Mini Road Trip

Last night my sister and I headed south for a campout with some people from our church. I discovered that blueberries make the best road trip food, we made some new friends, watched the Manti Pageant, and overall had a great time. :) What did you do this weekend?

While trying to pick out music for a solo and a duo that I'm choreographing I came across this song that was my go to song last Summer. It's so beautiful. The official video couldn't be shared, so here's one with the english translation and you can see the official video HERE.

I seriously listen to this song on repeat. :)

And guess what! I made it into Pinterest. Yes, I'm finally joining everyone else. I have yet to figure out exactly what to do with it besides just enjoying all the pretty pictures. Tips would be lovely. :) I'll get a button up soon that'll take you to my page and we can be Pinterest friends as well as bloggy friends. yay!

AH! And guess what else! Today is the LAAAST day to enter the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway! HURRY! Go now!

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P.S. Wanna hear something funny??? We just realised my sisters cat is a boy... not a girl... we are coming up with a new name... poor cat.


Kelsi Flygare said...

hahahahaha oh Mckenna....why does that not surprise me?? What I want to know is how you figured out it was a boy, and not a girl... :)

Tucker said...

oh what fun!! (:

Nikki said...

arent' blueberries the best!? and strawberries. gotta love strawberries! ^^ x

Laura Elizabeth said...

Now *I* have listened to that song over and over. Thank you for putting it into my life :)

Road trips are fun, glad you had a great time!

Ramsey said...

Love road trips. I am so in need of one right now. Mini...or not. Beautiful pictures!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Aw these photos are pretty awesome. This weekend only went ice-skating and i was pretty pro :p

hmm Pinterest. I have heard of that before but never really have taken a look at it. I should get onto pinterest and then become friends with you, great idea? yesssss.

hahaha at the cat problem, aww definitely poor cat.

Kate said...

Awww, mini road trips are great! Can't wait to be pinterest friends. Im new on there myself so don't have much tips.


Jada said...

I love blueberries :) and that song is beautiful! I'm obsessed!

Nicole said...

That is too funny! Poor kitty. Okay, so question: what exactly is Pinterest and how do you join? Everyone always talks about it and I've been curious! Should I join too?!

Julie A. said...

I've always wanted to go to the Manti Pageant! Maybe next year (but probably not).

I used to bookmark all the recipes and projects that I wanted to try- now I just pin them on Pinterest. It's nicer to just be able to look at them all with pictures, so I can remember exactly what it was. Also, you can repin pictures/things that other people have pinned if you like them a lot.

patience said...

my boss just sent me a link recently of this music - i love it! while we're on the subject, check out juliette greco and emmanuelle seigner and blossom dearie.

ok, that is all, i am working all weekend as usual!

Regan said...

Wow that song is gorgeous!
And I loved how you posted thopse sytycd videos on your last post!

brooke field said...

I love road trips! Especially those that involve camping

S and O said...

Blueberries are the best :)
They are the perfect snack for all types of adventures especially when you mix them with granola...yum!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OOOH! I love this song...thank you for introducing it to me! :) I love Julie Delpy and Carla Bruni, as well, for some fabulous french tunes. ;)

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh my gosh you dominate commenting haha.

I just went to Manti a few months ago to my Bishop's cabin! And how was the Manti pageant? Never went...known a ton of people who have though!

Yes, it is my first time reading The Host...I have started reading it a few times haha I think I told you that, but I have gotten into it finally!

Unfortunately I am unemployed but my dad paid me in letting me accompany him on his business trip so I guess that is good! Yes, I love talking to people at expos (Oh I worked at the Women's Expo before, I bet you've heard of that ha)

Ashley Sloan

Shalyn said...

I LOOOOVVVEEE camping! And I have always wanted to go to the Manti pageant- maybe someday! Yay for Pinterest, so fun!

Miss Celeste said...

awesome! my brother was totally there with his wifey that night!

i ended up seeing the Nauvoo Pageant in SLC....my friend was playin in it so we got to see the play before the cast flew out to Nauvoo for the summer.

it was kinda of funny though because they didn't have all their props haha

AlphabetSoup Style

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

really blueberries I would have never thought.

Courtney Ash said...

hahaha omg I totally relate! When I was young I always wanted a cat named fifi so I got the cutest little grey kitten. Well by the time we found out fifi was a boy it was WAY to late. He walked everywhere with his tale between his legs. We scared him for life lol

Nnenna said...

What a lovely song Gentrilee, thanks thanks for sharing! =)

star-crossed smile

Sandy a la Mode said...

great pics!! and YUM to blueberries!!!

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