around town. First we went onto the military base and went miniature golfing. Then we looked at some of the planes for my dad. Next we went to my favorite Alaskan restaurant- the Sourdough Mining Company and the Wild Berry Farms! Last we went to Earthquake Park.

1. Mini golf
2. Ice cream with SPRINKLES! what else??
3. My nieces in front of the GIANT chocolate fountain that holds 3,400 lbs of chocolate!!
4. The view of Anchorage from Earthquake Park
5. My dad in front of the fastest plane used in WWII
6. Niece being a diva
7. Nephew being a SCARY bear!
8. Feeding and petting the reindeer!
9. Some of the daisy's that grow EVERYWHERE here!

And last- a few funny pictures from Wild Berry Farms. :)


Roxiita Guzman said...

nice post! :)
you can find me at http://englishbubble.blogspot.com/

Autumn said...

Wow, how are those ivory rings even legal? I say that, but I totally was like "ohh, I want one!"

Gaby said...

ha, now i want an ice cream with SPRINKLES! looks like a fab day :)

Ana* said...

I love your fingerless gloves...

It looks like a perfect day :)

Swirls of Happy said...

I can't believe your neighbor was friends/dated those guys! How lucky....I am seriously obsessed with Adam. LOL. ANYHOO, going over to check out your post now! Have a blast in Alaska :) XO

kelley mackenzie said...

cute blog! now following :)

s + b said...

seward, alaska? crazy! i've been there a million times with my dad, i grew up in sitka. great photos! your blog is super cute!

LaynahRose said...

haha the bottom ones made me laugh. I enjoy your pictures soo much.

Julia_Julia said...


Ashley Sloan said...

Cute guest post! I think it was great...and you can see what I wrote on that post haha. But it looks like you've been having fun in Alaska! I've seen a lot of those pics on Instagram. How do you edit pictures and not have them post to the Instagram newsfeed? I don't know if I saw everyone of those pictures lol. Oh by the way! I put up a post saying I'm your blogger of the week...yay!


Haley K said...

this post made me smile :) those fingerless gloves...SWOON! and from the himalayas, how awesome! :) Oh, and those Wild Berry Farm pictures are too funny! looks like you guys had a blast!

So....i really love your blog :) Gentri, you seem like such a sweetheart!! All of your photos you capture of the people in your life and of the little things around you...i adore it all :) I'm excited to follow along!

Autumn said...

I didn't realize y'all knew each other (Kaycie) I figured that there seemed to be a Las Vegas/Utah connection, but I wasn't really sure how to piece it together haha :)

Shalyn said...

Your family is so adorable! I am loving these collages- the Harry Otter shirt cracks me up! Stay safe!

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