Can't Contain It!

You guys! I'm seriously so excited to reveal my surprise! I'm jumping out of my skin I'm so excited!!

BUUUT... I'm not announcing it tonight. haha! SORRY! VERRRY Soon though!! EEP! Haha!

Like the pic? Eh, I have a claw type hand as a restraint for that cat. She's nuts and can be hard to hold onto. But I guess it's payback for the state of my hand right now. Seriously, I was embarassed people would see it at church! It looks like I lost a fight with a cat! Oh wait... I did.

I should have worn gloves... hmmm, that'd be a fun trend to bring back! haha!

How was everybody's weekend?? Excited for Monday? Ya, I've got to come up with a way to make weekends last longer...


Pia said...

You are torturing us!! I thought we'd finally get to know what the big surprise is!
But I am patient (actually I am NOT) and can wait until tonight. :)

And please come up with a way to make the weekends last longer! I need at least 4 days.

Miss A said...

Uh oh. Frisky cat, huh? My hamster is like that, haha xD
And I really do hope you tell us about the surprise in your next post! I'm so curious! :D

Monique said...

I hate suspense!! :(
Monique xx


L.Caroline said...

I am SO inpatient! C'mon! :)

A Lost Feather said...

i want to know the secret haha i'm so impatient! my friends puppy was biting the heck out of my hands (actually me in general) this weekend.. puppies have the sharpest little teeth! my goodness! but little kitties and puppies are still so cute and lovable :)

Hayley said...

hahaha Aw cant wait to find out! and I never have been much of a cat person. your hand is yet another reason to stay away!

Ashley said...

HAHA I am lauging out loud about "claw type hand". ;)

What a cute blog you have...love your header! Tweet Tweet!

Can't wait to read lots more. Yippee!!

Nnenna said...

The cat is really cute! And the anticipation is killing me! =) Are you going to reveal it today? ;)

star-crossed smile

A Lost Feather said...

oh! i forgot to answer your question on my blog! my friends golden fluffy puppy is a duck tolling retriever! it's going to look a lot like a golden retriever but a bit smaller :) he's super cute.. and suuuppper hyper hehe

augustalolita said...

lovely photo <3 love your hair and necklace <3 and cute kitty!!

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