"This one is for me"

Hopefuly I'll be able to announce/ show you my "surprise" by tonight or tomorrow. But in the mean time- I hope this can maybe give you a little hint... Probably not, but it will at least tell you how I am feeling about my "surprise" and hopefuly make you laugh. :)

This is a video of my niece on Christmas morning a few years ago when she opened up THE present she'd been wanting. Her voice is seriously the cutest thing in the world. She's also the funny little one in THIS post.


Miss A said...

What a delightful post! Your niece really is too cute ^^
And the surprise.. I'm guessing you're getting something custom made that you have wanted for a really long time? But what is it???

Chablis said...

It's miiiIIne!

Love that girl. :) Lately, she is ALL about styling. I can't get ready without her by my side telling me all the things I should wear, including my makeup! Yesterday I chose to wear my glasses and she said,"Mom, I think your outfit would be prettier if you put those drops in your eyes instead of wearing glasses." Pshaw!

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