The Liebster Blog Award

Yesterday I was given this fantastic award from Ashley over at Sloanbook (where I did my guest POST remember??). I love Ashley. I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends if we ever met in real life!

The "Liebster Blog Award" was basically created to bring attention to those bloggers with fewer than 300 followers. Upon receiving this award you must link back to the the blogger who chose you and as well choose four more lovely bloggers!

I am not sure how I can pick just 4 bloggers. Seriously. But I must. So here they are!

1.  Kaitlyn from Isavirtue. I just love her. I feel like even though we've never met, we are really good friends! She also let me guest POST a while ago (when I won her giveaway!). You should really check out her blog. She's INCREDIBLY talented, artistic, and creative. She has an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade stationary etc. It's all beautiful. Go GO Go!

2. LCR (aka lauren) from Outside Voice. Her and I have followed eachothers blogs for a while now and I loooove her blog (and of course her). She does everything. She is a photographer, travels the world, loves fashion, grew up dancing (just like me!), and to top it all off- she works in a mine. I think that's so awesome! Check out her blog, you'll love her too!
3. Brooke from [field notes]. I just recently started following her blog even though I blog stalked her a few months ago to catch a glimpse at her ADORABLE puppy. She's real life friends with my sister and that's how I came to know about her. She blogs about her cute life with her hubby, their puppy, and life in St. Louis. It makes me feel good to know my sister will have friends close by when she moves. You should go check her out!

4. Ashley from All Things Ashley. I love Ashley and her blog. She posts about her life including things like adventures, music, and things to make you laugh. We live in neighboring cities and it is a goal of mine to have a blogger meet up with her (and any other bloggers in the area). She also has an Etsy shop where she sells lovely handmade and vintage items.

Congratulations girls! I hope you go and check out those girlies and their lovely blogs! This post took literally an hour to write because I couldn't decide who to give the blog award to!

Another BLOG and POST you should be reading is our blogger of the week! It's my sister this week and today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday Chablis!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i like this award bc it is german :)

brooke field said...

oh you're so sweet! thanks!! and ps: hope you have fun in alaska...i miss it!

Janette said...

CONGRATS! And yay for nominating Lauren! You rock Lauren!

Janette the Jongleur

Becca and Derek said...

Yay for awards with the small follower lists! You're getting up there girl! Keep up your hard work!

LCR said...

ah! Thanks SO much Gentri (and Janette for the sweet comment) you are so sweet. So neat to know great friends like you are reading and enjoying my little bloggy blog. I'll be sure to pass the honour on to some great bloggers:)
Happy Tuesday, and thanks for making mine a bit happier;)

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE finding new blogs to read!! although it takes up a lot of time, haha! ;)

Laura Elizabeth said...

I love when people do this as it always gives me a chance to look at blogs that I would otherwise miss out on.

Also- I can't believe you did a hair version of '30 for 30'... there I was thinking I was so original :) I'll have to check out your posts for some inspiration.

AND, a few days ago I made those Ritz crackers with peanut butter and white chocolate- so good!!

Young People in Love said...

I love the criteria for this award!! There are SO many great blogs out there that don't get near enough play.

Grace said...

Congratulations! :D

Ashley Sloan said...

Yayyy glad I could give it to you girl :) I guess I'll have to check out those other bloggers!!!

Ashley Sloan

ashley.warner said...

thank you so much lady!!!!
love your blog. and we are so doing a blogger meet up...lets head this thing up, mmmkay?!

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