Time Is Running Out

Only a few more hours to enter the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway!! It closes at midnight. If you have yet to enter- you better do it now!! Also double check and make sure all your entries are still there. We had some issues where some entries were somehow deleted last time. Don't want that!

Click Here For The Spotted Umbrella Giveaway


ashley.warner said...

i am anxious to see the results of this giveaway!

Ashley Sloan said...

Hopefully I win :)

Annnd I just nominated you for a blog award so take a looky! Go here:

Ashley Sloan

Sunny & Star said...

I have already entered and am awaiting the results!

neuroticmom said...

Gentri, Yes! It was from someone who called themselves Angel Moroni. That makes me feel a little better that it's not just targeted at me.

I have a silly question. How in the world did you get so many followers so fast? I just know so little about the blogging world.

Also, how do I set it up so I approve comments first?

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