Weekend Rundown

I hate going back into a normal week after having a long weekend. I love my long weekends, I just hate when they're over. I have a parade to choreograph today... I've been in parades my whole life, I've just never choreographed one. Luckily it's a tiny little city parade (the smallest one around too), so it won't be too big of a deal. My parents were able to visit this weekend from Arizona and it was so fun to have us all (minus my older sis) together for the weekend.

We spent Memorial day lounging around the house then eating at our favorite local burger joint. After which the parents and neighbors all played their favorite game of dominos while McKenna and I (younger sis) watched Bachelorette (AH! Love William and West) and the new Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition. It was super inspiring to see someone be so motivated and basically transform in one year.

My birtday (I will now be calling it birtday instead of birtHday since I messed up on my collage last night) is coming up in a couple of weeks and my family has started asking what I want. Well I already have a list going in my phone, but my mom asked for an actual list she could see. I went to type one up but the computer I have to use right now doesn't have Word... What computer doesn't have Word these days? So I used Notepad which printed weird, so I ended up cutting it up and making an UGLY collage at 1 am.

My list includes a necklace from the lovely Sarah's Etsy Shop. It has a fox on it, and foxes are my favorite animal (along with lions). Two pairs of Toms (striped and lace), new running shoes (Nike Frees of course!), Michael Kors Aviators, a tripod, and a memory card.

Of course I don't expect everything on this list, but they asked for things I've been wanting- so I give the people what they want. haha!

That's it for my weekend- thrilling, I know. Have a great day!!

P.S. My guest post with the chair tutorial is up. So check that out HERE.

P.P.S. We are FINALLY supposed to have an entire week of sunshine and warmth! JOY!


Ashley Sloan said...

Oh I watched The Bachelorette too, how much do you hate Bentley!? Enough said. Good luck choreographing! Oh, got to love parades. I was in the BYU Homecoming one dancing a couple of years. And we'll see if I try to teach ha. No, I just barely moved from Provo a month ago after graduation, so I am in Colorado now!

Ashley Sloan

Courtney Ash said...

Ahhh it all sounds so fun <3 And yay for sunshine:)) Have an amazing week beautiful!

tuesdays at nordic landing said...

Yay for choreographing the parade! Let us know how it turned out!

Becca said...

I feel so out of it not watching the bachelorette this season but I just can't stand Ashley! I thought she was so annoying in Brad's season. Anywho, love the aviators in your wishlist, I want the same pair!

Miss Celeste said...

goodness TOMS size 5? you have the tiniest little feet!

i'm so jealous! haha whenever i walk in the clearance isles, all the good shoes are left over in size 5 or smaller of size 9 and larger. Curse these avg size 7 feet of mine!

you know what i saw this weekend shoppin? BOBS...haha they were at DSW, i about died when i saw them...TOMS and BOBS...of course BOBS are knockoffs but maybe ill come up with my own shoe line and call them....JIMS

yes, im a genius haha...totally copyrighting JIMS

Natasha Louise said...

Thats it, my gift lists are now going to be cute collages too! Wooo for your birtday coming up ;)

Ashley said...

Ooooh! Miss Big Stuff Parade Choreographer! :D I have no doubt you will do wonderfully...that is so neat and exciting! :)

I want some Toms, too!!

p.s. I like birtday better...much cooler way of saying it. :)

S and O said...

That picture is so cute!
I get kinda spoiled and lazy with long weekends myself so I can totally relate :)

Young People in Love said...

booo for going back to work.

yaya for bday wish lists!

A Lost Feather said...

sunshine yay! a weekend with burgers is definitely a good weekend if you ask me!

i was so touched to see my necklace on your wish list.. it's always such a joy to hear that someone likes something i made! :)
(and thank you for the shout out, too!)

Renee B. said...

Just found your little blog here....I adore it and you!! Am currently reading all of your past posts, haha. Have a great week!!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I love wishlist and the fox necklace is adorable. well from what I can see :)

ben+alex said...

ah i LOVE LOVE the toms! solid birthday list! birthdays are so exciting and i hope that yours is amazing!
sounds like you had a fun memorial day weekend:)

Ramsey said...

Love that list! My birthday is next week, so maybe I'll just copy it.

Maggy said...

Oh I hope you're pleasantly surprised on your birthday!
Scuse me. Birtday :)

Katers said...

JCWs? One of my faves. Recommended: chocolate shake with brownie! Mmm... :)

A Fairytale of Photos said...

Your blog is seriously so cute!! <3

Shalyn said...

OH MY GOSH, you choreograph PARADES? That is AMAZING- parades and fireworks happen to be my two favorite things:-) Where does your family live in AZ?

ashley.warner said...

i think we should be real-life friends! :)
love that chair and i loved your guest post.

what parade are you choreographing for?!

Anna Katrina said...

long weekends are such a tease!!

stop by sometime<3

Sara Shoemaker said...

haha I think I want to start calling my birthday Birtday every year from now on. love it! great wish list! and talk about Best job ever-parade choreographer?!

House of Shoes

carlotta said...

your memorial day sounds lovely -- and happy birthmonth! I need to get some TOMS...also, your design is way way too cute! love it.

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

i love the list! I hope you got them all! we have similar taste :) p.s. I totally love my nike free running shoes- ordy just bought them for our anniversary (don't worry he wasn't hinting anything, he just let me pick whatever i wanted!)

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