Walk The Dinosaur


Maybe I wasn't actually LOL-ing, but I was giggling from amazement. PLUS all those kiddos screaming and being so excited/ scared did make me laugh a little. Haha!Granted, the legs coming out of the stomach are a tad strange... But I still think it's pretty awesome.

Here's the LINK if you need a better view.


LCR said...

ah! you are soo lucky with your spring break and short work week! that's awesome. a little jealous over here;) and you're super sweet to be getting on my white/ green photo op! yes- do it!
now i'm off to watch this video...

oh, and sometime, you should post about daily life/ what's up in Gentri's world... I love reading these posts, but I'd love to get to know you more too:) no pressure, just a little suggestion...;)


Kaitlyn said...

love this!

Miss A said...

Hahahaha! Super funny, especially with all the kids running around, screaming :D

JMay said...


Brenda said...

This reminds me of a show I saw when I went to the Natural History Museum. When the dinosaur came out, the kids went crazy screaming! My boyfriend and I enjoyed that more than the actual show, lol.

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