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I was so excited when my sister agreed to be my Blogger of the Week! It's her birthday tomorrow (lots of june birthdays around here) so I thought that would be the perfect time to have her showcased. She's superwoman in my eyes, and she's the one who got me into blogging in the first place (along with our blogger of the week from a couple weeks ago- Leslie). So read on and go give her and her blog some love!

Hi there! I'm Chablis (Sha-blee) from "A Charmed Life". I also happen to be Gentri's BIG sister! I taught her everything she knows. (*wink*wink*)

I may be older than Gentri, but I'm certainly not cooler (note from gentri: she's much cooler. both my sisters are). I blog about mommyhood, our Alaskan adventures, and my quest to be a healthful eater.

Ever since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis my life has been completely flipped upside down. I am daily readjusting the perception of who I think I'm supposed to be. Reinventing what my hobbies are. Remembering what my priorities are. Now that I have such a limited energy level I really have to be careful how I spend my time. I used to be a craft-a-holic so to speak. I loved throwing parties, baking, dressing up, decorating, and doing fun things for the people I love. Now, those things have been put on the back burner.

Most days I look like this:
 So, instead of fashion blogging (really, who needs to be fashionable when you live in Alaska?) I post healthy recipes that have been successful on my dinner table.

Instead of throwing parties, I may post about how I'm dealing with my relationship with my Heavenly Father and how my beliefs are helping me in my life. 

But usually I post about my life as a mom and the fun things we do as a family.

I am certainly NO photographer and I admit it front up that I can't take a decent picture to save my life. So, for all you photographers out there I apologize and pray that my photos don't hurt your eyes too much!

So there you have it. I'm just a nerdy, plain ol' housewife who likes to rant about life on the internet. Hey, if you can relate come on over and we'll be great friends!
What Chablis happened to leave out is how awesome she is. She teaches Zumba and Step, she and her family are outside EVERY day finding new trails and hikes to enjoy in the great state of Alaska where they live. She has been through some rough things but always comes out on top. She is a FANTASTIC cook and she's so creative. I love her and am so happy that I can say not only is she my big sister but one of my best friends. I'm also lucky because I get to go and stay with her and her family (I'm in LOOOVE with her kids btw) for the entire month of July! So excited!
Thank you Chib!

P.S. I am so sorry if I have been neglecting any of your blogs (or rather- leaving boring generic comments) I tried to catch up today and just couldn't get to everyone. Life has been busy lately. I've had dances to choreograph and teach (taught for 5 hours today... kinda tired), plus parade to worry about, leaving to AK in a week (AH! SO EXCITED), plus much more. So I PROMISE I will get to you! If I have yet to visit your blog, please leave a link in the comments. Also, the best way to contact me is through my email (on the contact me page). So don't leave too many crazy questions in the comments... I forget about them. Sorry... hahaha!

P.P.S The winners of the Spotted Umbrella Giveaway will be announced tomorrow! Woot!


Janette said...

Awwww! Your sister is cute! I'm sad to hear about her condition..My mammy-in-love has it and it's super painful and debilitating.. Praying for miraculous recovery!!! Oh! And all the blogs you feature are super awesometacular...Maybe some day I'll be that cool!! Have a greattt day Gentri Lee!

Janette, the Jongleur

JelenaDoll ~ said...

I really liked reading this post. It was so sweet. Your sister sounds really awesome and thats cool how you two have a relationship together. I also like how her condition doesn't bring her down, love positive attitude towards life and things.

Courtney Ash said...

This post is gorgeous! DO NOT say sorry for those photos girl they are absolutely beautiful! So lucky that your have a sister to share experiences and life with! I've always wanted a little sister! Love this post so amazing~ xoxo

Kate said...

That is so sweet that your sister is also your best friend. I would love to live in Alaska i think. Being outdoors everyday must just be so refreshing! Can't wait to hear about your stay there in July!

Chablis said...

Well, you were overly generous in your sweet comments about me. I'm happy to see the nice things your bloggy friends are saying too. :)

Thanks sweet sis!

brooke field said...

She's so modest!

iheartkiwi said...

Lovely post!

I just got back from Alaska with my family. It was absolutely gorgeous and we loved every minute of our trip. So jealous you get to live there!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Your sister sounds NEAT-O! I couldn't imagine living in Alaska, but she makes it look/sound pretty amazing! & I love your little added on message about her...how sweet you sisters are.

Sunny & Star said...

Your sister is beautiful. She has such lovely hair.

I love her pictures too. They are so beautiful. Alaska looks so pretty.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My hubby's coworker, who he carpools with, has rheumatoid arthritis so I've learned a little about it. Sounds like you have an amazing sister!

Ashley Sloan said...

Awww how sweet! I am going to check out her blog now :)

Ashley Sloan

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