So Close

Ok, so I wrote an entire post about my surprise and saved it in my drafts. It's not ready to be revealed yet. Just know that it will be SOON. There are some things I'm still trying to iron out to make it perfect! And I didn't want to spoil anything. :) But I'm about 80% sure that tomorrow will be the day... Fingers crossed!

So for a post today...

Oh my goodness I got nothin!!

I know I had something earlier, but then I taught dance for 12 hours and now I can't remember. Tuesdays fry my brain. But this is my last 12 hour Tuesday probably forever! AW! Now I'm sad.
 :( And my stomach hurts...

Bet you're glad you came to visit my blog, huh?? hahaha!


Cecilia Warner said...

hahah i loved this post i can't wait for your surprise you better post about it tomorrow girl! and thanks for your sweet comment you know they are always appreciated <3

Maggy said...

you're too cute, I can't wait to learn what the surprise is!!

A Lost Feather said...

what kind of dance do you teach? that sounds so fun! i tried to take a ballet class in college.. i was bad. haha

soo your "tomorrow" is today! hopefully we will find out your surpriseeee!

oh and instagram is a fun iphone app.. it just provides a bunch of filters that you can apply to your photos.. i like the filters that make the photos look vintage and pretttyyyy

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I got nothing too, so no post for me maybe later

Miss A said...

You are a dance teacher??? So cool! What kind of dance do you teach? You could teach me some dance, haha! I have two left feet and probably the world's worst dancer xD
And I really do hope I get to see the surprise tomorrow!

Nnenna said...

I'm sorry that your stomach hurts! Hope you feel better soon!

star-crossed smile

iheartkiwi said...

I can't wait to hear this big surprise!

I popped over to your blog because I just love your name! So adorable and original!

AllyM said...

i neeeeeeeeeed to know this surprise.

and your comments make my day brighter:)


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Haha I love this! A post about, basically nothing! Haha. Love it. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

LCR said...

ah!! can't you just tell us!? hehe. love the build up.
like the pic of you and your cat below- both so cute!
can't wait until tomorrow. surprise revealed?

Ashley said...

You are too cute. Dancin' for 12 hours!? Sheesh! I have a hard time dancing for five minutes in the mirror to that new JLo song. ;)

I'm dying to know this surprise!!!!!!!

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