Lydia... WMML Post #9!

*Once again, this is a recording of a recording. This isn't my video and the only place it is (without me asking my sister to send it to me. Lazy lazy me), is on facebook...*

This is a video of my two nieces sledding on their driveway in Alaska a couple of years ago. It's something I always go to when I need a laugh. AFV even contacted them to see if they could use it. We've yet to see it on their show, but it's fun all the same. :)

I've shown this video to friends and they've literally had me repeat it dozens of times! The fact that my niece is so puffy from all of her snow gear just makes this ten times better! Plus all that padding saved her from feeling anything. Haha! Not only is she funny in this video, that girl makes everyone laugh all the time- falling or not.

Please enjoy, and don't feel bad when you push the play button over and over again. :)

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Chablis said...

Awww...great memories!! I still chuckle when I watch it. :)

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