So like many of you, yesterday my blogger was not working. It also felt the need to delete my last post (which apparently just came back??). As I spent a day without blogging yesterday, I felt lost. Where was I supposed to write my feelings or what I was doing that day?? Facebook?! That's SO 2008! I felt lost... BUT I'M BACK! With lots to say!! :D hahaha! (fyi- I don't depend that much on blogger or facebook to run my life... ok, maybe I do...)

First, before blogger freaked out I was able to check out Running on Happiness' blog. She introduced me to the new trend of Ombre Nails. It's an interesting look that I thought I'd give a try.

I chose neutrals (because that's what I had in 5 shades). My nails now range from white- black. It's not my FAVORITE look, but it's fun and something I don't mind wearing for a few days. :)

(yes I have teeny tiny chubby hands)

Next, I can't stop admiring our garden! Spring has finally come to where I live! Here's a peek into our garden...

Tulips are my favorite.

I should have posted a picture of those daffodils. I'm not sure what kind they are, but they are so ruffle-y and whimsical! I'm LOVING them!

Third, I am working on a project this week and I'm really excited about it! I hope I can accomplish what I want to... It's kind of one of those projects that DOES NOT want to be done but must. Fingers crossed!

Last, you only have ONE MORE DAY to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!! AH! :D

P.S. If I havn't commented on your blog, I am sorry. It's bloggers fault. *pointsfinger*

P.P.S. I just checked my email and I had received THIS video from my dad. It is so sweet and happy! Plus it's perfect for this time of year. :) Please watch! And enjoy!


Rorie said...

The flowers are gorgeous and I want a baby humming bird!! Pretty much end of story!

Rachel said...

ahh i love hummingbirds! So pretty. Your flowers are beautiful. The ombre nail look is actually pretty cool!

Chablis said...

Uh, I want to raise a baby hummingbird! That's like a dream of mine. :) How cute!

Plus, I forgot how much I like that song...

Miss Celeste said...

aw now i want a hummingbird! it is sooo stinkin tiny! i wonder where he found it?

AlphabetSoup Style

Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Thank You! I loved that so much. I got four baby chickens for mothers day, I should post a video of them. They are super cute and fluffy!

Shelby said...

ah blogger put your post back up?! i had to re-post mine myself and i lost all the comments people left... so annoying!

anyway, i love the nail polish! i hadn't seen a close up before, and i really like it!! and that video is so cute, a great way to start my day. thanks for sharing <3shelby


Natasha Louise said...

Blogger did the same to me, in fact it's been weird for days!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's lucky I have been major busy or I wouldn't have known how to cope ;) hahahaha! Can I just say all your comments make my day, your always so happy and upbeat, I love it!

ashley.warner said...

blogger has sucked ALL week long. I have had problems with it.


I thought I ruined my blog, but alas, ya'll have the same problemo!

happy weekend pretty lady! (we're like twins seperated at birth)

S and O said...

you have a beautiful garden! all of those flowers are just so bright and lovely :)

JelenaDoll ~ said...

I absolutely love flowers, i love taking photos of nature :) Cant wait till spring hits Aus ! and thats such a good idea, doing ombre nails ! Thanks for sharing that :)

augustalolita said...

love the different shade of color on you nails <3 and wonderful photos!!

LCR said...

love the nails, and the flowers, AND the fact that blogger is back on track-YAY:)
Hope you had a happy monday!

Heather said...

Yay! This post makes me so happy! Birds are like my favorite animals!
You are too cute!

Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

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