Spring Is In The Air

The weather here (for now) is finally acting like SPRIIIIIING!!! It's practically Summer in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, I know. But we're a little late with things like that here.

Anyways, all day as I was enjoying the wonderful weather and warm sunshine THIS song was repeating itself through my head. Did I enjoy it? Uuuuuuuuuuuum... It's not my FAVORITE song... It made me giggle a lot though. haha! I grew up watching these lovely Hallmark cartoons (and re-creating them with my friends in home movies... no joke!). Any of you ever see these videos?

To continue my Spring day I had a lovely spring salad and a smoothie for dinner. This smoothie is so healthy, easy, and delicious it's ridiculous!

To start you will need to have some bananas prepped and frozen. Don't freeze them with the peel on, it's really hard to get it off. Best way I've found to do it is to peel them then place them in a container. No freezer burn, no sticking to anything, and no sawing to get past the peel.

Once your bananas are frozen (I put mine in the freezer before work today and they were frozen by the time I got home), place one banana in a blender with 1/2 cup of milk for one to two servings. DONE!!! If you want to make it extra tasty you can add practicaly ANYTHING else to this recipe. I added some freshly cut pineapple to it today and it was delicious! I've also added chocolate or strawberries in the past. YUM! It also works well with Soy Milk instead of regular.

The frozen banana makes the smoothie thick and creamy so there's no need to add ice cream or yogurt. (unless you want to!) If it's a little runny just add some ice and/or low fat yogurt to thicken it up.

OH!! You're still wondering about that surprise aren't you??? Weeeeeeeellll... It's still not ready to be revealed! REALLY soon though!!


Maggy said...

WHAT! GENTRI! You are my new best friend! I watched this all the time when I was little- it was the special video I got to rent when I was little and had to stay home sick. About a year ago I remembered it and found it online...I maaaay or may not now own it on dvd. I am speechless!!

Alexis Kaye said...

I made the same thing the other day! And that annoying song made me weirdly happy. It was simultaniously irritating me and making me happy. I know, I don't udnerstand me either

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I never heard of this song or video but it did make me giggle watching the video.

Kaitlin said...

I need to try that shake...I buy bananas and usually end up making banana bread (which Jordan hates...lol) because they go bad before we eat them! What's this suprise you're talking about!?
I remember when we made a Snow White movie with Erika..I remember her taking one bit of the apple then falling to the floor...hahaha

Ashley said...

HAHA! Now "Spring is in the AAAIRRRRR!" is going to be stuck in my head, thanks to that funny little video. :) I've never seen that before, but it looks like something i would have LOVED as a kid. Ha.

Mmmmm Spring Salad? YUM. I'm not much of a smoothie girl, but you know what? this one sounds pretty darn delicious.


Miss A said...

Spring is in the Air! OMG, you just made me weirdly happy, haha! We used to get these cartoons on Cartoon Network and I used to watch them alllll the time xD This is amazing, haha! Thank you!
Yumm, the smoothie looks delicious! I'll give it a try :)

P.S. Sorry about the Wii! I know how it feels :( I was close to finishing Angry Birds and I uninstalled it my mistake >.<

AllyM said...

okay. i need to know your surprise.

ashley.warner said...

oh my heck! this smoothie is the best thing I've found thus far!
I am going to put a banana in the freezer right now! woo hoo

have you ever tried almond milk??

ps. i love your blog. following now :)


Natasha Louise said...

I Love smoothies, they are the best thing ever... Your comment pretty much made my day btw! Thankyou so much, you seem adorable! xx

A Lost Feather said...

mm i could really go for a smoothie right now. too bad i just ate my weight in peanut m&ms.. darn it!!!

LoveLife{s.a.h.m.} said...

i want that smothie now. hahahha.
hosting a giveaway check it out:


Sarah said...

I'm laughing at myself for the "don't freeze them with the peel on". I JUST did and I've been thinking why in the world did I freeze it with the peel on! And then my blender broke so I still have a banana in the freezer with the peel on!!

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