Somebody's a Winner!


Ok, I have a few things to say before I announce the winners...

First- Thank you to EVERYONE who entered!! It made me so happy to see all of the entries! :)

Second- It was so hard NOT to cheat and just let EVERYONE win! My sister and I seriously sat with the bag and drew and drew (after drawing the 3 winners of course)- celebrating each "winner" until there were none left. It's fun to draw names but I'm someone who loves when everyone is a winner... or I'm the only winner. hahaha!

Third- know that you are ALL winners!! :) Love you all!! Seriously!

Now. The moment you've all been waiting for!!!


Our 3rd Place Winner-
Recipient of your choice of Pixie Pie Earrings (the ones shown in the Giveaway post) and my blogger of the week for May 30th- June 5th

Crafty Diva!!!


Our 2nd Place Winner-
Recipient of your choice of a Pixie Pie Necklace (the ones shown in the Giveaway post) and my blogger of the week for May 23rd- May 29th

*loud cheers*

Recipient of your choice of a Pixie Pie Necklace (the ones shown in the Giveaway post), blogger of the week for May 16th- May 22nd,


(L. Caroline- aren't you glad you double checked your entries??)

Congratulations to all 3 winners! Email me ASAP (within the next 24 hourse, or another winner will be drawn!) so I can get your prizes to you and your guest post set up! :)

If you didn't win, I am so sorry. BUT I am planning another giveaway already! The first one was just too much fun!!! So stay tuned for that!

P.S. I forgot to mention! Remember that little award over on my sidebar?? That's yours when you become a blogger of the week! Yay! :) So all my winners will receive that little beauty.


L.Caroline said...

Oh my! SO excited- and so glad I checked!! :) I'm emailing you asap. :)

Amanda* said...

Sad I miss it! Hopefully I will catch the next one!

Diana Smith said...

haha i Know what you mean about not wanting to cheat thats the hardest part about giveaways!

The white cabbage said...

I meet you just now !

come for a visit to my blog, and if you like I'll be glad to follow back


S and O said...

Oooh congratulations to the lucky winners! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

how am I just now finding your blog? LOVE.

Cat said...

Coolio...I love giveaways and finding sweet blogs...consider me your newest follower :)

xx Cat brideblu

Kevin & Ashley said...

Oh, that is weird your computer didn't let you follow? Blogger was being stu-pid...I think we all hated that haha. Anyways, I missed the give-away as I was on a trip, next time I'll enter :)

Ashley Sloan

Sunny & Star said...

Congrats to the winners. They won some wonderful prizes.

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