So today my sister got a new kitten. Aw! She named her Rue (our friend and I came up with it... Ok, so we got it from The Hunger Games... YES, we're pathetic). Anyways, it's been so long since we've had a baby animal around I forgot how fun it can be.

She was so playful yet cuddly. She would pounce on our toes and then climb up on my shoulder and fall asleep. She had us giggling with joy all night. :)

We had so much fun playing with the new family member.

Something else that made me laugh... myself. I can be so ridiculous. I am at the moment deciding if I can squeeze in another purchase. I'm debating between a pair of BOOTS and a SKIRT. I know the boots are winter boots, but they're on sale and I've been looking for an affordable pair like this for a while... and that skirt would be perfect for Easter and I've also been looking for a skirt just like that for a while... OR I could just save my money... Smart decision. What to do??!!

Oh, and if you didn't check out yesterdays video... you missed out. Go take a look, because I think it's amazing!


craftydiva said...

AAAWWW these adorable kittys make me wish I weren't allergic!!!

Sunny & Star said...

Such an adorable kitten. I love cats. But I have to say that my cat is the most wonderful cat in the world.

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