a Hint and a Craving

As most of you know, I've had the flu the past few days. I'm definately on the upside, just tired and slight tummy aches. But one thing that I don't understand... My NEEED for orange juice. Whenever I'm sick, this is what I crave.

I'm not joking when I say that I could NOT fall asleep last night all because I was craving some oj... Like tossing and turning for an hour. It was too late for me to give into a craving, so I made myself sleep through it. But first thing in the morning (and all day) I had nothing but orange juice. Mmmmm. I actually have a glass with me right now...
Is it sad that this is the best thing I have to blog about tonight??? Sorry, tis the life of a girl who's been sick and can't blog about the exciting things yet because they're still secrets... hahaha! SORRY!

I'll give you a hint about part 3:
part 3 makes me want to sing a song about a little stream...

Can anyone guess it?

If not, that's ok! I'll be announcing it Sunday or Monday. :)


Miss A said...

OMG, Gentri! One day I don't visit your blog and you turn it into something completely different?! Wow, I got hit by a ton of AWESOMENESS! :O I absolutely love, love, love your new blog design! It is so freakin' cool! I wish my blog looked like yours, haha xD
I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling sick though :( Hopefully all the OJ has made you feel better!
I have no idea what your 3rd surprise is, but I sure am excited to know!
And you know what? Your awesome new blog is the perfect time to give you this award: http://yourkeytomyheart.blogspot.com/2011/05/bad-first-and-good-first.html

L.Caroline said...

I just love your new blog (well, the same you, just new design!) so much. It makes me happy. :)

Sorry you are feeling bad- I ALWAYS crave OJ when I am sick, too. I rarely drink it otherwise but it is the only think I want when I am feeling bad.

A Lost Feather said...

are you going to row a boat? gently down a stream merrily? hahah that's all i can think of!

i crave orange juice when i'm sick too! and ginger ale with a little cranberry juice in it!

i'm actually working on a post right now about the 10 things i love to see in a photo and how to achieve them with a point and shoot.. or any camera really :) photography is like anything else, a few pointers can make a big difference!

Shalyn said...

First time visiting your blog and am LOVING IT- Lula did such a fantastic job!

Chablis said...

I'm small I know, but where ever I go the grass grows greener still...


LCR said...

get better soon... and puleese tell us what you're up to soon! :D

patience said...

i'm not going to lie to you gentri...this is very odd.

however, i'm the girl who wakes up in the middle of the night and often will go to the fridge and chug a whole mountain dew. for reals.

feel better!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Your cute! hehe
I lurrve orange juice! YUMMY!

Grace said...

oooh orange juicee how good!!
I could drink it all the time! :D

Lippylash said...

I totally know what you mean OJ is sooooo good!!

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